The narrative begins in the nineteenth century of Grand Island, Edna and her household members were taking a vacation here. Owing to her hubby ‘s busy, he had no clip to attach to her, which made Edna have the chance to cover with Robert. They frequently went walking to the beach, speaking, as the clip went by, Robert ‘s consideration stirred the long-repressed libido of Edna, so Edna became vivacious than of all time, she learned how to swim, she began to recognize her independency and sexual demand. But Robert ‘s was limited by the traditional lesson, he left and went to Mexico all of a sudden to avoid farther development. Edna was driven to distraction by Robert ‘s sudden disappearing, she felt sad and confused. Back to New Orleans, in order to deviate her attending, she began to plunge herself in picture, abandoning all the societal duty that she should take traditionally, and even cancelled the traditional wont of meeting invitees. Finally her hubby noticed his married woman ‘s alteration, turning to the household physician for aid, who suggested her hubby take a relax attitude about this. Her hubby went to a concern trip to New York and allow his female parent choice up the kids, go forthing Edna entirely in the place. From so on, Edna abandoned the past manner of life wholly, she moved into a little house to populate. She painted and see a piano player. During this period, Edna had an confidant relationship with a adult male named Arce, but they did non love each other. She was in a great struggle because she desired Robert ‘s love but she continued to indulge her ain gender. Finally, Robert returned to New Orleans for the first clip acknowledging to Edna for his love, which made Edna rekindled her feeling. Once once more, Robert left without stating adieu, merely remained a note: I love you. because I love you, so I will no longer do so. Frustrate and disappointed, She came to Grand Island, which was her foremost rousing topographic point in her eyes, without any vacillation, she chose to suicide.

II. Edna ‘s rousing in uneasiness

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2.2 Two stages of Edna ‘s waking up

2.2.1 Self- acknowledgment

For a long clip, Edna has done what the society requires of her: to acquire married and to hold kids. She was merely like a captive in a cage-like situation-an easy, upper-middle category life but wholly dependent on others. The matrimony for Edna was simply a manner to obtain a agency of muliebrity. Bing a female parent and married woman, she was supposed to make all the things in harmoniousness with her state of affairs. but she had no passion towards her hubby, their matrimony was non like a existent matrimony, as they showed no involvement to each other ‘s activities and idea and they did non interfere into other ‘s personal businesss at all. They had a loveless matrimony, her hubby can ne’er understand or accept Edna as an single homo being, a individual every bit good as a married woman and a female parent. They were deficiency of communicating and apprehension. Therefore, in fact, the place was merely like a boundary for Edna both physically and psychologically. , which did non let her to turn or to go a mature, self-critical adult female with a head of her ain. The coop sacrificed adult females ‘s power and energy. Her hubby has ne’er intended to portion Edna ‘s idea and demands. On dark when Edna foremost heard the music from Mademoiselle Reisa, she began to believe that she can non be anyone ‘s belongings, which stirred her ain sentiment about her place on the universe. She perceived that “ her will has blazed up. Stubborn and resistant. “ ( p75 ) Unusually, following her hubby ‘s demand has become her wont of life focal point, but this dark, the obedient married woman refused to accept her hubby ‘s desire straight. For the first clip in six old ages of matrimony, Edna had rebelled to her hubby, which can be said a large challenge for her. So here we can state it was Edna ‘s primary waking up, viz. , self-fulfillment, because she began to arise.

For a long clip, societal attitudes toward female organic structure are extremely straitening for adult females. “ Female organic structure is ridiculed as a mark of failing of incompetency ” . Women in all literary or public contexts were presented as a beginning non of power but of exposure. The organic structure of adult females was taken for granted as the belongings of her hubby of the object to be appreciated by work forces. Adele Ratignolle, as Chopin indicated, was merely one for the female figures of this type. Her visual aspect was perfectly coded with the traditional function of adult females, who were displayed for ocular and titillating impact. Adele was a adult female of inordinate physical appeal, whose organic structure was as rich, white as her apparels.

