Guidia as a state is poised to profit vastly from the positive impact of globalisation. These benefits are in different sections and are either political, fiscal, employment, or technological. The alone place it has enables it to continue its rate of development while look intoing the impact of planetary forces. In add-on, while its urban population presents a menace to the development of traditional industries, there remain opportunities for the state to diversify and present more sectors of production. The benefits that arise from globalisation are discussed below.

Politically, the state has more to derive from geo-political forms in the 20 first century. To get down with, Guidia has a comparatively stronger GDP compared to some developing states such as Kenya which has $ 1800 as at July 2012 ( Lynch, 2003 ; Makwana, 2006 ) . This GDP implies that even with limited sectors of economic growing such as fabric and natural gas, the state has a comparative economic advantage which enables it to prosecute in political diplomatic and economic treatment from a point of comparative strength. The economic strength besides enables it to pull good concern to the state in footings of services which is bound to increase its political relevancy to merchandising spouses. However, the greatest political tool that Guidia enjoys possibly is the presence of natural gas. Many states in the West are the World ‘s top most consumers of oil ( Boli & A ; Lechner, 2004 ; White, 2010 ) . These consumers are dependent on high degrees of oil and gas imports which Guidia and other natural gas bring forthing states enjoy. This enables it to fall in into association of natural gas bring forthing states and be able to exercise significant influence on the planetary economic system and therefore the way of geo-politics. The benefits accruing from this sort of strength is increased in bilateral and many-sided diplomatic dealingss every bit good as a respectable place among the community of Nations ( Held, David ; The Open University, 2004 ; Joshi, 2009 ; Gilpin, 2006 ) .

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The place of Guidia sing sectors of production possibly provides negative indicant of growing. This is because of the largely urban population and the limited sectors of production. However, the forces of globalisation have the capacity to convey in foreign direct investings into services sectors every bit good as other industries non to the full exploited in order to increase the value of the urban population while advancing the lives of people ( Gilpin, 2006 ) . This enables the state in the medium and long tally to better its economic strength through employment chances for its population, variegation of production sectors and increased trade with other states. The volume of planetary trade presently indicates that in the following decennary the beginnings of production will be in developing states as continents like Africa are set to achieve First World Status by 2048 ( White, 2010 ; Rappa, 2011 ; O’Rourke, 2001 ) . Additionally, the employment of the population improves positiveness and hence increases the production degrees of emerging economic systems every bit good as the trade volumes with other states therefore bettering the overall growing rate of states.

The fiscal investings from transnational corporations every bit good as direct foreign investings from single investors is a cardinal manner towards increasing fiscal resources of states in the globalized economic system ( Gilpin, 2006 ) . Guidia ‘s population of 60 million has skilled labour force that has the capacity to work outside the state and with proper constructions back uping globalisation the state is able to non merely attract investings but besides to better on the issues relative to remittals. This procedure, coupled with an ambiance of liberalized economic processs has enabled many states in the globalized economic system to pull and retain much of the fiscal resources it needs for the production of goods and services for the local and external markets ( Rappa, 2011 ; White, 2010 ) . Guidia may lose out on such benefits since the value of natural gas may be used by the authorities to offer the basic services while fiscal resources from other countries may be used by the private endeavor to advance its ain engagement in the economic production procedures.

Finally, the impact of engineering on globalisation can non be overlooked in such a treatment. Technology has turned the universe into a planetary small town by increasing connectivity, making more concern chances and improved the value of concern within the planetary economic system ( Bordo, 2005 ) . Guidia has of import production sectors such as the fabric industry and the natural gas production. These sectors can profit vastly from engineering since they enable the assorted participants in the export treating zones to increase production and quality hence increasing fight as has been the instance in many emerging economic systems. However, in malice of the obvious political, technological, fiscal, and employment benefits that globalisation has, it should non be lost unto the acute perceiver that globalisation is so a dual edged blade ( Bordo, 2005 ; Shangquan, 2000 ) .

