Since 1981, the state star has ever been Japan Bond Research establishments rated as nothing hazard countries. U.S. Business Environment Risk Information assessed stable and rich attractive investing location in Singapore is besides one of the top 10 states for the following five old ages, most worthy of investing, the investing environment in 2005 assessment, Singapore after Switzerland, ranked 2nd in the universe. Harmonizing to the the possible fight ranking study study conducted by the Japan Center for Economic Research in 1995-1998, in 31 economic systems, Singapore ranked 2nd, in front of Hong Kong to go the most competitory states of Asia, the United Kingdom Economics people ( EIU ) magazine ballot for the best concern environment in states of the Asia-Pacific part in 2004-2008, Singapore surpassed Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia and Taiwan. Singapore ranked in Lausanne, Switzerland, the International Institute of Management Development ( IMD ) World Competitiveness Report 2004 “ in the state with a population of less than 20 million, is the first 1 in Asia, are most competitory state ; universe assessment after the United States and the 2nd competitory states around the universe.

Perfect attract foreign investing and wages system.

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The state star has ever been the basic attack is to take a pro-business policies, trust on market forces, leting the free motion of capital, promote foreign investing, and the state star and universe economic integrating. This policy has become foreign assurance in Singapore and do Singapore more attractive to foreign. In add-on, Singapore is welcoming foreign investors, but besides has provided revenue enhancement environment conducive to foreign investing and a series of investing inducements, the universe excellent transnational corporations that approximately 5,000 investing in the state star has a fastness, it brings engineering direction engineerings, new markets and financess have been Singapore grow much faster than has the power that can be achieved in the kingdom. . ( Hofer, C 1978 )

2.Economic portion

Singapore ‘s economic system grew 6.4 % in 2005, continued in 2004 to 8.7 % in high-growth, and more than the Singapore authorities prognosis of 5 % growing rate value ; increase in domestic demand and foreign demand continued to spread out, existent estate minutess, active and strong exports and hike the overall economic system sustained high growing.

Annual demand growing of 9.1 % in 2005, continued to turn 18 % in 2004, by the advanced states and Asiatic economic systems in the environmental factors that affect foreign demand in Singapore increased by 11 % in 2005, compared with 21 % in 2004 provided that continued to demo a double-digit addition, chiefly for increased demand for exports of information engineering and communications merchandises in Singapore and other services exports have continued to turn, particularly in the fiscal services and concern services. Another domestic demand, compared with 2004, a important growing of 12 % in 2005, merely a little growing of 2.6 % , which despite an addition in public investing, private investing and private ingestion outgo really was diminished. ( Kearney, M.2008 )

3.Social portion

Entrepreneurship encourage invention and escapade, a societal safety cyberspace to supply echt demand unnaturally limit ; all government-linked companies ( that is, the authorities involved in the investing of the endeavors ) are capable to market subject restraints, if the government-linked companies non with development of the international degree or within the part major endeavors conditions, or net income up to outlooks, the authorities is sing divestment. In add-on, the policy besides encourages the development of little and average endeavors, the building of the capital market and the bond market to market mechanisms, to ease international financess, mainland China, India and Asiatic companies matching.personnel preparation.

Continue to put to foster and pull endowment, and cultivate diverse endowment within the domestic instruction system to accommodate to the demands of the cognition economic system epoch ; other manus, continued to pull international endowment to come to Singapore to work, in order to keep fight. In add-on, the constitution of abroad endowment web in Singapore, to pull abroad endowment Singapore back the state at any clip. ( Porter, E1985 )

4.Technology portion

Balanced development of the duplicate engines of fabrication and service

Make good usage of the advantages of Singapore, and the development of knowledge-based fabrication industry, and develop Singapore as a transnational corporate R & A ; D centre in the part. In response to the economic growing of China and India, the development of high value-added and high-quality services for export, to go the centre of the emerging service country. Singapore in add-on to actively pull big conferences and exhibitions to Singapore to manage in the development of the services sector, and will be built in the Marina South and Sentosa Island integrated resort with casino, in order to pull more tourers to Singapore touristry ingestion.

2.Assess the impacts after 3 old ages of IR on SG society

The study stated: “ simulation consequences show that the Singapore economic system will bit by bit lift in the following five old ages. ” one twelvemonth subsequently, it will take to gross domestic merchandise ( GDP ) will increase by 0.75 % , will be followed by increased twelvemonth by twelvemonth, during five old ages is expected to turn 1.8 % .

IR is besides on its growing way, it is estimated that when the concern in 2015 to make a steady province, to accomplish the mark set earlier.

In 2006, two IR estimated to add 2.7 billion kwais of gross domestic merchandise ( GDP ) for Singapore perennial or equal to 0.8 % ; fabricating 50000-60000 work together will besides Singapore ‘s economic system, until 2015.

Overall, in 2015, the Tourism Bureau estimates that touristry gross will make 30 billion kwais, or equivalent from last twelvemonth, the mean one-year growing of 10 % .

Singapore Tourism Board, touristry grosss last twelvemonth is estimated at $ 18.8 billion, an addition of about 50 % compared with 2009, was unprecedented.

