1.0 Introduction

The history of undertaking direction has being in being since adult male started raising edifice. The chief attending was given to the hard-on of the edifice itself, the direction of the people and stuff were given less involvement. This paper would look at the development of undertaking direction as a subject in the building industry, the maps and values would besides be evaluated.

2.0 Development of Project Management Discipline in the Construction Industry

Undertaking direction has been in the building industry since adult male started raising edifices ; small attending was given to the direction of people and activities within the undertaking. The chief purpose so was to acquire the edifice erected until recent times the direction and administration of people started being taken into consideration.

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It has being noticed in the past that people use the rubric undertaking director in a undertaking without holding the cardinal cognition of the profession. The Architect, Quantity surveyors and Engineers have taken the rubric of undertaking direction. The Architects has been known traditionally to be near to the client at that place by moving as a undertaking director, a study carried out by Matheous ( 1993 ) showed that Architect has been taken to be the ‘client ‘s friend ‘ by undertaking directors and measure surveyors. Schon ( 1983 ) showed the danger which could come about when a measure surveyor or an applied scientist is placed with the function of a undertaking director, he expressed how project direction is a subject with a particular expertness and people involved in undertaking direction must undergo the necessary preparation. If this was n’t cleared it leaves the client in a province of confusion on who reports the advancement of the undertaking, person must be held responsible for the failure/progress of a undertaking.

A undertaking director has foundation cognition non needfully an expertness in all Fieldss refering building, but a basic apprehension of what each facet of the building squad is supplying. Gameson ( 1992 ) concluded that the figure of building professionals has gone up in figure, this professional offers assorted services to the industry, and one of the many services offered is the undertaking direction service.

In the 1960 ‘s and early 1970 ‘s assorted undertaking direction administration were formed e.g the international Project Management Association, the Australian Institute of Project Management and the Association of Project Management ( APM ) , the APM was the UK based. In 1996 the Chartered Institute of builders ( CIOB ) published a codification of pattern for the building undertaking direction, the codification focused on supplying counsel on the undertaking director ‘s function.

As the building industry got more advanced the demand for a forte in the direction of a undertaking was needed. Barnes ( 1988 ) “ considers that project directors need to hold specialised preparation and /or expertness and to be able to use modern techniques in their field efficaciously merely like any other professional individual. ”

2.1 The Valuess of Project Management

The values of undertaking direction are of great importance in the building industry of today. Project direction ensures that the aim of the client are met, maintaining in line with the advancement of the work. Project direction entails that the undertaking is achieved within the clip, cost and quality. The clip, cost and quality will be met by guaranting that all parties involved in the undertaking are decently supervised and every struggle are resolved in clip to avoid hold.

Project direction ensures that the functional satisfaction is met in all facet of the undertaking. The functional demand peculiar refers to the undertaking being built for what it was meant for, are all installations installed to the needed specification, will the edifice tantrum it purpose. These are some of the cheques that would be carried out to guarantee that the functional demands are satisfied.

The undertaking direction must guarantee that the aesthetic of the undertaking are satisfied. The undertaking must be built as designed, proper supervising must be given to the contractor during the building of the undertaking. Regular cheques must be made by the undertaking director and designer to guarantee that the contractor builds every bit designed, that the specified stuff is used in the coating of the undertaking.

Time is of great importance in a undertaking, undertaking normally have some set back during the building. Variations are made and this must be decently checked to guarantee that the undertaking is completed in the specified clip.

Cost is a major factor that the client feels happy when the undertaking is finished with the sanctioned budget. The undertaking director must guarantee that this is met.

After the completion and handing over the undertaking must be deserving is cost. The value for money must be achieved from the undertaking. Clients would be dissatisfied when a undertaking does n’t worth its value.

The undertaking director must guarantee that all parties involved in the building are kept in cheque by proper supervising.

2.2 Strategic and operational dimension which exists within the undertaking direction map.

The strategic and operational dimension that exists within the undertaking direction map are:


Techniques and engineering

Decision devising

Organizational construction.