“ Never were custodies more exquistic than hers, and it was a joy to look at them when she threaded her acerate leaf or adjusted gold humble to her taper center finger as she sewed off on the small night-draw or fashioned a bodice of a bib. ( p17 )

From the above chapter we can see that the absolutely pale and gloved custodies of Adele were marks chiefly of her hubby ‘s wealth and variety meats of domestic labour. Her custodies ne’er lied still to fix protection against the winter. However, the value of her labour did non root from production for usage. In the eyes of most people, the busy custodies seemed to be absolutely glamorous because they were perfect indicant of the feminine responsibility. Adele proudly adopted such a sort of grounds to demo how good she performed as a traditional mother-woman and to come into the Centre of focal point and congratulations. By the presentation for propriety, she had already transformed her organic structure into an object, which was of no productive value but was an embodiment of qualified muliebrity. Women seemed to be the semisynthetic innovation, which were brought into the universe for the theatrical production of ownership. The masculine power became the order and rule of the civilised universe.

Compared to Adele, Edna did non protect her skin color and custodies in the careful mode. Though non so attractive as Adele, Edna charmed in her ain beauty, she was instead fine-looking than beautiful. The word “ fine-looking ” was used for several times to portray the physical traits of Edna. As a affair of fact, she did non noticed her organic structure. Just because of the beauty of Adele that encouraged Edna to go cognizant of her ain physical characteristic and appreciate her ain organic structure as the self-attained topic. Obviously, their custodies were wholly different, or looking opposite, but Edna, bring outing her custodies, she gave them away in public alternatively of concealing the custodies like Adele for her hubby. They serve her animal appropriation of the universe and supply her the chance to acquire in touch with more societal world. So we can pull a decision that her custodies has extended from he domestic and private properties and became her particular belongings, ne’er to be replaced by anything. Therefore, we can state that this was her first measure of self-fulfillment, possibly readers considered it was really shallow, which was far from her waking up, of class, different people hold different thoughts, we can non deny their sentiment at free, but by and large speaking, Edna ‘s self- acknowledgment is really tough for a adult female at that clip. To some extent, we can state self- realisation is really indispensable and non omitted, because it lays the foundation of the later bit by bit rousing. So, it is easy for the readers to accept Edna ‘s struggles and battle during the procedure of religious waking up, which sets a natural passage for the development of the narrative.

2.2.2 Sexual consciousness

For a long clip, gender has been under tabu and ranked among the most sensitive things for adult females. Traditional convention kept adult females ignorant of her ain sexual desires, or she was told that her desires must be suppression. The ideal lady ought be passionless. The females were inactive and devoid of sexual appetencies, merely the males tool the dominant function in the sexual life, while adult females were in a obedient place. For so many century passed, the females had already took it for granted about their function. In fact, this definition of feminine gender eliminated adult females ‘s passion desire and destruct their individualism.

Through the waking up, Chopin regarded gender as a natural phenomenon, which was non a portion of maternity. Though Edna, she took a sexual rousing measure by measure. The first measure was Edna refused to obey her hubby ‘s desire. After the eventide swimming party, her hubby wanted her, but this clip Edna did non follow. Her refusal of the sex was an of import landmark of the female liberty, because from so on, Edna did non subject or obey her hubby in the sexual life. Her place had improved, particularly in sexual life. Edna was a normal mature adult female, so she need the healthy sexual life, but the loveless and passionless matrimony life can non run into her physical demand. So subsequently on, she turned her attending to Robert. She loved Robert, and she attached excessively much passion to him. So we can see that Edna ‘s rousing strongly turned to passion and sexual desire, which marked the morning of her sexual waking up. However, Robert did non hold the bravery to hold the alteration in the relationship with Edna, eventually he left without stating adieu. Since unable to fulfill Edna ‘s sexual demand through her hubby and Robert, Edna indulged herself into a matter with Alcee Arobin, . But Edna did non love him at all, she merely in order to run into her rousing sexual desire. Her behaviour was no uncertainty object to everything that the society clasp. Ignorant about this, Edna had the self-control of herself, she grew measure by measure.

2.2.3 Religious waking up

We know that spirit is abstract and intangible, so if we want to clearly see the religious things, we had better and must based on the concrete things that can turn out spirit. Namely, by virtuousness of the existent action, we can experience the religious consciousness of Edna in the novel. So Kate Chopin took advantage of so many symbols of action to exemplify her religious waking up.

