The undertaking undertaking continuances were estimated utilizing the three point technique and the consequences were depicted to the above tabular array, harmonizing to Robert ( 2009 ) , the Three Point Technique Formula is: E= ( O + 4M+P ) /6. The Earliest Start, Earliest Finish, Late Start and Late Finish were besides calculated utilizing the Forward and Backward Pass Calculation methods

As per Robert ( 2009 ) , the Critical Path can be identified in different ways as follows:

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The Longest way continuance of the Undertaking:

Table 2:

Network Diagram Path

Duration ( Weeks )













Different way continuances were calculated and the Critical Path was found to be ACFHJ ( delight see the way above highlighted in bluish – longest continuance )

The sequence of undertakings that have similar early and late agendas or have Zero float. By looking at the tabular array 1 above, it is evident that the A, C, F, H, J undertakings have realized both conditions.

The undertaking Completion clip is the longest way continuance and is calculated to be 39 Weeks.

B ) What happens to the expected undertaking completion clip if:

Tasks D and E are each delayed by 9 hebdomads?

The Task D & A ; E have 9 hebdomads float and therefore the undertaking completion clip will non be affected in instance each of the undertakings are delayed by 9 hebdomads.

Undertaking B is delayed by 3 hebdomads?

The Task B has merely one ( 1 ) hebdomad float and therefore any farther hold beyond the one hebdomad my affect the undertaking completion clip

By looking at the scenario whereby the undertaking B is delayed by 3 hebdomads, the Task B can suit merely 1 hebdomad and hence, the start of Tasks E & A ; F will be delayed by two hebdomads.

The two ( 2 ) hebdomads hold of the Task E will non impact the undertaking completion clip as it has 9 hebdomads float, nevertheless, Task F is on the critical way and has Zero Float and hence, the Project Completion clip will be delayed by two ( 2 ) hebdomads

All undertakings are delayed each by one hebdomad?

The clip to finish Task C is reduced by 25 % of its expected completion clip?

Assuming that Task C ( Zero Float- on the Critical Path ) continuance is reduced by 25 % Internet Explorer by 3 hebdomads, holding Task C on the Critical Path, the Task F & A ; G can get down earlier by 3 hebdomads ( driven by Task C ) , the same for Task H which can get down besides before by 3 hebdomads ( the Task H may besides be driven by Task E and G whose have no impact in this instance ) and will be driving the J that can get down earlier by 3 hebdomads and hence the undertaking completion clip can be reduced by 3 hebdomads.

Discuss the possible hazards involved in this undertaking, presuming that it represents a typical edifice building undertaking, and place a few hazard extenuating activities that would understate the likeliness of detaining the undertaking completion clip.

“ Every undertaking is capable to hazards ” ( Robert 2009 ) , The Risk Management is an on-going procedure during the undertaking lifecycle undertaken by the Project Manager to guarantee that the hazards are non affected any of the undertaking objectives.

Harmonizing to Robert ( 2009 ) , the undertaking risks shall be identified, assessed, mitigated, monitored and controlled during the undertaking hazard direction life rhythm, the hazards ‘ classification and the project of qualitative and quantitative hazard analysis ( PMBOK Guide, 2008 ) are indispensable for the development of hazards extenuation program.

It is to be noted that finally, this Risk Management Plan is the duty of the full undertaking squad with leading coming from the keepers of the Hazard Forms and the Risk Register. The established Risk Management Plan is a feasible tool to maintain the Client informed and provided with the best information and schemes to do the best concern determinations for the Hazard that are identified and tracked throughout the life of the undertaking.

Sing the building undertaking in this assignment, several possible hazards can impact the timely completion for such type of undertakings ; the tabular array below illustrates the likely hazards for such type of undertakings based on my experience and the respective proposed extenuation programs:

Possible Hazard


Mitigation Activities/ Plan

No Objection Certificate ( NOCs ) , Permits from the Governments can be delayed.

Permit holds will detain Construction Starts ( pouring the concrete foundation & A ; seting up structural framing ) and accordingly the undertaking completion will be delayed

Early entry the application for the licenses and NOCs to the Authority.

Ensure a complete submittal is in topographic point so that the license will non be rejected

The Project Management squad will keep ongoing duologue with all statutory governments.