2.2.1 Behaviors

In a building undertaking has so many parties involved in the executing of the undertaking. The behavior of the people involved in the building undertaking both from the design to the building phase varies. Their attitude to work and to their fellow work couples affects the bringing of the undertaking. Assorted professions are usually involved in a building undertaking and they come with different attitude and behavior.

2.2.2 Techniques and Technology

These are the tools used to put to death the building work. The type of technique and engineering introduced into the building would find how fast and good the undertaking would be. For the technique and engineering to be progress would be determined upon the undertaking squad cognition. If the techniques and engineering are proper ply used it would assist the undertaking director to run into the client ‘s aim.

2.2.3 Decision Making

The type of determination made on a building undertaking determines it end product. Decision devising is critical for the completion of the undertaking in the specified clip, cost and quality. The squad involved in the determination devising must take into consideration of other parties sentiment even if they are non involved straight to the determination devising squad. The clients and the direction squad take most of the determination based upon the advice from professional.

2.2.4 Organizational Structure

The manner the organizational construction is structured would find how the relationship of the building squad would be. It shows who is responsible for what facet of the building and how the determination devising procedure and techniques would be used in the building undertaking

Section B


3.0 Introduction

This portion would look at the troubles faced by those involved in a building undertaking. The bringing of a building undertaking affects every member of a building squad, particularly the undertaking director. For being the caput of the direction squad he must guarantee that the client ‘s aims are met, these aims are chiefly clip cost and quality. A undertaking director is expected to hold some features which help in executing of his responsibilities on a undertaking. Those features would be discussed.

4.0 Troubles faced by those responsible in the bringing of a building undertaking

The building undertaking is handled by a squad of specializer. These specializers have a responsibility to play in the bringing of the undertaking. The troubles are caused by some factors which are:

4.1 Client related factors

Most clients like to hold the concluding authorization in any given facet of the undertaking and this causes a job to the waiting for a response from the client. Payment issue from the client is besides a major job, when clients delays the payment due to a contractor for so long it slows the contractor down in geting more stuffs for the undertaking particularly when an delinquent payment of a completed work. Variations are besides seen to happen during the building, this could be hard to amend particularly when the facet of the work has been completed and handed over.

4.2 Material factors

The chief contractor and sub-contractor are those that the stuff factor could impact, although it affects the undertaking has a whole. If the stuffs are being delivered by the chief contractor to the sub-contractor it sometime causes a job. The chief contractor could acquire material which would be rejected by the undertaking director and Architect, acquiring a redelivery to site takes a whole batch of clip, which cause hold to the undertaking completion clip. A verification should be taken by the contractor before a concluding order is placed to avoid such holds.

4.3 Contractor related factor

Improper site direction, planning and co-ordination of sub-contractor nominated by the contractor cause a large hold in the building undertaking. They tend to do errors during the building. The direction of the contractor ‘s workers on site should be good placed to avoid the brotherhood taking action against the contractor. When this is done it consequences to a work stoppage and thereby causing hold. Improper usage of the allocated finance of the undertaking for another undertaking being done by the same contractor, makes the contractor to be low in finance particularly when he has n’t being paid by the client.

4.4 Contractual relationships factor.

These are the differences which occur during the building. The administration construction of the undertaking would play a function here, if the administration construction is good defined jobs would happen.

4.5 Labour and equipment factor.

The supply of labor and equipment plays a function in the trouble that the contractor would confront. The failure of the equipment would do a hold in the building procedure.

4.6 External factors.

These are the alterations in the ordinance, bad conditions status and jobs associated with site conditions and environing neighbors.

5.0 Features of a Project Manager.

A undertaking director in a building industry must possess the undermentioned features:

Competence towards his occupation

He must hold a full cognition of the undertaking

He should be able to organize and be after efficaciously.

Achieve the clients objective of the undertaking

Must be able to associate efficaciously with the undertaking squad.

Give a elaborate study to the client when demand be


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