Red River

Red River is a 1948 Western movie directed and produced by Howard Hawks and

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starring John Wayne and Montgomery Clift, giving a fictional history of the first cowss

thrust from Texas to Kansas along the Chisholm Trail. The dramatic tenseness stems from a

turning feud over the direction of the thrust, between the Texas rancher who initiated it

( Wayne ) and his adopted grownup boy ( Clift ) .The film ruddy river has many genres.

The first genre would be western. This can clearly be seen because throught out the film, there

are elements of cowpunchers, Equus caballuss, cattles, guns, tractors, and a batch of the movie was filmed out-of-doorss

and by the state side. The histrions and actress besides dress western manner with their cowpunchers chapeaus

and boots and are ever siting Equus caballuss. Another genre for this movie would be action as the it’s

filled with high energy, stunts and pursuits and detonations and gunfires. In the concluding scene of

the film, Dunson [ Wayne ] is bearing down on Matt, preparatory to a gunplay. Another genre

would be adventure as they set on their quest to convey the cattles to the spread. And the last genre

would be love affair as it can be clearly seen in the beginning of the film.

Rio Brovo.

Set in Texas during the late 1860s, Rio Bravo is a narrative of work forces ( and adult females ) and a town under besieging. Presidio County Sheriff John T. Chance ( John Wayne ) is keeping Joe Burdette ( Claude Akins ) , a worthless, bibulous hood, for the slaying of an unarmed adult male in a battle in a barroom — the job is that Joe is the brother of affluent land baron Nathan Burdette ( John Russell ) , who owns a large ball of the county and can purchase all the hired guns he does n’t already hold working for him. Burdette ‘s work forces cut thetown off to forestall Opportunity from acquiring Joe into more unafraid milieus, and so the hired guns come in, waiting around for their opportunity to interrupt him out of gaol. Opportunity has to wait for the United States marshal to demo up, in six yearss, his lone aid from Stumpy ( Walter Brennan ) , a toothless, bloody-minded old deputy with a bad leg who guards the gaol, and Dude ( Dean Martin ) , his former deputy, who ‘s spent the last two old ages faltering about in a bibulous daze over a adult female that left him. Chance ‘s friend, trail foreman Pat Wheeler ( Ward Bond ) , arrives at the beginning of the besieging and attempts to assist, offering the services of himself and his herders as deputies, which Chance turns down, stating they ‘re non professionals and would be excessively disquieted about their households to be good at anything except being marks for Burdette ‘s work forces ; but Chance does seek to enlist the services of Wheeler ‘s newest employee, a callow-looking immature gunslinger named Colorado Ryan ( Ricky Nelson ) , who courteously turns him down, stating he prefers to mind his ain concern. In the thick of all of this tenseness, Feathers ( Angie Dickinson ) , a dance hall entertainer, arrives in town and about gets locked up by Chance for rip offing at cards, until he finds out that he was incorrect and that she ‘s non guilty — this starts a verbal affaire d’honneur between the two of them that grows more sexually intense as the film progresses and she finds herself in the center of Chance ‘s battle. Wheeler is murdered by one of Burgette ‘s hired guns who is, in bend, killed by Dude in an intense confrontation in a barroom. Colorado throws in with Opportunity after his foreman is killed and picks up some of the slack left by Dude, who is n’t rather over his demand for a drink or the shingles that come with seeking to halt. Chance and Burdette maintain raising the ante on each other, Chance, Dude, and Colorado killing plenty of the rancher ‘s work forces that he ‘s got to duplicate what he ‘s paying to do it worth the hazard, and the mortician ( Joseph Shimada ) gets plenty of concern from Burdette before the two sides arrive at a deadlock — Burdette is keeping Dude and will let go of him in exchange for Joe. This leads to the concluding, bloody confrontation between Chance and Burdette, where the waggons brought to town by the murdered Wheeler play an unexpected and indispensable function in tipping the balance. ~ Bruce Eder, Rovi


Michael Chuah / Fist of firedrake

Michael Chuah a Singaporean movie manufacturer and movie manager came to IACT college to speak to the category. He shared his experience with us. He told us his journey on going successful and standing where he stands today. Michael Chuah said that although his parents forced him to make his third instruction in a different field, it ne’er stopped his dream and he worked hard. Finally his parents caved in to his passion and he was able to borrow money from his parents to purchase a professional camera. He shared many narratives with us like and told us that covering with people in general is difficult and how he had to cover with crabbed actresses. Michael Chuah besides has a strong passion for soldierly humanistic disciplines and incorporates that in his movie like “Life Before Death” and “Firefly” . Michael said that he tries to happen histrions who already know the soldierly art to move in his film unless he wants a peculiar histrion or actress to move in his film. He besides said that being this concern requires a batch of dedication and one should non anticipate a vacation and it needs a 100 % dedication. Michael besides said that horror is easy genre to movie. We so watched parts of one of Michael Chuah’s proud production, Fist od Dragon gazing the celebrated Jackie Chan that was filmed in Hong Kong. The film clearly shows a batch of play and action as it is about Kung Fu.