First is swim. Chopin exploited the signifier of larning to swim as a symbol of authorization. Edna struggled all the summer to larn to swim, but at first, Edna was unable to venture into the H2O because she was afraid of abandoning herself to the sea ‘s sweep. Despite the efforts of the invitees to learn her, she was still unable to swim, she had been trained by all sorts of people on Grand isle. Suddenly she felt sceptered and stepped into the H2O. When she lifted her organic structure to the surface of the H2O, she realized that she can command her organic structure easy and freely. She became active and engaged and transforms into existent cries of joy: “ How easy it is! It is nil ” , she win, she can swim on her ain. From so on, she became cognizant of the being of her organic structure, which was strong plenty to convey her to the topographic point that no adult female has of all time been. After the swim, Edna seemed to be more confident in the idea that her organic structure was the inseparable portion of herself. Grasping the accomplishment of swimming non merely provided Edna with strength, joy, assurance but besides fright and hurting. On the dark when she can swim, she sensed her strong passion for Robert and she understood clearly the faulty of her matrimony without true love. Still on that, she came to hold a deep apprehension of the significance of decease. Another significance of Edna ‘s acquisition to swimming is the capableness of swimming can be regarded as the indispensable stage of her personal success. Even if she swam to the infinity in the terminal of the narrative, she still be considered victory in certain grade as the swimming symbolized a trial for her attempts at making selfhood, which gave her a gustatory sensation of achievement as being able to stand on her ain physically and spiritually.

Religious waking up was besides supported when Edna took a trip with Robert to the island Cheniere Chaminada. After the seafaring, Edna felt a small tired so she took a sleep in the house of Madame Antoine. When left entirely, she took off her places and stockings and lied comfortably in the centre of the high, . The epicurean and quaint atmosphere on the island allured Edna into a close study of herself. A new esthesis overcame her:

She looked at her unit of ammunition weaponries as she hell them straight up and rubbed them one after the other, detecting closely, as if it were something she saw for the first clip, the mulct, house quality and texture of her flesh. She clasped her custodies easy above her caput, and it was therefore she fell asleep. i??p64i?‰

There was no sexual entreaty in this organic structure description, for Edna, it was a procedure of find of her ain physical being, the strength and beauty. When Edna waked up, she looked at herself closely in the mirror, watching herself with grasp, satisfaction, and delectation in her organic structure ‘s power. Through the mirror, Edna regained the ability to separate herself from the exterior and therefore obtained a whole sense of individualism. It was a revolution for Edna to seek to believe largely about herself and took herself as the centre of attending, non as single secondary to her hubby, nor as the ownership of anyone. She did non associate her physical ego with work forces and with work forces ‘s demands, particularly their sexual desire. An of import facet of the waking up to the ego was the consciousness of her ain organic structure, her physical visual aspect. It was a realisation that her nice figure. The self- consciousness of the beautiful and free organic structure was insurgent for Edna and helped her go on the geographic expedition of a ego.

Second is pulling images. What makes Edna more independent was her strong involvement and continuity in picture, she attempted to utilize her art as a symbol of emancipating selfhood. Pulling gave her the ability of thought and speculation, she can transform her feeling and observation of external universe into the activity of pulling. So the picture non merely provided her with the enjoyment or congratulations but besides the satisfaction of her repetitive demands of interior longing. Pulling images is a symbol of freedom excessively. It is through the procedure of pulling images that Edna achieved a certain point of her waking up. Edna regarded pulling images as a manner of self-expression and of self-assertion. She learnt a batch about human being when she concentrated her attending on her drawing. Pulling image is an activity both rather and lively. Quite means that it did non necessitate to talk or speaking or something like that, you merely necessitate your ain infinite, which is rather. Lively refers to your interior ideas, possibly you are dumb when drawing, but your ideas must be awake, because you should believe, rethink and came up with the general signifier, so your idea must be vigorous so. That is what you looks quiet, your interior bosom is merely like the ocean under the heavy blowing. So here we can understand that pulling image indicates that Edna ‘s religious waking up, as she began to hold her ain sentiment, avoiding the conventional values, she began to believe with her alone head, merely as a existent “ mind ” . Besides, Edna ‘s chase of art offered her pleasances and fulfilment. But the most of import thing was that Edna seek for an economic independency as she began to gain her ain money by selling her ain pictures. When she had her ain income, she felt more confident in her chase and attempted to liberate from her hubby ‘s fiscal duty. That is why we say today if a adult female want to be independent, she must be independent.

