Legal Highs, The Media and Challenges to Policy:

‘Is the Medias’ representation of Legal Highs a right one? Is the Legal High Drug Market an epidemic waiting to go on? ’

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Methadology

Chapter 3: The Legal High Drug Market

  1. Introduction

Psychoactive substances that avoid ordinance have been promoted, developed and marketed for decennaries. What has changed in recent old ages has non merely been their diverseness and authority but possibly most significantly the globalization of the drug market through the cyberspace. The intent of this chapter is to look into great item at the prevalence and enlargement of the of all time evolving legal high drug market and find its major features, as opposed to that of the illegal drug market. Following this understanding and examination of the initial jobs identified ; the societal and political impacts that ‘legal highs’ drug market creates can so be developed.

  1. The Extent of Legal High Drug Market

The illegal drug market is defined in jurisprudence as a ‘global black market, designed to cultivate, industry, distribute, and sale of those substances which are capable to drug prohibition laws’ ( US Legal Inc. 2014 ) . The lone similarity between this and the alone legal high drugs trade is that it has ‘the possible chances for multinational organized condemnable groups to work the market’ ( United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime 2013: 59 )

‘The UK has the largest market for alleged “ legal highs ” in the European Union’ , harmonizing to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime ( UNODC 2013 ) .

The outgrowth of the ‘legal highs ‘ market presents new and alone challenges to an already debatable drug control policy. The industry has been steadily turning in Britain with the figure of substances sold online and within ‘head’ stores, food market shops and local corner stores is going a more common happening. The influential media suggests that the job is merely traveling to acquire worse and due to the alone nature in which these substances are developed, policy in topographic point is ever one measure behind. There has late been a big addition in the figure of known legal highs, presumptively many could be lifelessly. The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction ( EMCDDA ) have documented a twelvemonth on twelvemonth addition in the coverage of new substances ; ‘24 in 2009, 41 in 2010 and about one new substance per hebdomad ( 49 ) in 2011. In 2012, 73 new substances were officially notified for the first clip in the EU and the EMCDDA and Europol now monitors over 250 new psychotropic substances ( EMCDDA 2012 ) .

More immature people have used “legal highs” , or new psychotropic substances ( NPS ) , in the UK than anyplace else in Europe. The UK figure represents a one-fourth of the European sum. The Centre for Social Justice ( CSJ ) survey found that one in 12 immature people between the ages of 15 and 24 in Britain said they had taken NPS drugs. This equates to more than 670,000 people ( CSJ 2013: 2 ) . One identifiable job with the alone nature of legal highs is the manner in which they are sold. Some substances are sold as ‘legal high’ merchandises with a trade name but no indicant of the active ingredients, while others are sold as ‘research chemicals’ under a specified chemical name. Both are frequently of un-reliable quality. A ‘research chemicals’ label is frequently used as a manner for the provider to advance their substances, under the legal fraudulence that they are all purchased by research workers for scientific experiments.Analysis of merchandises has shown that the contents of branded merchandises can alter markedly from batch to batch, while the ‘research chemicals’ frequently turn out to be other than the chemical declared ( ACMD 2013: 12 ) . Once in the UK, legal psychoactive substances are traded openly on the cyberspace and besides via traders on the streets and in nines and saloon. Purchases of highs may besides be made from non-UK cyberspace sites and so supplied from abroad ( both EU and not EU ) . As the sale and distribution is ‘legal’ , it is a really hard trade to act upon or command ( ACMD 2013: 13 ) .

The growing in the NPS market has brought a different type of drug trader with enterprisers seeing the concern chance whilst the substance remains legal. This has meant that one time a substance has entered the drug scene the market can be really rapidly saturated with the new drug. Many people importing these new substances appear to hold had no old engagement in the illicit drug trade and are merely in it to do a speedy vaulting horse. They have included pupils who have set up web sites to provide nationally and who besides supply the local pupil population ( ibid ) .

The most alone nature of the market is that the compounds made can easy be changed and alternated to plan a wholly new legal drug. Both Piperazines and man-made Cannabinoids have late been classified as controlled substances in the UK under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 following advice from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs and the European Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction ( EMCDDA ) . Manufacturers appear to hold anticipated this move and retail merchants are now selling ‘‘BZP-free’’ stimulation pills and different trade names of herbal smoke blends ( Schmidt et al 2010: 92 ) to counter the really recent alterations in drug Torahs. Although these new drugs have similar effects, due to their alteration in construction are wholly legal once more. This identifies the changeless battle confronting the constabulary and policy shapers.

The most alone feature of the market is so utmost easiness, of handiness and distribution. The following chapter will discourse the usage of the cyberspace to assist perpetrate anon. offense and the relevancy it has when specifying the legal high drug market.

