Telecommunication consists of all kinds of distant information exchange between two or more people by the usage of mechanical or electrical public-service corporations such as wired and nomadic telephones, electronic mails, World Wide Web, facsimile, and telecastings ( ANSI, 1994, as cited in Zhu, 2010 ) .

It took approximately 150 old ages, for the first 900 million people to hold their phone lines connexions. However, the following 900 million will take merely 5 old ages ( Hoare, 1997, as cited in Beard & A ; Hartmann, 1999 ) . The telecommunication sector had faced of import alterations in engineering in the 1990 ‘s. This is related to the connection of telecom engineerings with information engineering ( IT ) such as orbiter, fiber optics, Internet, multimedia, teleconferencing and so on ( Beard & A ; Hartmann, 1999 ) .

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During the past 20 old ages, the telecommunication industry has grown quickly and at that place has been an increased in telecommunication services ( Zhu, 2010 ) . There has been a enormous growing in electronic telecommunication hardware. However, the environmental effects from operation and production are doing harm to the environment ( Scharnhorst, 2008, as cited in Zhu, 2010 ) .

The Increasing environmental force per unit areas and demands for bettering organizational environmental image have caused many houses to re-evaluate how they do concern ( Hick, 2000, as cited in Zhu, 2010 ) .

Environmental Impact of the Telecommunication Sector

Harmonizing to surveies, it has been found that the ICT sector contribute to 2-2.5 per cent of nursery gas ( GHG ) emanations, including, with 0.2 per cent attributed to mobile telecommunications and 0.3 per cent to fixed telecommunications ( Minoli, 2010 ) . These per centums are expected to increase in the coming old ages. Chan ( 2009 ) argued that portion of the GHG emanations come from vehicles. Motor vehicles cause over half of the C monoxide, over a 3rd of the N oxides and about a one-fourth of the hydrocarbons in the ambiance and contribute to planetary clime alteration.

Furthermore, GHG emanations besides result from the operations of the telecommunication companies. Minoli ( 2010 ) argued that the telecommunication sector consumes high sum of energy and this has big impact on the natural environment. For case, a typical desktop Personal computer wastes about half the power it uses as heat. In a telecommunication company, there a important figure of desktop Personal computer, therefore, a big sum of power is being wasted. Furthermore, there are many devices in a telecommunication company that uses big sum of power. In add-on, a considerable sum of power is used for lightning, air conditioning. Therefore, it is high clip for the telecommunication to cut down C footmark[ 1 ].

Furthermore, Beard & A ; Hartmann ( 1999 ) argued that the telecommunication sector histories for a considerable measure of both ingestion and planetary waste. The telecommunication sector consumes a big measure of paper, for illustration for charging post-paid clients.

Understating Environmental Impacts

The emanation of nursery gases is typically due to the usage of fossil fuels as energy beginning. Therefore, in the hereafter the usage of fossil fuels has to be reduced. This can be done by bettering energy efficiency and by utilizing renewable energy beginnings.

Minoli ( 2010 ) argued that houses must do usage of renewable energy beginnings every bit much as possible. The telecommunication sector can do usage of photovoltaic cells, wind micro turbines or new alternate power based on fuel cells as an alternate beginning of energy ( Lubritto, 2010 ) .

Solar power provides practically free energy. Solar power is a adult engineering and can be used for low and medium capacity sites. In add-on to the low environmental impact, solar-powered sites have low care cost and have a life-time of about 20 old ages. Therefore it is more dependable than diesel generator-powered systems ( Lubritto, 2010 ) .

A micro-wind turbine is another possible solution for renewable energy. However, for a micro-wind turbine to work it necessitate an mean air current speed about 5 m/s and therefore, it can be used in merely some specific topographic points ( Lubritto, 2010 ) .

When there is a power outage, telecommunication companies need to hold backup power beginnings, such as standby Diesel generators. Very frequently, these generators work with big measure of fuel and do a considerable sum of pollution. One green solution to the job is the advanced H fuel cell ( Trehan, 2010 ) . The latter provides backup power in radio and wire line webs. This invention will assist to get the better of the current issues of high care and operational costs of batteries and Diesel generators used in backup power solutions. Furthermore, these advanced fuel cell solutions will assist to cut down C footmark.

Sing the economy of energy ingestions related to the air-conditioning, there are two possible ways ; the first 1 is by optimizing and modulating the air-conditioning maps and the 2nd 1 is to plan a green edifice which will assist to salvage on lighting and air conditioning ( Minoli, 2010 ) . The ecological edifice usage less sum of electricity compared to other ordinary edifices. Suites are good positioned and ventilated to take advantage of sunshine, go forthing visible radiations off the twenty-four hours and utilizing air conditioners less as possible.

Furthermore, houses need to put in green IT and energy efficient equipments ( Minoli, 2010 ) . Many IT and equipment makers are bring forthing equipments and machineries which are environmentally friendly and emit less GHG. These green equipments have high costs but offer long-run nest eggs that doing the concern sustainable and profitable.

Besides, houses must indulge in recycling ( Minoli, 2010 ) . Thingss which can be recycled must be sent to recycling companies, therefore, bring forthing less waste which could impact the environment. For case, battery of nomadic phones can be collected and direct for recycling.