Similarly, basking music is besides a symbol of freedom and another of import action to exemplify her religious waking up. There were a batch of descriptions of playing the piano both Adele and Mlle. Reisz play the piano. Each adult female functioned otherwise in the narration of the narrative. Adele was thought of as a musician by Leonce, but she did non play it for art, she did so merely to maintain her hubby and kids cheerful and besides to add gaiety to the party. Mlle. Reisz, on the contrary, was disliked by all, but is granted position as a instrumentalist by merely Robert and Edna. In this novel, one of the grounds for Edna to bask the playing of Mlle. Reisz was that she can absorb the power from the music to seek herself.

Therefore, during the music enjoyment, Edna was full of the lone temper as no 1 can truly understand her. In chapter? , Edna entitled the piece of music “ purdah ” , which was frequently played by Madam Ratignolle and whose original name was beyond her cognition. When she heard the acting of this piece, in her imaginativeness, there will be “ the figure of a adult male, standing beside a desolate stone on the coast. He was naked. His attitude was one of hopeless surrender as he looked toward a distant bird flying its flight off from him ” . Obviously, the nomination and lone images were the true contemplation of Edna ‘s personal purdah. After accept so many fresh external things, she began to rethink in a rather different manner, she had already come to a phase of religious release, so she was solitude both physically and psychologically, which was the beginning of her waking up. But the people around her did non recognize this, possibly they noticed the alteration of her, but they can non read it out, there is no admiration that Edna felt lonely. Yes, she was in a universe that cipher n touch or range, it was excessively high for the unawake people.

The high point of Edna ‘s religious waking up is the dinner party she gave for her 29th birthday. She considered to fling the furnishings of her functions as a society matron- her nuptials ring, her “ response twenty-four hours ” , her “ charming place ” . Edna ‘s birthday party began like a sort of drawing-room comedy. We were told the invitee lists, the seating program, the bill of fare, and the tabular array scene. Though some of the invitees were deadening, and some do non like each other, yet as it proceed to its bacchic flood tide, the dinner party besides had a symbolic strength and resonance that made it Edna ‘s most reliable act of self-definition. Not merely was the 29th birthday a feminine threshold, the transition from young person to middle age, but Edna was literally on the threshold of a new life in her small house. The dinner was an overthrow of her matrimony, all the more an act of aggression because Leonce will pay the measures. Furthermore, she had created an ambiance of luster and luxury that seemed to transcend the demands of the juncture. The tabular array was set with gold satin, serves Chinas, crystal Ag, and gold ; there is “ bubbly to swim in ” i??Chap. 29i?‰ , and Edna was excellently dressed in a satin and lacing gown, with a bunch of diamonds i??a gift from Leoncei?‰in her hair. Presiding at the caput of the tabular array, she seemed powerful and independent: “ There was something in her attitude which suggested the imperial adult female, the 1 who ruled, who looked on, who stood entirely ” ( Chap. 30 ) .Edna ‘s minute of command therefore took topographic point in the context of a familiar ceremonial of adult females ‘s civilization. Indeed, dinner party was practical set pieces of feminist aesthetics, proposing that the hostess is a male monarch of creative person in her ain domain, person whose creativeness was channeled into the production of societal and domestic harmoniousness. Like Virginia Woolf ‘s Mrs. Ramsay in To the Lighthouse, Edna exhausted herself in making a sense of family at her tabular array, looking like a queen. Edna called it “ a expansive dinner before she leave the old house ” . “ Grand ” is non in the sense for glorious nutrient or epicurean ambiance, but in the sense of Edna ‘s transmutation, of the disclosure of her interior power and her sovereignty, which non merely represented a transition from young person to middle age, but besides marked an indispensable alteration in her life. Generally speech production, the party were regarded as a turning point in the novel, which indicated Edna ‘s farewell to her yesteryear, and the beginning of her consciousness to set up a place within her vision. After deriving the power of self-supporting, Edna decided to travel from the big dual bungalow to the four-room pigeon-house around the corner, which was a large move for a adult female to take, particularly in her clip. This dignified Edna ‘s finding to be physically and financially independent from her hubby. The private house gave her a sense of integrity and liberty, closely linked to her ain defensive muliebrity. By having a room of her ain, she non merely obtained a physical infinite for life, but besides a wild zone through which she can reach with society more easy and straight.

III..Discussion about Edna ‘s tragic decease

Measure by measure, Edna achieved sexual waking up and religious consciousness, while her environing show no understanding towards her, even her lover-Robert. Sad and disappointed, she chose to decease eventually. Edna died.

