There are many points of position on the justification of misrepresentation. Some argue that misrepresentation is ne’er something that should be used. or accepted in society. Peoples sometimes force themselves to state the truth even in state of affairss where it can do more jobs than a prevarication. This can be viewed as the right thing to make because the general norm in society is to ever state the truth. And even though on the exterior we all say that we are honorable and true people. deep down we all lie every now and so. Whether it be to acquire out of a gluey state of affairs or to forestall an overall worse result. As human beings we tend to endeavor for flawlessness. and portion of being perfect means we are honorable. Honesty is something that everyone possesses. but it is non something that we all use in general.

Peoples should non endeavor for flawlessness because the truth is. none of us are perfect and none of us can of all time be wholly honorable one hundred per centum of the clip. Some of us have to lie it’s portion of our encephalon that merely wants to make what is best for you and the people around you. whether it is stating the truth or a prevarication. Misrepresentation can be justified because it is the higher ethical pick for us to lie for the benefit of ourselves or others. and it can be extremely good to state a prevarication than expose a harmful truth.

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It is normally the higher ethical pick for person to roll from the truth to profit themselves or others because most of the clip the truth can intend bad things and as people we try to avoid those bad things. It can be said that it is incorrect to lie merely because you are seeking to acquire yourself or others out of problem. In some instances this is true. for illustration if person commits a felony and truly deserves justness.