At the terminal of Daybreak / Malaysia Cinema

Malaysia Cinema is turning as old ages base on balls by. We have a batch of our ain play and some internationally award winning films like Sepet and Puteri Gunung Ledang. Although we have lost one of our celebrated manufacturers, Yasmin Ahmad her bequest and inspiration still remains. Yasmin Ahmad was celebrated for being able to capture integrity in our state and foregrounding typical behaviour of Malaysians. Yasmin Ahmad loved to demo Malaysian’s harmoniousness between the three chief races, the Malays, Chinese, and Indian. Malayan Cinema is besides popular as we have a assortment of films in different linguistic communications and idiom or our particular, “manglish” which means Malayan English. In the film Sepet, there were assorted sorts of linguistic communications as Malay, Chinese and Indian linguistic communication were being used, and non to bury the cosmopolitan English linguistic communication. Puteri Gunung Ledang is besides a celebrated film as it takes us back to the olden yearss and shows the Malay civilization truly good. We so watched At the End of Daybreak, directed by Yuhang Ho, which is a Cantonese film which was filmed in Kuala Lumpur and some countries in Damansara. A batch of witnesss blamed the unelaborated stoping of the film ( where the two misss were killed and left in the forests and the chief histrion, Tuck ran off ) to the overpowering figure of colza and kidnap instances in Malaysia. The green goodss want the populace to be more cautious of their kids, particularly the adolescents safety and where approximately. There is besides a portion in the film where Ying’s parents find out that their teenage girl who is merely 15 is sexually active and is threating to action her fellow, Tuck and impeaching him of ravishing his girl. However, they told him that they will non press charges if he were to pay them. Harmonizing to many reappraisals, this shows that Malaysia is revolved around corruptness and how the rich will go richer and the hapless will go poorer. Yuhang Ho was clever to subtly unfastened people’s eyes to the catastrophe Malaysia is taking to.

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Film Star & A ; Eyes Wide Shut

Richard Dyer

Star vehicles, it is something that associate the histrion and the movie. It does associate to the movies genre. For illustration, Tom Cruise does move in few love affair movies ; one of it was Endless Love. It proves the existent of star vehicle. Peoples are rather familiar with Tom Cruise because of the movie, Endless Love. When people know that Tom Cruise was starring in Eyes Wide Shut, people instantly will believe of the movies that he acted in it.

Patrick McGillinas

Capability of the histrion shows the kernel of the movie, it is something like the histrion portrays the world. For illustration: Charlie Chaplin act on his ain movie that he produced, it shows his ain manner, as an auteur.

John Ellis

Paradox consists of ordinary and extraordinary. Ordinary is stand foring the people’s existent life experiences, ideas and day-to-day activities. Extraordinary is stand foring the mise-en-scene, histrion and movies.

Eyess broad shut

Eyess Wide Shut is a promiscuous film starring Tom Cruise. The film is based on a novel, Dream Story that was written in 1926. The genre of the movie would be love affair, play, enigma and thriller. Tom Cruise acts as a Doctor Bill encounters many challenges is chase to happen felicity in his matrimony with his married woman, Alice. Although the twosome is bound by matrimony, Alice contemplated on an matter with another cat. After Dr.Bill found out, he was frustrated and finds himself in a monolithic masked binge party aid by a close society. This scene shows the John Ellis’s theory, which is in Malaysia, this sort of party likely doesn’t exist in Malaysia. The desire is at that place for certain audiences, based on their imaginativeness. We must retrieve that the movie is based manner back when there was no engineering and endocrines could merely be fulfilled in existent life unlike today where we are able to watch erotica on our computing machine screens. The significance of the film Eyes Wide Shut means that although their eyes are unfastened, they are “shut “to what is of import in life. In the monolithic binge portion, Amanda Curran tried to warn Dr.Bill that he was in danger and he should seek to acquire out while he can. Upon neglecting to make so, Dr.Bill got into problem and Amanda saved him. In the terminal, Amanda passed off because she over dosed on drugs. This scene showed John Ellis’s theory, that star image is self-contradictory. The ordinary portion is where people willing to give for love and the extraordinary portion are where people attend to the masked orgy party. The star image uncomplete image is when Amanda’s voice in the movie is important and austere. These characteristics attract people’s attending and this resulted the invitation to the film.

Chen Chui Er _ 004127 _ Film Theory ( w11 )

Lok Jay Zee _ 004490 _ Film Theory ( w11 )