Most people would ne’er desire to conceive of themselves or a household member being trapped under land for even one twenty-four hours but the victims of those who were trapped under the Chilean Cu mine had to see non one twenty-four hours but even two months. Harmonizing to The New York Times Company ( 2014 ) . “On Aug. 5. 2010. a gold and Cu mine near the northern metropolis of Copiapo . Chile caved in. pin downing 33 mineworkers in a chamber about 2. 300 pess below the surface” . At this clip no one knew the well being or the nature of the state of affairs that happened at the Cu mine. During this clip communicating between employers. families’ members’ involved. trapped mineworkers and those set in topographic point to happen a solution to this job was really critical. Some things to maintain in head when sing functions and audiences is to find what information to give and how it should be expressed or conveyed to the audience.

For illustration. if you’re giving direct and pressing information. you wouldn’t direct this type of information over an electronic mail. it would be more appropriate to state it face to face. It is of import to see how much does the audience know about the subject or capable you are sharing at that clip. In the state of affairs with the at bay mineworkers the possible demands that should be considered and expressed to the households of the at bay mineworkers would be foremost turn toing what happened. This information should be given straight. face to face. to all household members involved. It is of import to give the household as much item about the incident as possible but non so much that it makes them alarmed and disquieted. Besides another thing to add is the status or good being of the at bay mineworkers. If the information isn’t available its best to allow them cognize although at that place isn’t much information at this clip. but every bit shortly as the information is available. they will be foremost to cognize.

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Besides the last demand that the household members affected by this incident would necessitate is to understand and cognize what the employers and squad of experts are making to happen a solution to the job and how frequently can they cognize the extent and whereabouts of the state of affairs. At this point after run intoing the possible demands of the households involved. it’s besides of import to understand and cognize the possible demands of the company’s employees. Although they may non be the household members or those who are really trapped at that minute. they besides play a critical function. Some possible demands for the company’s employees would be to pass on efficaciously. Although the state of affairs itself must hold been really tragic if there was effectual communicating. there would be no manner for the employees at that clip to assist salvage those trapped. Besides another demand that needs to be met would be excess preparation and apprehension of what took topographic point. where it went incorrect. and how to repair the job.

Without the employees holding a program or scheme of how they could efficaciously decide or assist the state of affairs it could do revenge or bitterness. After the message about the incident. and the actions or program that is put in topographic point has been verified and delivered to all of import parties and involved it’s of import that all those involved are able to convey what they heard and understood before and after the message is given. To do certain the message was received as decently and efficaciously you have to see each audience which would be the at bay mineworkers. employees and households. The message given to each party can non be given the same. Besides the channel has to be considered. once more in this state of affairs you wouldn’t direct this information through an electronic mail or memo. this information that has to be conveyed face to face.

It is besides good to give information based on the listener’s degree of understanding and to speak with the parties that involve a manner opening up the manner for cooperation and in this state of affairs it would be much needed. An effectual communicating as the excavation company to the household members of the at bay mineworkers would be face to face. During this clip the excavation company would state with earnestness and lucidity that “ At this clip we are profoundly regretful to denote that we have understood and learned that on Aug. 5. 2010. a gold and Cu mine near the northern metropolis of Copiapo . caved in. pin downing 33 mineworkers in a chamber about 2. 300 pess below the land. At this clip we aren’t certain what precisely caused the cave in and we aren’t certain the status of the mineworkers at this clip.

We will be working around the clock to acquire more information about the well being of the at bay mineworkers. Besides at this minute there will be specialist and experts traveling to the scene to analyse and inspect the state of affairs at manus. After farther observation of the experts so will we cognize what program will be put in topographic point to deliver our fellow employees. Equally shortly as we are made cognizant of the program we will allow you cognize. We hope that we can all work together efficaciously which much apprehension and cooperation from us and you so that we can convey your household members back to you. ” Besides an effectual communicating between the excavation company and the employees would be a face to confront channel. At that clip the company would show. “I’m sad to denote to you that our fellow employees have been caved in a chamber about 2. 300 pess below the land in the northern metropolis of Copiapo .

There are 33 at this clip trapped and waiting to be rescued. We aren’t certain of the status of the each employee but we all hope that we can all come together to assist the best manner we can to do certain that those who are trapped are in good status. Although we ne’er plan for anything like this to take topographic point but unluckily we have to utilize the manner we were trained to measure the state of affairs. At this clip along with yourself the household members of the at bay mineworkers are already being informed. Please let’s non dismay the households with information that has non been given or confirmed. Our chief mission is to remain calm. offer up many supplications and work together in integrity. During this clip we will be working around the clock to assist every bit much as we can and the company will supply repasts. clean working apparels and a topographic point to kip. However you think you can assist or what will break the state of affairs delight direct your petitions or sentiments to us straight. Thank you so much for your cooperation in aid. ”