3.3 The Internet and Distribution.

Since the Internets major development in the mid 1990’s, the internet’s popularity, use and connectivity have been 2nd to none. Morton ( 1996 ) describes the influence the cyberspace has on society-

‘The revolution in communications, a revolution in which the Internet plays a important portion — will finally turn out a powerful political force. It will alter the ways in which people relate to each other separately and in groups ; it will alter the ways in which we define the populace sphere ; it will alter the distribution of power in the workplace and in society at big ( Morton 1996 ) .

The Internet like the legal high drug market, is really recent and fallows in it’s alone nature. Although in principle national Torahs apply in ‘cyberspace ‘ as they do elsewhere, the Internet has non been regulated, and perchance can non be controlled. Not everyone who uses the Net behaves ‘responsibly ‘ and many have their ain dockets ( Mann & A ; Sutton 1998: 205 ) .

The cyberspace besides allows for ‘a battalion of antecedently unconnected people to pass on easy with each other’ ( Mann, Sutton 1998: 205 ) . ‘The Net represent a new and alone societal dimension’ ( ibid ) . The velocity and freedom of information exchanged and the being, in this ‘environment ‘ , of ‘communities ‘ of people who would non otherwise meet ( Durkin and Bryant 1995 ) allows clients who purchase legal highs to pass on via on-line communities and web logs, and for developers to see immediate responses to the substances via user recommendation.

The cyberspace potentially creates loopholes that ‘undermines drug policy and threatens its legitimacy’ ( Dutton, Shaun2012: 3 ) . Over the past 10 old ages, the Internet has progressively become a cardinal characteristic in the manner we communicate and entree information. In a study among 15–24-year-old population in the EU, it was shown that the Internet was the most popular beginning of information about illicit drugs and their usage. Sixty-one per centum of respondents said that they would turn to the Internet to happen out more about illicit drugs and drug usage in general ( Hillebrand et al 2010: 330 ) . The Internet therefore is a beginning of information for both users and makers and as a consequence poses challenges ‘to parents, wellness and drug bar professionals, every bit good as international drug control, peculiarly when new drugs are being sold on a distant, buy-from-anywhere basis’ ( Hillebrand et al 2010: 331 ) . It besides suggests the easiness and namelessness of utilizing the cyberspace.

It was estimated that 55.7 % of the EU population use the Internet, which represent an addition of 189 % since 2000 ( Internet World Stats, 2007 ) and enables a flexibleness and reactivity that outpaces legislative alterations and frustrates prohibition ( Dutton 2012: 3 ) . This once more suggests that when trying to step in and command certain legal highs, policy is ever one measure behind.

Those that distribute and publicize ‘legal highs’ via web sites do so in aberrant fortunes. Many merchandises claim to be tested in research labs and be absolutely safe but in world have ne’er been consumed and ab initio non designed for human ingestion. Websites selling these substances strongly ‘oppose the usage of any of their merchandises for any other intents than ‘Incense Burning’ ‘Research’ or merely as a merchandise of intrigue’ ( Ice Head Shop 2014 ) . Obviously when these pulverizations are sold between 0.5 – 2.5g packages, it inquiries the ‘amount of research and testing’ capable for a supposed ‘researcher’ . The claim that these substances are ‘research chemicals’ is taken with a pinch of salt as it is wholly undermined when the advertisement and packaging of such substances is analysed. Suggestible names such as ‘Mind Melt’ and ‘Gogaine’ ( Ice Head Shop 2014 ) give the subliminal message of suggested use without interrupting any general worldwide jurisprudence. The self explanatory nature for even the most novice of clients once more demonstrates the jobs encountered when seeking to find which new substances hitting the market could potentially be harmful to consumers.

The cyberspace factor besides proves to hold a major influence upon the inefficiency of commanding the trafficking of substances. ‘88 % of the states with a domestic NPS ( Legal high ) market indicated that the Internet played a cardinal function in providing them NPS to the domestic market. Showing the namelessness and handiness that the cyberspace provides. Nonetheless, the single consumers purchased NPS chiefly at a party or nine ( 36 per cent ) or bought them in a specialised store ( 33 per cent ) . Merely 7 per cent bought them over the Internet’ ( UNODC 2013: twelve ) . This suggests that likewise to the illegal drug market, larger sums are imported and so sold off in smaller doses when in the UK. Possibly more should be done to step in substances while they’re being shipping procedure but this will be discussed further in the drug policy chapter. Although as the substances are still legalised nil can be done to halt them. In 2012, the EMCDDA identified 693 Internet stores selling ‘legal highs’ to consumers in the EU. This compares to 314 stores identified in January 2011 and 170 in January 2010 ( EMCDDA 2012 ) . Britain has become the on-line ‘designer drugs’ capital of Europe with more than a 3rd of all cyberspace retail merchants that sell ‘legal highs’ based in the UK ( ibid ) .

3:4 Drumhead

The development of the ‘legal highs ‘ market presents an interesting challenges to the UK’s drug policy. The cyberspace enables a flexibleness and reactivity that outpaces legislative alterations and frustrates prohibition. The market is likely to go on to make this due to a huge handiness of substances. This, finally leads to the possibility of outpaced statute law and threatens drug policies legitimacy.

