The verse form is a symbol of American patriotism. Whiteman is utilizing singing as a symbol the sounds that working creates, hence turning the sounds of industry into music. The verse form is a joyous contemplation of the many working people in America and how they are traveling about their twenty-four hours, strong, happy, healthy and good at their occupations. The subject of the verse form is productiveness or felicity in one ‘s station in life. The writer describes all kinds of people on their occupations carpenters, mechanics, Masons, boaters, cobbler, woodcutter, female parents, married womans and immature work forces. Each image he represents of these people is their “ blithe ” and happy nature of their station of life. He uses optimistic words “ blithe ” , “ carols ” , “ strong ” , “ delightful ” , “ robust ” and “ friendly ” .A The full verse form is a jubilation of life, a jubilation of many different types of people that make up what America is and how they find felicity in their everyday. Walt Whitman life experiences inspired him to compose the verse form. He lived in the nineteenth century and in his verse form he talks of the activities which were traveling on and how the people reacted to them. He was both a carpenter and a husbandman and hence holding witnessed life on a farm followed by metropolis life he gathered the social experiences and attitudes which he wrote about in the book.

The major poetic device employed in the verse form is its commanding metaphor. A metaphor is a figure of address in which one thing is substituted for or used to place another. This commanding metaphor has impacts, controls and unifies the full verse form. The look “ I hear America singing ” substitutes “ America ” for “ America people ” . The consequence of the metaphor is to place the two every bit good as the people who are depicted by the verse form. This differentiation although is elusive is really of import because the remainder of the verse form builds on this metaphor by offering illustrations of the kinds of individuals the talker thinks quintessentially “ American ” . “ Singing ” , “ vocal ” and “ carols ” besides serve as metaphors in the verse form. “ The verified carols ” that the talker hears suggest the singularity of the individual singing them and they besides become metaphors for individualism.

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The writer has used personification. This is a nonliteral address in which an inanimate object or abstraction is given human qualities or abilities. For illustration America is merely a name of the state so it ca n’t sing but the poet say “ America sings ” and once more America is non a living thing. The poet has besides used a batch of symbolism. For illustration when he expresses his awe at these Americans vocalizing, he is doing a statement about human illustriousness by stating the reader that human accomplishment is non is non measured by what one does, but alternatively by how 1 goes about making it he inspires esteem for these people non by puting outright that he thinks they do great things but by giving brief, specific images of each one care to his or her ain concern and uniting their single occupations with “ singing ” which we normally associate with sunniness and elation of sprit. I can state that the verse form affects me because it gives the thoughts of how people go around with their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours concern merely like the manner I besides do by day-to-day activities. It remind me of how some of my work couples are so happy or frustrated particularly when chew the fating with friends during work as they portion some of the debatable and good facets of the work environment. I will integrate what I have learnt from the verse form which is cheerful spirit when working and besides active engagement at work. The verse form has besides inspired me to loosen up after the difficult yearss work. This is because harmonizing to the verse form the independency that all of these different types display in their work is left aside at the terminal of the twenty-four hours, when they come as a “ party of immature chaps ” .