Edna ‘s self-destruction has received considerable attending. Several critics remark on the monetary value of freedom as Chopin portrayed Edna ‘s destiny: Jules Chametzky observed that “ it is a alone and stray liberty that exacts a awful monetary value ” . Donald Ringe notes that “ the philosophic inquiries raided by physical and societal worlds by which it is surrounded, and the monetary value it must pay for take a firm standing on absolute freedom. ” George Arms views Edna ‘s self-destruction as a inactive drifting asserts that she is the victim of her ain self-delusion. George Spangler sees the decision of the novel as being at odds with Edna ‘s indispensable strength and asserts that the decision represents a sentimental oversight on Chopin ‘s portion. Writing from a psychoanalytic position, Cynthia Griffin Wolff observes that Edna ‘s self-destruction is a regressive act that is the consequence of arrested emotional development. Harmonizing to Wolff, Edna experiences “ an interior sense of emptiness ” that no grownup relationship can rectify. As we have seen, many modern-day critics and pupils romanticize Edna ‘s self-destruction as an act of self-assertion, as a transcendency of he earthly restrictions. Donald Ringe describes Edna ‘s decease as a “ licking that involves no resignation. ” Other critics focus on the equivocal nature of the self-destruction: Stewart Smith and Kenneth Rosen argue that the decision of the novel underscores the indispensable ambivalency of Edna ‘s nature. On one manus, she was a romantic absolutist and would non compromise her vision of freedom ; on the other manus, she was defeated by convention. Suzanne Wolkenfeld points out that “ Edna ‘s self-destruction was non a witting pick reached through her accomplishment of self-awareness. ” Therefore, in many respects, critics hold that the waking up was about decease, non life. Edna ‘s battle for selfhood was doomed because there was small possibility for self-government for adult females in a society where legal and economic pattern and societal usage prohibit female liberty. At the bend of century, when The Awakening was published, matrimony in New Orleans was based on the Napoleonic Code, which defined a married woman and everything she possessed, including her apparels, as her hubby ‘s belongings. Divorce was an infrequent and disgraceful event, peculiarly in Louisiana, which was a Catholic province.

Many reader interpret Edna ‘s self-destruction as an failure during the procedure of her waking up, even her move from her hubby ‘s big house into a bungalow of her ain as an indicant of growing as arrested development and retreat. In many respects, her new house, the “ pigeon house ” as she calls it, is merely a smaller coop. A pigeon, after all, is a domesticated dove. Madame Reisz told her that “ the bird would surge above the degree field of tradition and bias must hold strong wings ” ( chap.27 ) , but birds can non wing. Edna ‘s limited ability to direct her energy and to get the hang her emotion is symbolized by her desire to larn to swim “ far out where no adult female had swum before ” . Ambition, endeavoring, get the better ofing odds, the focal point of energy on a end are wonts of head associated with masculine command. A adult female who wants to develop these accomplishment has to withstand a centuries old tradition of inactive muliebrity. She has to possess the “ brave psyche “ as Madame Reisz told her, “ the courageous psyche. The psyche that dares and defied ” ( chap.21 ) . but Edna did non hold the emotional behaviour, conventions that she had, in fact, internalized. As we have seen, although Edna has freed herself from the domestic jussive moods of her hubby ‘s house, she becomes ensnared by romantic love. Missing a tradition of self-assertion to guild her, Edna internalized her choler, sing it as overpowering depression: “ despondence had come upon her in the argus-eyed dark, and ahs ne’er lifted ” ( chap.39 ) . even her self-destruction is non willed. She returned to Grand Isle and in a minute, she stands by the sea “ perfectly aloneaˆ¦ for the first clip in her life she stood bare in the air, at the clemency of the Sun, the zephyr that beat upon her and the moving ridges that invited her ( chap.39 ) ” . Although she feels new born ” , she slightly fail to for to the higher place of rousing.

