Many of us know already who Dr. Jose Rizal is. A national hero. a mastermind. a author. a scientist and a physician. these are the first thing that comes to our head. He is a adult male with many achievements. All his Hagiographas and plants are still recognized in the whole universe. Through reading this paper. you could happen out how his life has gone to many challenges and what part he left in our state.

As a Filipino. we are proud because Dr. Jose Rizal gives all of us inspiration in all the things we do. This term paper will exemplify what his multilateral personalities are. as a doctor. poet. novelist. litterateur. playwright. historian. sculpturer. designer. instrumentalist. linguist. booklover. transcriber. pedagogue. economic expert. surveyor. applied scientist. naturalist. archaeologist. philologue. discoverer. sportswoman. magician and prophesier.

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We can state that he is an first-class. talented. and yet a really low adult male. He genuinely was a adult male of action. he did non merely looked over the people nor merely state people what to make. he helped them in their mundane work. Dr. Jose Rizal is our hero. our inspiration. our lesson of the past that we should be a adult male for our state. The chief intent of this paper is to cognize about the gallantry of Dr. Jose Rizal and show his life. plants. and composing in an interesting mode.

We’ll find out who are the nine adult females linked to him and what are the challenges he encounter while he was in expatriate in Dapitan.