So many people when asked what it was that drew them to this field would state me. “I go place every dark experiencing good about the work I do. ” Though this is a echt and relevant reply to the inquiry. it is non mine. I have ever said that it is the people that make this work so particular. What makes the population of people that we work with so unbelievable is that they are non caught up with the mundane manner of life that you and I are. It is that freedom from conventions which sets them apart. They are non as worried about the latest crazes. tendencies or manners. They are people shaped through the old ages of their lives. filled with experience and admiration that is difficult to conceive of. allow alone understand. They are individual’s non so much worried about “What do you believe about me? ” every bit much as. “Do you love me? ”

Their character and strong beliefs are firm. and though they may be hardened to alter. their Black Marias remain soft and well-founded. The following essay has been written for these people. with hopes that it would animate even a individual individual to take an earnest expression at Oregon’s current service theoretical accounts for Seniors and Peoples with Disabilities. and to maintain Oregon as a premier theoretical account in which other provinces can go on to look to. What bequest will we go forth? What hope will we animate? My aim is to use this essay to reply these inquiries. In our state’s history. Oregon has been blessed with so many great advocators and has been a National leader with the Autonomous Support theoretical account of services across the division of Seniors and Peoples with Disabilities.

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So how will the new coevals of college alumnuss continue this bequest? After an in deepness enquiry into this topic and much ego contemplation. I submit the followers. As we begin to take those pick words like “Independence. integrating. productiveness. pick and dignity” . and non merely do certain our companies or non-profits mission statements included a few of them. non merely look into off the box on the service program that says these are being implemented or accomplished. but really look at the root significance of the words. Are we truly where we want to be? Or can we make better? We have a pick. we can take a rational and rational enquiry into our current and proposed service theoretical accounts to see if the services we are supplying and more significantly plan to supply autumn in line with these words.

Or. we can put our sights on averageness. from which no bequest will be made. The pick lies with us. Do we stay dead and content with the advancement made? Do we mensurate Oregon against the background of other provinces and take consolation in the fact that we may still be somewhat in front of the battalion? I think the reply among fellow Oregonian’s would be a resonant “No” . The saving of Oregon’s bing bequest as being a National leader in the legislative. economic and societal protagonism for seniors and people with disablements is of import. It is something that I conclude can merely be done by my old statement of rational and rational enquiry into Oregon’s current and proposed service theoretical accounts. My personal response to this enquiry is based around the doctrine of individual centered planning and individual directed supports. With the bosom and focal point of this theoretical account staying on single pick.

At the age of 25 old ages old. holding spent 5 old ages in human services I have worked within all different countries of Oregon Seniors and People with Disabilities. Through this clip. one subject that I have heard loud and clear from the people I have supported is the demand for pick. more specifically is pick as it pertains to the location in which people live while having services. Which leads me to the followers ; If Oregon is traveling to go on to be a leader and pioneer in supplying the Autonomous Support theoretical account of services. the bequest of hope that we need to concentrate on go forthing would stem from successful execution of what is known as the “Community Based Care” theoretical accounts of services. The accent of this theoretical account being on functioning seniors and people with disablements in ways to assist them unrecorded and age comfortably in the topographic point of their pick.

Rather than stressing their diagnosings. medical status or inabilities. we focus on the things in life that give them felicity. peace and strength. All things that can be accomplished through something many of us now take for granted. and that’s holding the freedom and pick of where we live. As the medical field progresses people are populating longer and healthier lives than of all time before. The figure of those over the age of 65 is turning dramatically. There are 10. 000 new Medicare receivers added each twenty-four hours. In 2000 the figure of seniors over the age of 85 was 4. 2 million. By 2010 the figure is estimated to be 6. 1 million. Get downing in the old ages 2011 & amp ; 2012. the babe boomers will get down to turn 65 old ages old. More amazing so that. by 2030. Americans 55 and older will account for 31 % of the population and those 65 and older will account for 20 % .

From the financial point of view. Community Based Care has been projected to be every bit small as a few hundred dollars a month. relatively to person who has been displaced from their place and is populating in a installation where the monthly cost to the revenue enhancement remunerators now shoots every bit high as $ 5. 000- $ 6. 000 monthly. The SPD population overpoweringly wants to age in topographic point. to be able to stay populating in their ain places. But they really concerned about their pick to make so. In the book. “Water for Elephants” Sara Gruen. writes from the position of a adult male named Jacob Janokowski a retired veterinary who is 90 old ages old. ( or 93 he can’t retrieve which ) . Below is an extract from the book I believe helps exemplify the treatment.

“But Dad. they said. you broke your hip. as though possibly I hadn’t noticed. I dug my heels in. I threatened to cut them off without a cent. until I remembered they already had controlled my money. They didn’t remind me- they merely allow me inveigh on like an old sap until I remembered of my ain agreement. and that made me even angrier because if they had any regard for me at all they would hold at least made sure I had the facts straight. I felt like a yearling whose fit was being allowed to run its class.

As the outrageousness of my weakness dawned on me. my place began to steal. You’re right. I conceded. I guess I could utilize some aid. I suppose holding person come in during the twenty-four hours wouldn’t be so bad. merely to assist out with the cookery and cleansing. No? Well how about a live in? I know I’ve allow things steal a small since your female parent died… But I thought you said… Okay. so one of you can travel in with me… But I don’t understand… Well. Simon. your house is big. Surely I could… ? It was non to be.

I remember go forthing my house for the last clip. bundled up like a cat on the manner to the vet. As the auto pulled off. my eyes were so clouded by cryings I couldn’t look back. It’s non a nursing place. they said. Its aided living- imperfect. you see. You’ll merely have help with the things you need. and so when you get older… They ever trailed off at that place. as though that would forestall me from following the idea to its logical decision. ”

I truthfully believe it is a realistic belief that Oregon can open up the cause of assisting seniors and people with disablements live confidently with independency. and the freedom to age with a positive sense of dignity in their ain places. This is my vision of Community Based Care. and this is the bequest that I hope to go forth buttocks.