The European Union is an integrating of European provinces that encompasses different histories, establishments, political systems and economic systems. At present the EU boasts 27 member states with a combined population of over 500 million. The creative activity of a individual currency, the euro, has led these citizens to depend to a great extent on the brotherhood for the success of their several economic systems. Furthermore, many others states out with EU legal power rely on the EU for trade, finance and investing assistance. Political historiographers such as Leonard ( 2005 ) have argued that the EU has been in a province of crisis since its origin. However, despite such jobs, the EU has emerged as a strong, steady and powerful force in the planetary political sphere.

The morning of the twenty-first century has brought with it fresh challenges for the EU to turn to. Many of these issues were outlined by EU President Jose Manuel Barroso in a address at the European Parliament in 2007. Barroso cited economic reforms, unemployment, societal justness and clime alteration as being affairs of pressing concern ( 2007 ) . This essay serves to foreground these jobs and explicate why they are the most of import issues confronting the European Union today.

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One of the major jobs confronting the EU is the of all time increasing degrees of unemployment impacting the bulk of the member provinces. Barroso ( 2007 ) stated that near to 20 million EU citizens were classed as unemployed. More worryingly, Barroso stressed that many of those out of work were of a younger demographic. Modigliani ( 2005 ) warned that such rates of unemployment can take to resources being wasted, a diminution in end product and therefore a loss in nest eggs and investing within the economic system. Modigliani besides hastened to add that unemployment degrees can take to complicated and long-standing societal jobs as persons affected can turn despondent and discouraged by the deficiency of occupation chances. Therefore, unemployment is an of import issue encroaching on all of the EU provinces.

Bertola ( 2000 ) alluded to labor market engagement rates, pay inequality, employment scattering across EU parts and market public presentation as being the major causes of high unemployment degrees within the EU. Labour market public presentation is guided by authorities and institutional policies in the EU which in bend control minimal rewards, revenue enhancement and unemployment benefits. Room ( 2006 ) and Barroso ( 2007 ) argue that although there are many ways to cut down unemployment, such as pay distinction and geographical mobility, such steps could change the economic and political equilibrium presently in topographic point in the EU. Additionally, Wallstrom ( 2007 ) is speedy to indicate out that although the riddance of unemployment subsidies across the EU provinces would cut down unemployment degrees, it would in effect addition the poorness and offense rates therefore taking to accelerated degrees of societal exclusion. As a consequence, these reverberations have raised alarming concerns for both public and politicians likewise as the EU struggles to implement a programme of reform to turn to the state of affairs. Access to the member provinces merchandises, capital and labour resources could supply economic efficiency but the degrees of ordinance required would turn out highly difficult to prolong.

In response to the turning jobs with unemployment, the EU Commission has proposed some steps designed to undertake the issue. These include a revamp of the member states growing and occupation schemes every bit good as increasing investing on research and development. It is hoped that this in bend would take to increased economic end product and therefore the creative activity of occupations in the procedure. However, Wallstrom ( 2007 ) argues this could turn out a hard undertaking given the heterogenous societal and economic constructions of the EU member provinces. Additionally, the prostration of the universe economic system in 2008 has lead to a planetary recession and has seen employment degrees in the EU addition dramatically. The Employment in Europe Report ( 2009 ) estimated unemployment degrees in Europe would interrupt the10 % grade in 2010 and would go on to lift.

The issue of clime alteration has come to the bow stunningly in the twenty-first century and is another of import issue confronting the European Union. Changes in clime fluctuations are happening around the Earth raising echt concerns about the stableness of the planets ecosystem. Harmonizing to Schroter ( 2005 ) these divergences may hold a direct affect on degrees of nutrient production and H2O supplies. For illustration, Berkhout ( 2005 ) noted harvest failure within a state can impact the monetary value of certain nutrient trade goods in the EU due to imports. Brandt ( 2001 ) explains that these turning concerns lead to the execution of the Kyoto Protocol – an environmentally friendly policy sanctioned via the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change designed to convey nursery gas emanations under control – in 1997.