Green Marketing in Mauritius


In the recent old ages, Mauritians have shown increasing concern about environmental issues ( Juwaheer, 2005 ) . Peoples were demanding green merchandises such as organic nutrients, reclaimable paper, phosphate-free detergents, energy-efficient lighting. This has been due to the vigorous environmental runs conducted by force per unit area groups who were seeking to advance public consciousness of environmental issues and the media together with the authorities who were stressing a batch on environmental issues ( Juwaheer, 2005 ) .

Furthermore, the authorities had started to enforce regulations and ordinances in order to protect the environment. Local Councils ( Municipalities & A ; District Council ) have started to set bins in strategic topographic points where the people can throw their waste. Many organisations have started to reexamine their system to cut down pollution. Furthermore, they have started to fabricate goods and services which would non impact the natural environment due to the altering the purchasing wonts of environmentally oriented consumers.

Telecommunication sector in Mauritius

Mauritius is the first state in Africa has done many inventions in the telecommunication Industry. It initiated the first cellular system on the continent in 1989, subsequently in November 2004, came the first commercial Third Generation ( 3G ) Mobile service and in 2005, it developed the universe ‘s first countrywide high-speed radio broadband web based on the WiMAX criterion. Mauritius is seeking to go the 5th pillar of the economic system after sugar, fabrics, touristry and fiscal services. Furthermore, it wants to turn into a regional telecom hub by following Singapore as a function theoretical account ( Anonymous, 2008 ) .

Telecommunications are really big concerns and are frequently the largest corporate organic structures in their state. Merely a little figure of companies can rule the planetary communications industry. In Mauritius, there merely 3 companies in the telecommunication sector viz. Emtel Ltd, Orange and MTML. To lend to the authorities ‘s undertaking of constructing a green Mauritius, Emtel Ltd has started to take green enterprises. Emtel Ltd is the first of the 3 companies to implement green selling. Emtel has already implemented some green enterprises and it will shortly implement more in the coming old ages.

Overview of Emtel Ltd


Emtel Ltd came in operation on the 29th May 1989. It was the first nomadic telephone operation in the whole Southern Hemisphere. Emtel Ltd was born from the coaction of two groups viz. ; the Currimjee Jeewanjee Group, one of the taking groups in Mauritius and Millicom International Cellular ( MIC ) S.A. , based in Luxembourg.

Throughout these 20 old ages, Emtel Ltd has brought many inventions the telecommunication industry and today, the Emtel trade name has become the equivalent word of engineering, invention and high quality.

Vision Statement

The Vision Statement of Emtel Ltd is as follows:

Peoples basking entree to their universe.

A universe where Mobile and other services are low-cost, accessible and available.

Mission Statement

Bing a Telecommunication & A ; Information Service Provider, Emtel Ltd is committed to:

Offer an efficient individualized client service to to the full fulfill its Customers

Create an environment taking to Employee development and satisfaction

Build long term valued relationship with its trading Spouses

Optimise the value of the company for the benefit of its Stockholders

Contribute to the Socio-Economic development of Republic of Mauritius.

Core Valuess

The nucleus values of Emtel Ltd are:

To carry on concern with unity

To be loyal to its clients

To convey the latest of the Telecommunication and Information services

To value person

( Mention to Appendix for the elaborate nucleus values of Emtel Ltd )

Green Selling at Emtel Ltd

Emtel Ltd is a thin green house, that is, it does non advertise its green enterprises. On the other, manus, it wants to cut down its cost, environmental impact and better efficiencies through its pro-environmental activities. Emtel Ltd is committed to the sustainable direction of all their operations and takes the duty to minimise impact on the environment really earnestly. To go wholly green cost a batch in footings of investing. Nevertheless, Emtel Ltd has taken several stairss to protect the natural environment.

Green services

Emtel Ltd has launched an environment-friendly prepaid card last twelvemonth. This card is biodegradable, therefore, it have less negative impact on the environment comparison to the other postpaid cards of the other companies.

Combat ocular pollution

In order to battle ocular pollution, Emtel Ltd has stopped to utilize traditional hoarding webs.

It uses merely few hoardings.


Emtel Ltd makes proper recycling and disposal of hardware and paper waste. All Emtel salesrooms are endowed with particular boxes designed to roll up used phone batteries. All people can come to drop their batteries in those boxes. These are sent to a recycling company where they are disposed in an environment-friendly manner.

Every month, all ink cartridges either inkjet or optical maser are sent for recycling. Furthermore, paper wastes are collected and sent to a paper recycling company at Bonne Terre.

Traveling towards a paper less office

Emtel Ltd is traveling towards a paperless office. It uses fewer booklets and booklets alternatively it put all information on its web site where people can acquire entree anytime. Furthermore, all of import information is communicated electronically by agencies of mail or even Short Message Service ( SMS ) .

Save energy

The EmtelWorld edifice at Ebene was designed in a manner which helps to salvage on lighting and air conditioning. Furthermore, Emtel Ltd has introduced solar-powered signages. The latter gets its energy from the sunlight alternatively of electricity.

Solar Signage

Protect the environment

Emtel Ltd has invested a batch of money to fancify its cell sites. These cell sites are in the signifier of thenar trees. Furthermore, Emtel Ltd is coming with a batch more anti-pollution and energy-saving undertakings in order to protect and continue the natural environment.