We can pull a decision from the above chapter that Edna ‘s waking up was non crush the underside and non complete. At the beginning of the route of her waking up, she did small by small, though little, it was conquer and rebellion. When she was approximately to make the highest point of complete waking up, she fell down. What a commiseration about her tragic decease. She may accomplish a existent win if she went through the inner and outer force per unit area, but she chose to suicide. Edna did non desire to give primacy to nurturing ; she will non function others, but she can non function herself. Her life represented the tenseness between Adele Ratignolle ‘s codification of association and the political relations of separation of Madame Reisz. Often, Edna ‘s life seemed like a collage of dreams ; she did non look the universe with focal point. So, we can see that the dirt supported Edna was non fertile plenty, there is no admiration that Edna chose to decease eventually as missing the strong favour and apprehension from the people. All her manner, she was lonely. Anyhow, It is rather hard for Edna to accomplish this end in that society. Maybe Edna ‘s decease will remind us of the similar narrative secret plan in other plants, such as Madame Bovary ( 1852-1856 ) by Gustave Flaubert ( 1828-1877 ) .Compared the decease between Edna and Madame Bovary, we can easy detect that though the secret plan had some similarity, the subjects of each other are rather different, because what Edna gave up was what Madame Bovary hoped to acquire rid of, the kernel of their decease was wholly opposite. More accurately, when we mention the adult females ‘s job, we shall happen an even great similarity between Edna and Nora, the supporter of the drama, A Doll ‘s House wrote by Henridk Ibsen ( 1828-1906 ) . In the drama, Nora eight old ages matrimony life made Nora saw through her hubby ‘s true nature and she realized that they had no equality in the household relation. Her hubby showed no regard at all, so she left the doll ‘s house to get down her ain life. Compared the destiny between Edna and Nora, the difference are the consequence of their life pick. Edna died with higher rousing than Nora who non decease. Of class, both of them rebelled, but Nora was obsessed merely by the job being a descent married woman, but Edna ‘s battle attach her excessively much deep things about rousing. In this sense, we can non deny Edna ‘s first-class features though her decease.

Here I want to state that Edna was a successful adult female during the procedure of rousing except her choosing to decease. In fact, Kate Chopin created a great woman-Edna in her novel. She fell down, but we should non be so searching to knock that Edna was wholly a failure. It is merely seting the tragic colour on her image, anyhow, she was a innovator in her clip.

IV. Decision

The waking up is the representative work of Kate Chopin. Edna, who is the supporter in the novel, tired of the dull household life and trusting to acquire rid of the bonds imposed on adult females by the society, awakens from the initial depression and obfuscation to arise. Edna goes through three stages of rousing: self-fulfillment, sexual waking up and eventually religious waking up, but unluckily, she chooses to decease to emancipate her psyche and organic structure. The three stages of biological and mental waking up in this fresh depicts Edna ‘s painful journey to rousing. By and large talking, Edna is a great adult female created by Kate Chopin. We know that adult females have historically been defined as intellectually inferior to work forces. At the terminal of the 18th century, single autonomy was heatedly debated. The societal and scientific landscape of America was undergoing important alterations and feminist motion began to demo its visual aspect. On the Eve of a new century, this fresh takes in a singular passage between the Victorian universe of the nineteenth century and the Modern universe of the twentieth century. It is rather clearly that Chopin show her ain thought on adult female ‘s self-fulfillment and battle. Edna challenges the traditional convention by declining to be a traditional married woman and female parent. She has tried her best to arise and contend in the long manner. We know in her society, it is highly for a adult female to do her ain voice heard, but Edna encourages herself to seek and contend. From this point we can see that Chopin is so frontward believing that she is the innovator in the motion of adult females ‘s emancipation. Personally I appreciate this novel because of its rubric “ the Awakening ” , which implies some deep significance under the narrative. Because I think the significance of the word “ waking up ” is something deep rooted in our encephalon and our action, which can be empyreal or something like that. The word itself hold the great power to consequence one ‘s head. The stoping of the narrative is so equivocal because it is “ unfastened ” and technically “ round ” , which gives the reader a broad infinite to rethink. Maybe it is Edna ‘s metempsychosis, possibly she have began to populate at another degree of being.

Of class, I feel a small commiseration about her decease, I ever think if she be mentally strong plenty and lodge to her ain manner and allow entirely other ‘s sentiment, possibly she will establish a wholly new universe, which merely belong to herself. But human existences are societal animate beings, Edna was non understood by the people surround her, she was wholly stray by her times, so for a individual full of emotion like Edna, she chose to decease has the inevitableness. Though Edna self-destruction, which add some tragic colour to her image, we can non deny her advancement anyhow. Compared with other people in her clip, she has already done a good occupation. Edna is a new adult female, her image will be absolutely good if the tragic decease could be omitted. Anyhow, she is a innovator beyond her times and encourages the ulterior adult females ‘s complete waking up in the history.