Early Authority Reviews, Set Milestones & A ; Track

Adequacy of Project Funding

Delay of whole undertaking completion

Proper hard currency flow & A ; Feasibility surveies in topographic point.

Undertaking Cost does give the needed IRR, hence the undertaking is non considered executable, doing re-Design and holds to project execution

Delay of whole undertaking completion Re-Design and holds to project execution. May be rendering the undertaking non Feasible.

Proper Feasibility Studies in topographic point.

High Inflation, Increased responsibilities, Volatile markets ( Cement & A ; Steel, etc. )

Cost Impact – Exceeds project budget- deficiency of fund.

Proper surveies of the Market rising prices and revise procurance scheme consequently

Delayed Procurement Periodsespecially the long lead points

Undertaking clip completion in hold.

Develop procurance program, placing the site required bringing day of the months and the related hazards Proper choice of the Vendors taken into consideration the fabrication capacity

Logistic troubles on site.

Undertaking in hold

Develop Detailed Logistic Plan which to be agreed by the chief contractor and all subcontractors

Time restraint dictates low quality.

– Abortive Works – Deliver Undertaking in lower Quality so planned

Particular attending to Monitoring the QA/QC Plan.

Lack Quality Control and Quality Assurance Plans/Strategy

-Quality Failure

-Abortive Work

-Project in hold

Develop, in conformity with the Client demands, basic lineations and processs for QA/QC program for delegating duty on the Supervision Consultant and assorted contractors to keep and accomplish required quality during building

Review all certification submitted to guarantee that they meet the needed completeness to cover the whole envisaged range and that the quality, and lucidity are achieved.

The Project Manager will transport out visits to assorted contracts to guarantee that the needed quality

criterion by the Master Plan is maintained in the Undertaking.

Lack of proper and realistic Procurement scheme

Discrepancies on the procurance points

Materials Delivery to the Site in hold.

Undertaking in hold

Develop and keep a Realistic Procurement Strategies taken into consideration the Market position

Low Performance of the Supervision Consultant

Undertaking in hold

Micor Management of the Supervision Consultant

Check the possibility of promoting the Consultant to hold extra qualified Resources

Search for immediate replacing of the adviser by bespeaking a proposal.

Low Performance of the Contractor

Undertaking in Delay

Micro- direction of the Contractor

Day to Day monitoring of the resources available

Search for immediate replacing of the Contractor ( Alternative Plan ) by drifting a stamp

Pre-qualification of contractor anterior battle

Main Contractors Team / Design Team Relationships are non traveling swimmingly

Flow of information is losing

Undertaking Delay

Close monitoring of the Contractors’/Design Consultants plans and mileposts, and describing in conformity with the processs set in this papers,

aˆ? Performing coordination meetings, sporadically and every bit needed, chaired by the Project Manager,

aˆ? Requesting, monitoring and supervising the exchange of planning and other information between the parties,

Communication System is non in topographic point

Lack of Communication between the Project Stakeholders

Undertaking in Delay

Developing and Implementing a executable Communication Management Plan

Lack of Proper Health & A ; Safety Control on Site

Safety Failure

Works Stoppage on site, Project in Delay

Basic lineations will be set by the Project Manager for wellness and safety demands

Undertaking Manager and Engineer to Monitor the Safety safeguard return by the Contractors

The Project Manager to guarantee that the Health and Safety Plan is decently implemented and updated by the contractor,

Safety Meetings to be held on lasting footing

External Utilities Connection to the edifice is delayed

Testing & A ; Commissioning can be delayed.

Delivery & A ; Occupancy will be delayed

Coordination and meetings with the relevant authorization to guarantee the supply by scheduled demand day of the months

Handover and Completion Strategy ( Close Out ) are in hold

Delay in Handing Over undertaking to the Tenants

Ensure that Close Out Procedure in topographic point

Before publishing the Taking-over Certificate to the Contractor, the Project Manager will pull off the Close Out process to guarantee the followers:

aˆ? The Client has examined the site and approved the taking-over of the plants,

aˆ? All minor outstanding plants or issues are identified for completion during the defects liability period. If more than minor outstanding plants are identified so the Contractor will hold to

complete these and a re-inspection will be undertaken,

aˆ? As built records and Operation and Maintenance ( O & A ; M ) Manuals are confirmed.