Internship Journal |Date: June 16, 2011 |Number of Hours Worked: 9hrs | |Weather Condition: Hot and Humid | |Venue/Location: Jamaica College Auditorium | |Name of Event: “Hands of Gold” | |Event Type: Fight Night/ Boxing | Activities: | | | |I was incorporated within the Musical Choice environment by Mr. Louis Chin. I was introduced to the workers and the various tasks | |at hand. Musical Choice was contracted to construct the boxing ring area as well as the entrance of the venue. Lighting and sound | |were among the many other tasks assigned.

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Among meeting the workers, I was further introduced to the main partners, Ryan, Louis, | |and Bobby. Louis was superior for that given day he ensured that I was properly given my work details. | |Work Activities: | |Assisted with installing trussing around the boxing ring area. | |Transport sound equipment [such as speakers] inside venue. |Monitor Equipment | | | | | | | | | | | | | Lessons Learned/ Thoughts: | | | |I was quite overwhelmed by the work that was delegated to me, but after performing the tasks I had realized that the operations | |of the company, was heavily dependent on how well each individual had a basic knowledge of any given task..

For instance, in | |tackling the infrastructure of the trusses, had to know to how position the truss for lights to be mounted on, and in organizing | |the light system, I had to know how many wattage the lights were generating so as to not conflict with what the sound system would | |need in terms of wattage because all the lights and the sound would be connected to one generator. Nonetheless, this did not affect| |the product of my labour. | Internship Journal Date: June 18, 2011 |Number of Hours Worked: 30hrs | |Weather Condition: Sunny and Hot | |Venue/Location: Caymanas Polo Club | |Name of Event: “Twisted Spirits” | |Event Type: Party | Activities: | |I had arrived to the venue late. Due to some miscommunication regarding the venue’s location. After arriving late, work had already| |begun. I was then hastily referred to another member of staff for my work detail. There was no delay in the amount of pressure that| |was bestowed upon me.

As I was used as a mule to transport equipment within the venue. In between tasks I had to race from area to| |area to assist with lighting installation. | | | | | |Work Activities: | |Assisted with installing sound/ lighting equipment [Amplifires,CD /Mixers]. | |Transport sound equipment to designated locations inside venue. |Monitor Equipment | | | | | | | | | | | | | Lessons Learned/ Thoughts: | | | |Initially | | |