Tourism is estimated that this twelvemonth will go on to turn, the services sector as a whole should be able to accomplish an addition of about 6 % . As for fabrication, due to last twelvemonth ‘s underside line consequence, hence, this twelvemonth ‘s growing should be slowed down, it is estimated that will merely acquire 3 % more than single-digit growing. ( Huang. L 2005 )


Tourism is the most of import industry in Greece. Even in a crisis, the touristry industry still has maintained a stable tendency. 2011 touristry graduated table accounted for 18 % of the overall economic system, employment and over 70 million people. However, at the same clip the touristry industry there is still much room for development and potency. Some parts of the airdrome has been unable to run into the development demands of the touristry industry in pressing demand of enlargement update. The transmutation of the substructure will lend to the long-run development of the touristry industry. Currently, Germany and the United Kingdom is the largest beginning state of Greece, and the response of 14 million visitants each twelvemonth, 500 million from these two states. And its adjacent Turkey, Greece organized circuit cost is still high, Grecian hotel a batch of market sections, to pull more American tourers.

Grecian subjects have been reduced holiday clip, therefore lending to a 20 % diminution in domestic touristry. At the same clip, the figure of foreign tourers is expected to be a record 16.5 million riders this twelvemonth, the highest degree in history. Harmonizing to informations released by the Association of Greek Tourist Enterprises ( Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises ) , which means that the figure of abroad visitants than in 2010, an addition of 12 % . At the same clip, will hit the same addition in net income from touristry is expected to make 15 billion U.S. dollars

Crete and other parts, the autonomous debt crisis sometimes looks like a distant construct. In a tourer sing the coastal countries of all eating houses are all to the full booked. Owners of a eating house said: Maria Stavroulaki, abroad tourers are our staff of life and butter this twelvemonth, so they saved us. “

Following after a biennial period of asceticism, Greece is confronting a long route to recovery. Grecian Finance Minister Pooh Ross in the last month predicted that the Grecian economic system this twelvemonth may worsen more than 5 % of the return to growing in 2012 will decelerate. In the state of affairs of most of the economic indexs are indicating downward, the addition in tourers as heaven gift.

Tourism in Greece ‘s entire GDP, the proportion is near to the fifth, besides accounted for a fifth of the occupation market. Grecian exports grew 40 % in the first half of 2001, but the proportion in the entire GDP dropped significantly. At the same clip, coastal transportation and tourism-related concern besides performed good. The clip of the first eight months of 2011, the figure of tourer visitants by boat to Greece to play an addition of 28 % over the same period last twelvemonth.

Grecian Culture and Tourism Minister Pavlos Geroulanos said: “ There is no uncertainty that touristry helps to weaken the blow of the economic crisis. Market continues to turn, the old market is returning. ”

Situation confronting ferocious competition from challengers such as Spain and Turkey, the Grecian touristry recoil looks half fortune, half program. Industry analysts pointed out that today spring Arab rebellion makes travellers dispersed to other countries, including some tourers choose to go to Greece from Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco tourer finish. At the same clip, the advertisement industry has played a helpful function, Greece ‘s cardinal authorities and local governments are smartly advancing faith, mountain climbing and agronomic touristry.


In order to hold a better development in the following few old ages, there are some steps and methods:

1.Becoming Groups and take the sustainable development, in order to advance the development of touristry in the twenty-first century, more and more states will be allowed and encouraged to International Resort Group in their joint venture, working in the resort ‘s concern activities, in order to heighten their capablenesss, cut down costs, and advance gross revenues ( Teompson, A 1998 )

2.High-tech selling web, in 21 century resort operations direction will demo a computerized web, with the development of electronic information engineering, the resort will should seek to utilize the hi-tech manner ( Robert M. 2005 )

3.Improve communicating and direction efficiency, cut down operating costs and direction costs, In add-on, in order to cut down operating costs, better direction efficiency, some of the maps of the resort will be to the society and more specialised, in order to take full advantage of the assorted societal division of labour ( Robert M. 2005 )

4.Personalized and friendly, travel back to nature, and services provided by plan criterions for the invitees. But in fact, the demands of the invitees are different, there have both common portion of another portion of the personalized, hence, to do the quality of service to a higher degree, must fulfill the single demands of the invitees, offer the individualized service. ( Carol R. 1998 )

5.Keep follow-up merchandises. Resort services and direction ‘s end is to do every vacationists satisfied every invitee can acquire a fantastic holiday experience, this is the premiss of the resort to do net incomes. Therefore, in order to run into the demands of the invitees, and to accommodate the market competitory state of affairs, resorts will go on to analyze the market and demand state of affairs and tendencies, and to bring forth the merchandises that will fulfill the guestsaa‚¬a„? demands and the follow-up merchandises ( Hairong Z. 2002 )

6.Timeshares, wage more attending to of client personal safety and health.Timeshare is besides known as the clip the right to run ( Time Share ) or the period of ownership ( Interval Ownership ) , refers to a manner of operation of the installations of the resort ‘s ownership in a certain clip a certain monetary value sold to vacationists. This manner of operation for the resort for either a faster recovery of investing, and besides solve the job of seasonal resort installations idle.There is no uncertainty, in the twenty-first century, when the right to run such good received by the proprietors welcomed and favored by vacationists flexible and advanced concern will be farther publicity and development. When the right to run will go one of the of import tendencies in the tourer resorts in the twenty-first century concern.

In the twenty-first century, the tourers will pay more attending to their ain safety and wellness, At the same clip, the tourers of the twenty-first century will progressively confronting the menace affecting their ain personal safety and wellness facets, from a planetary point of position, the resort directors will confront the undertaking that whether can offer a safety environment to the invitees ( Robert M. 2005 )