The concerns premier map is to supply busy people like hard-working business communities with the chance to buy quality, healthy place cooked repasts fast. The concern aims to do a net income from activities that benefit people while besides supplying top quality merchandises at a low monetary value.


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“ — — — — — — — — ” is situated off the free manner issue of Mulgoa route. The ground for its placement is:

It is easy accessible from the Penrith CBD

It is extremely seeable to the populace

Its location provides it with a high propinquity to the mark market ( business communities ) .

Other concerns in the country compliment it.

Less competition as it is located in the western suburbs which does non hold ready entree to gourmet repasts.

Larger country for parking.

High propinquity to providers

A commercial belongings was for sale at the clip. So as portion of the fiscal planning it was decided that it was a worthwhile investing for both the concern and besides for long term possibilities.

Legal Structure

The concern presently exists as Proprietary Limited. The ground for this includes the advantages of Perpetual sequence and limited liability. Meaning that the concern will go on to be if the proprietor dies and liabilities are shared amongst stockholders. In add-on to this the concern does non take to transcend 50 members in its current province and clip.

Business Mission:

“ To convey equal chance to all people. ”

aˆ¦ … … … … is dedicated to supplying top-quality and healthy takeout nutrient to the populace. The concern exists as the current market is full of concerns that serve fast, unhealthy nutrient unlike this concern. Most of these concerns focus on selling little, unhealthy repasts chiefly for the coevals of net incomes.

The concern seek to understate their market portion to profit society by deviating them from unhealthy takeout nutrients. The concern does take to bring forth net incomes although from activities that benefit people. The concern besides seeks to spread out and advance healthy feeding in Australia.

Short term ends

-Break even in the first twelvemonth

-Stay in concern for over 3 old ages – Most concerns fail within the early old ages of gap

-Own & gt ; 10 % of market portion – By offering low monetary values and good client service the concern aims to increase to at least 10 % market portion between the first 3 – 5 old ages.

Long term ends

The concern purposes to spread out itself and open more shops in Western Sydney, in countries where there is an absence in the market.

Become a public concern if market popularity is high

Achieve a changeless and equal return to stockholders

Achieve & gt ; 50 % of market portion

Permanent wave

Maintain OH & A ; S criterions with ergonomic furniture and safe cookery equipment.

Maintain inexpensive monetary values and top quality merchandises to all clients

Follow all concern ordinances and move ethically and responsibly.

Beat rival pricing

Staffing Requirements:

The concern is managed by its proprietor.

The concern requires chefs, front-end staff, cooks, drive through staff, cleaning staff and a resident dietitian.

A full-time caput chef must be qualified with a recognized cordial reception grade or similar and have high degrees of experience. They besides must be able to work expeditiously and supply nutrient that meets the clients criterions.

Three full-time cooks are besides required. They do non necessitate cordial reception grades like the chefs but must hold some experience. Cooks will be trained on the occupation under counsel by the caput chef which will affect larning to cook different dishes, techniques and accomplishments.

Several parttime thrust through functioning staff will be hired and do non necessitate any makings or accomplishments but are required to be enlightening, able to work expeditiously under force per unit area, must be polite and must hold some degree of instruction. Training is provided on the occupation as it is a non really hard occupation.

Part-time front-end staff will be hired and are expected to be enlightening and able to treat orders expeditiously while besides being good mannered. Training is provided on the occupation and no makings are necessary for this place.

One cleansing agent will be hired parttime and no makings are required. they must be able to clean efficaciously and expeditiously and preparation is non an issue,

One occupant dietitian will be hired parttime. They must be qualified with a dietary grade and will be responsible to assist advance good wellness through proper feeding. They must oversee the readying and service of nutrient, take part in research and educate clients on healthy nutrients.

The accomplishments that direction demand include the ability to be able to work good with people and in squads and groups, be effectual in monitoring and deciding jobs of all sorts in the workplace, able to pull off clip efficaciously, able to supervise and keep a high quality staff, have unwritten communicating accomplishments, accomplishments for planning and have accomplishments in finance.

Selling Plan:

The concerns target market is hard-working concern work forces and adult females who do non hold clip to fix and bask healthy place cooked repasts. The mark market besides includes working adult females, individual individual families, the wellness witting and remain at place kids all of which are increasing in figure.

The concern does non see much competition due to its Western Sydney location where healthy place cooked gourmet repasts are non as readily available. Some competition may still be due to fast nutrient eating houses like McDonalds, KFC etc.

The concern will derive a competitory advantage over its competition in several ways:

( I ) The concerns ‘ location as there are small to no concerns that meet the concerns map and supply the similar merchandises.

( two ) The concerns ‘ advanced merchandises are alone when compared to other eating houses by functioning healthy fast “ place cooked ” repasts.

( three ) The concern advertises in other concern where wellness witting people exist like gyms, pharmaceuticss and medical concerns giving it an border over its rivals.

( four ) The concern has trades for the mark market like a client with a certain gym rank is entitled to price reductions.

( V ) The concern is in a convenient location for the concerns target market.

( six ) The merchandises quality is far better than fast nutrient eating houses

( seven ) The concern provides better client service than other eating houses for illustration supplying clients with a occupant dietitian and hebdomadal specials and intelligence sent to your electronic mail.

( eight ) Convenience in the ordination procedure where orders are made in progress online with a verification sent to the electronic mail reference

( nine ) The concern has a greater scope of merchandises available when compared to other “ fast-food ” eating houses.

The mark market includes hard-working concern work forces and adult females. Discounts for orders by concerns will assist pull difficult working people in concerns, trades with gym-memberships like price reductions will advance the wellness witting, attractive and enlightening booklets will be distributed to the populace with a focal point on administering booklets to local concerns and concerns that promote wellness. Providing for concerns will besides assist to advance the concern to the mark market. Ads will besides be placed in the yellow and pages and in newspapers.

The concern employs several methods of administering its merchandises. The obvious methods include passing ordered repasts to clients over the front terminal counter and through the speedy drive-through. The concern besides provides bringing for really big orders which are normally made by big concerns. Leftoverss are besides distributed to charities to maintain a good concern image.

Future Prospects:

The concern purposes to spread out itself and open more shops in Western Sydney and in countries where there is an absence in the market and perchance spread out Australia broad. The concern besides aims to go a public concern and finally have over 50 % of the market portion.