The export-oriented dress industry of Bangladesh. popularly known as readymade garment ( RMG ) or merely the garment industry occupies a alone place in economic system of Bangladesh. It is the largest exportation industry. which experienced a phenomenal growing during the last three decennaries. By taking advantage of inexpensive labor and quota-based market in the USA and EU under the proviso of Multi Fibber Arrangement ( MFA ) of GATT. it attained a high profile in footings of economic growing of the state. The industry started its modest journey in late seventiess and enjoyed a meteorologic rise from 30 endeavors in 1980 increased to 4825 in 20081. Average growing rate of this sector was over 20 % per over the last two decennaries.

This individual sector entirely earns about 80 % of yearly foreign exchange of the state. Its part to GDP reaches 13 % in financial twelvemonth 2009-2010. Since independency. no individual sector could speed up the industrialisation procedure in the state as the RMG sector could make. It has created employment chance for approximately 3. 5 million people. Most of them are uneducated and unskilled. About 80 % of them are adult females.

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To a creditable extent. it has been able to alleviate the state from the load of unemployment and at the same clip contribute to the authorization of adult females. Thus this sector is playing a critical function in socioeconomic development of the state. The growing of RMG sector in Bangladesh is astonishing one and it has been possible chiefly because of difficult work of labour-force. But this glorification is being diminished twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours due to labor agitation in this sector. This survey is designed to unearth the causes of labour agitation and seek the countries where Public-Private Partnership can work to turn to the job.

Literature of Review

As garment industry is a taking sector in Bangladesh economic system and labour agitation is a firing issue at present. a good figure of books. studies. articles and publications of different organisations are available. In class of carry oning this thesis. a figure of literatures in this respect have been reviewed.

Siddiqi ( 2004 ) in his book ‘The Readymade Garment Industry of Bangladesh’ discusses the importance of RMG industry in the national economic system and notes. the RMG industry has become so of import that the hereafter of the economic system of Bangladesh is greatly dependent on this individual sector. Any lag in this sector will decelerate down the economic advancement of Bangladesh. He analyses the strength and failing of RMG industry of Bangladesh and suggests how to guarantee its better hereafter in the context of altering planetary dress market.

Sultan ( 2010 ) says. from the entire net net income. merely 30 per cent is being spent on the workers whereas around 50 per cent is spent on workers’ rewards in other states. He farther notes. ’ in our state. people do non pay attentiveness to any motion unless you come out to the roads. The same happened in the instance of the garment workers. They were confronting terrible jobs and unless they came out on to the roads. no 1 would hold taken their jobs earnestly.

Fahmida and Moazzem ( 2007 ) suggest a figure of factors need to be considered while repairing the minimal pay of industrial workers. These are: I ) workers’ minimal demand for nice life ; ii ) enterprise’s capacity to set with the extra cost arising from the rise in pay ; three ) consideration of the pay construction of similar types of industrial sectors ; and iv ) accommodation of the pay with country’s economic development.

Aims of the survey

I ) To happen out the causes of labour agitation in RMG sector of Bangladesh

II ) To place countries where public and private sector work together to work out the job.


A research needs methodological analysis which reveals how the research worker is traveling to accomplish his/her aims of the stipulated survey. Aminuzzaman in “Introduction to Social Research” provinces. as a systematic survey. research methodological analysis trades chiefly with the attacks and techniques as how to set about a research without being biased and prejudiced. It offers clump of tactical attacks and logical accomplishments to detect. record. interpret and deduce on affairs under survey. Harmonizing to Kithara ( 2004. p. 8 ) . research methodological analysis is a manner to work out the research job consistently and scientifically. The aims of the survey arete explore the causes of labour agitation in the RMG sector of Bangladesh and place countries where PPP can assist turn to the job. Three research methods- content analysis. Questionnaire and interview are used in this survey. Contented analysis is used for the descriptive portion of the survey. Interview and questionnaire methods have been used for roll uping informations Forth survey. Use of three methods is supposed to cut down biasness and work as a dependable tool for research.

Research design

Research design provides a model to the research worker to voyage the journey in the field and eventually put to death the survey. The nature of the job to be studied and research inquiries to be answered which are the steering pillars to make up one’s mind what attack and scheme would be employed to prosecute a research. Harmonizing to Creswell ( 2003 ) research design autumn into three classs: a. Quantitative b. Qualitative and c. Mixed method. The present survey utilizes admixed method attack. The qualitative attack is used as a predominant method because the research is conducted in its natural scene where the quantitative method will be used to analyse the information.