Chapter 4: Standardization / The UK’s Changing Drug scene

4.1: Introduction

4.2: They’re legal so they’re safe right?

4:3 Who takes legal highs.

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The usage of ‘research chemicals and legal highs ( including substances sold as bath salts, and man-made hemp merchandises ) varied widely between states. The biggest users were those in USA with over one in 5 holding used one of these compounds in the last twelvemonth. From the informations below it appears the rise of electronic THC merchandises make a immense difference to how the usage of these drugs maps out across the universe with Switzerland, Germany and the USA being early adoptive parents. However the add-on of this group of substances blur the image and excepting them leaves us with the UK and New Zealand as the biggest users.

4:4 Legal highs as a gateway drug.

Chapter 5: Legal Highs and the Media

5.1 Introduction

A moral terror may be defined as ‘an episode, frequently triggered by dismaying media narratives and reinforced by reactive Torahs and public policy, of overdone or misdirected public concern, anxiousness, fright, or choler over a sensed menace to societal order’ ( Krinsky 2013: 1 ) . Young ( 1971 ) describes the function of the media in moral terrors: –

The media, in a sense, can make societal jobs, they can show them dramatically and overpoweringly, and, most of import, they can make it all of a sudden. The media can really rapidly and efficaciously fan public outrage and engineer what one might name ’a moral panic’ about a certain type of deviancy. ( Young 1971: 37 ) .

The intent of this undermentioned chapter is to find whether or non the media plays a large function in act uponing the populace into the political, societal and wellness jobs created by a legal highs drug market.

5.2 The Medias’ Influence

To a great grade, moral terrors have taken topographic point in the media through the decennaries. During moral terrors, media coverage and bestiring public frights over reputed societal jobs, gives immediate cognition to the populace on the most recent and up to day of the month issues. Many describe the manner the media goes approximately this as an overrepresentation of the existent state of affairs at manus. Cohen ( 2002 ) ‘Moral Panics and Folk Devils: The Creation of the Mods and Rockers’ writes that studies from the media, in ‘its nature is presented in a conventionalized and stereotyped fashion’ , chiefly to entertain and finally increase gross revenues.

Sometimes the aim of a terror is rather fresh and at other times it is something which has been in being long plenty, but all of a sudden appears in the spotlight. Sometimes the panic base on ballss over and is forgotten, at other times it has more serious and long permanent reverberations and might bring forth such alterations as those in legal and societal policy or even in the manner the society conceives itself ( Cohen 2002 ) .

The greatest and most import benefit of a moral terror is that it brings to light issues that can potentially badly harm society. This ultimately benefits policy shapers in the long tally.

The latest figures on Legal highs peculiarly ( new psychotropic substances ) , for 2012, were published as two separate datasets: one from the National Programme on Substance Abuse Deaths claiming 68 deceases, and the other, from the Office for National Statistics, claiming 52. These Numberss are bantam when compared, in both comparative and absolute footings, with the 80,000 deceases per twelvemonth from baccy, the 8,000 from intoxicant or even the 1,200 from opioids, but still the media have revelled in the apparently big addition from the old twelvemonth ( Nutt & A ; King 2014 ) . Although the comparative users of legal high is little in figure ( Discussed in Chapter 4, regretful couldn’t tantrum that subdivision in ) , the decease of a legal high user is more than probably traveling to do a bigger narrative than that of person who passed via smoke.

The Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs ( ISCD ) has looked into this information in some item and on closer scrutiny they look really fishy. For case, most of the drugs identified as being “ legal highs ” are non in fact legal. Merely 11 of the 68 are presently ‘legal highs’ . Due to the alteration in statute law, many media articles describing on a ‘legal high’ decease will be out dated as the substance may in fact now be illegal: – ‘Twenty deceases reported by the National Programme on Substance Abuse Deaths are associated with the PMA/PMMA types of pep pills that have been illegal for over 30 old ages ( Nutt & A ; King 2014 ) .

The hapless quality of the informations presently being discussed in the media raises the inquiry of whether this is merely sloppy scientific discipline or whether there has been some effort to rub down the figures to warrant the current political focal point on legal highs. It is besides questionable whether we need two sets of drug-related mortality statistics.

What is certain is that if the current authorities reappraisal of legal highs is to be taken earnestly and take to wellness betterments so there must be a proper definition of footings and improved informations aggregation. Furthermore the information must be independently audited so the effects of any alteration in the jurisprudence can be decently evaluated.

5:3 Drumhead

The legal highs drug market as a beginning for media, presents the challenge of whether or non in all kernel, ‘are legal highs really a job to society’ . Deaths via Legal substances are infrequent and disconnected hence why the issue as a whole is in the dorsum of people’s heads. On juncture when a decease does happen the issue is brought back to head of our concerns. It could be suggested that the continual bad imperativeness could finally be seen as a type of patroling control. Changeless reminders of the possible inauspicious effects and or deceases can non be a good advocator for would be users and in many instances stick to the illegal replacement.