In the summer of 2003, a heat moving ridge engulfed much of Europe ensuing in record temperatures being recorded. Beniston ( 2004 ) stated that the heat wave bore a resemblance to the type of temperatures anticipated by the terminal of the 21 century. Beniston ( 2004 ) concluded that due to an enhanced atmospheric concentration of nursery gas, summer temperatures could be expected to increase by 4 grades celsius on norm. Harmonizing to Christiansen & A ; Wettestad ( 2003 ) , the EU generates one of the highest degrees of nursery gas emanations and histories for 25 % of the universe ‘s production. Brandt ( 2001 ) states the EU expects that there will be a 0.8 % addition in CO2 emanations yearly. Furthermore, the EU faces extra jobs with its failure to carry its members to follow the C revenue enhancement due to the many regulations and ordinances incorporated in the policy ( Christiansen & A ; Wettestad, 2003 ) .

The usage of fossil fuels is another factor that leads to planetary heating and can hold a damaging long term affect on the clime. Kruger & A ; Pizer ( 2004 ) citation that increased emanation degrees due to the development of the conveyance sector have led to further issues for the EU to turn to. These significant growings in emanation end product can hold a direct impact on allowance monetary values if the EU attempted to run into Kyoto Protocol marks by utilizing beginning purchases.

The turning C market is another country of concern for the European Union. Howse & A ; Eliason ( 2008 ) argue that it is important degrees of C footmark are monitored in order to cut down emanations in the air. Harmonizing to Kruger et Al. ( 2007 ) the European Union launched an emanations trading plan in 2005 with the purpose of run intoing the Kyoto Protocol marks for undertaking clime alteration. However, the complexness of the European Union Emissions Trading System ( EU ETS ) is doing the member provinces to see assorted political and economic challenges as they attempt to run into the marks set by the Kyoto Protocol.

Howse & A ; Eliason ( 2008 ) citation that an probe carried out by the Financial Times concluded that a figure of companies runing within EU boundaries receive unfair C credits and that this is doing an unjust subsidy distribution in EU provinces. Howse & A ; Eliason, ( 2008 ) claim this is an issue because the consequences do non co-occur with emanations decrease. Therefore, the EU needs to invent schemes to modulate such results.

The issue of security is another obstruction confronting the European Union. Kicinger ( 2004 ) writes that external menaces to security nowadays far greater jobs than those posed internally. To set it merely, this is because these menaces can non be predicted. One such menace is terrorist act. Wallstrom ( 2007 ) argues that although Europe ‘s policy of passport-free travel is good for concern and touristry, it allows cross-border terrorists and felons freedom of entree within the member provinces. Terrorism is a major issue because guiltless people ‘s lives are at interest. Schilder & A ; Hauschild ( 2004 ) note that EU provinces are besides used as a base to program and invent terrorist onslaughts. These felons deploy province of the art resources, have good maintained webs and are capable of fall backing to hideous degrees of force. Kicinger ( 2004 ) writes that Al Qaeda – an Islamist cardinal group formed in the late 1980 ‘s and renowned for its terrorist activities – housed logistical cells in the EU member provinces of the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Spain. Therefore, the concentrated attempt of the EU to undertake such jobs is important.

Another security concern for the EU is the technological promotions in modern weaponries. This puts the current security steps in topographic point by the EU in inquiry. Flow of trade and investing within the European provinces has given rise to the prosperity of the EU ‘s dwellers. However, in malice of the advantages that free trade has brought, it has besides heightened the menace of internal terrorist act. Europe is now a resort area for organized offense and is prevailing with drug trafficking, illegal immigrants and harlotry ( Schilder & A ; Hauschild, 2004 ) .

Cross-border and neighbouring menaces besides add to the security concerns of the European Union. Disputes in Kashmir and the Korean Peninsula as detailed by Schilder & A ; Hauschild ( 2004 ) affected the EU member provinces both straight and indirectly. The European Union Commission has pledged to battle the security menace and via foreign policy and crisis direction enterprises have made commissariats for security. Harmonizing to Barroso ( 2007 ) , these include procuring boundary lines with member provinces and with international states more efficaciously. Furthermore, the EU is trying to hammer policies and understandings with their transatlantic spouses in order to understate any menaces posed to security although this is turn outing a hard undertaking to accomplish.

In decision, since its formation in 1993, the European Union has served to turn to a great figure of of import issues. These issues are non entirely confined to the boundary lines of EU but are normally dealt with throughout the universe. This essay has highlighted the EU ‘s turning jobs with unemployment degrees, focused on the pearls of clime alteration and has detailed the menace of terrorist act to the EU ‘s stableness. These are merely a few of the of import issues confronting the European Union today.