Hazards of Integration

Globalization has a positive impact on any state through deliberate and direct integrating of the external and internal factors to make a synthesis which promotes the value of concern in every one-fourth ( Makwana, 2006 ) . However, this integrating has its negative effects which can deny a state the obvious benefits that are usually accrued through the procedure of integrating. Critics of globalisation argue that such negative deductions include deficiency of balance of trade, political backing, and unjust trade patterns, increased activities like kid labour and bondage, addition in terrorist and condemnable activities, environmental debasement, and hapless wellness due to debris nutrient from fast nutrient eating houses ( Nakayma, 2012 ; Rappa, 2011 ) . While non all this would be the instance in Guidia, there is a high likeliness that the state would confront a figure of these challenges. To get down with, both bilateral and many-sided diplomatic battles in line with its oil concern are likely to make more external influences in the state which would in bend interfere with its normal economic procedures every bit good as its dealingss in the international systems ( Lynch, 2003 ) . The sort of political backing experienced by developing states sometimes lead to unjust trade patterns particularly among states with limited production industries, political backing with links to negative balance of payments to developing states. Guidia is bound to see some of these challenges since in interacting with other states, it will necessitate to do economic grants every bit good as engage in extended adoption to reconstitute its economic system in order to advance its ain internal development ( Nakayma, 2012 ) . Additionally, the state will hold to aline with natural gas production forms every bit good as choose states to export to. The current geo-political set-up topographic points the states with major ingestion degrees against manufacturers of natural gas and oil. This has sometimes affected the planetary economic system and retarded the growing of states that depend on them as was the instance in Libya and now Iraq particularly after the war ( Nakayma, 2012 ) . On the other manus, sometimes the negative impact is taken to the extremes in condemnable and terrorist activities. States like the Republic of Kenya have been drawn into the war on Panic due to imagined menaces ab initio originating from the state ‘s association with World powers perceived to be hostile to Muslim Nations ( Held, David ; The Open University, 2004 ) . This has created a important menace to the domestic population every bit good as the intricate cultural model that includes both the Muslim and Christian populations ( White, 2010 ) .

The influences of transnational companies usually have their ain negative impacts on emerging economic systems. These influences touch on the environment, the labour Torahs, and the wellness of the state ( Dollar, David, & A ; Kraay, 2011 ; Xintian, 2002 ) . Multinational companies have developed many subdivisions and subordinates in the underdeveloped universe due to the fact that developing states offer inexpensive labour and besides have weak labour Torahs. Additionally, the environment suffers greatly from certain activities such as deficiency of recycling mechanisms every bit good as changeless dumping of unsafe chemicals and refuse. This is coupled by the fact that certain Multinationals such as MacDonald ‘s and KFCs which have fast nutrient ironss in many developing Nations ( Xintian, 2002 ) . Guidia is bound to endure most from such fast nutrients because the population is largely urban and may non hold entree to the expensive nutrient from the rural and therefore get down to depend to a great extent on fast nutrients particularly during the twenty-four hours ( Bordo, 2005 ; Bhagwati, 2003 ) .

The impact of globalisation on Guidia can non be taken lightly. This is chiefly because there remains an of import and important degree of attending that each degree of production demands in order to extenuate the negative impacts even as the state focuses on the positive facets of globalisation.


This study provides a general spending of the state of affairs of Guidia in the planetary community and hence provides important penetration into the function of globalisation in the economic procedures of Guidia. The state ‘s 60 million people have a better opportunity in the United Nations fact sheet with respects to riddance of poorness due to its GDP per capita every bit good as the urban population that is good placed to concentrate on modern agencies of production while taking advantage of globalisation factors. Its exportation of natural stuffs and fabrics provide it with a agencies of prosecuting other states in trading activities. However, as the study discusses on benefits of globalisation, it is of import to observe that there is a strong connexion between globalisation and increased processing of natural stuffs locally and Guidia would profit from these through prosecuting the forces of globalisation and the establishments of globalisation at a higher degree. However, this has to be done with careful stairss meant to cut down the impact of the negative effects which are besides prevailing in the International system today ( Bhagwati, 2003 ) .