The most thing is to compose down your ends. This manner they will look more solid and existent and will do you experience more accountable for your activities.

2. Be pro-active

Merely composing your ends on a piece of paper wo n’t work. Taking action is really of import in order to accomplish those ends. So for that be proactive and energetic.

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3. Find a wise man

Mentor is really of import for puting you on the right way. The advice and preparation from your end puting wise man will ever assist to make things that fruitful and set you more near to your ends. Mentor will besides assist you maintain motivated.

4. See ends in all countries of your life

Do n’t merely curtail ends to your concern life. Make ends in every facet of life like wellness, household, friends and religious. This manner you will maintain balance all facets of your life.

5. Be specific

In order to be focused and concentrated towards your ends, you should precisely compose down what you want and by when. Do n’t utilize general statements for puting ends.

6. Write down your strengths

Write down your strong points, this manner you will acquire to cognize your failings. And one time your notice your failings, start working on those and do them your strengths.

7. Remember that advancement is success

Keep moving and do n’t be afraid of failures while accomplishing your ends. The graph for success is non ever a consecutive line from one point to another. But the point is to maintain moving and learn from your errors.

8. Get clear on what you truly want

Do n’t be afraid of things while puting your ends. Be really clear about what you want in life and travel in front and get down advancement. And do n’t be afraid of failures.

9. Have a program of how you are traveling to accomplish your ends

After composing down your ends, make a program of action in order to accomplish specific ends you want.

And that action should be followed consequently without any holds and vacillations.

10. Choose one activity that you must finish each twenty-four hours – no affair what

Be specific and make up one’s mind to make one individual undertaking each twenty-four hours to carry through your ends and avoid all sorts of alibis in order to finish that activity.

11. Concentrate on your ends every twenty-four hours

Do n’t bury your ends. Review them every twenty-four hours for successful completion of the ends and do the portion of your subconscious head.

12. Observe your ends when you achieve them

This point is necessary whenever you achieve your ends, observe it and give yourself a dainty for finishing it. It will ever maintain you motivated and energetic.

13. Realistic

Do n’t merely come up with random ends. Keep your ends realistic and accomplishable.

14. Get others involved to assist you

While accomplishing ends, if you are lost and do n’t cognize to make, make n’t avoid the aid of your household and friends.

15. Performance based ends

Each twenty-four hours mensurate your activity to see how close you are near to your ends, in order words that manner you will be able to mensurate your public presentation.

16. Prioritize

Prioritizing is besides cardinal while puting your ends. Separate your large ends from little ends. Think of large ends as long term ends and little ends as your short term ends.

17. Positive statements

Repeat positive statements and avowals related to your ends, that manner the ends will go the portion of your subconscious head.

18. Preparation

Prepare yourself for program and following that program in order to accomplish each and every individual end.

19. Passion

Passion and enthusiasm key to successfully carry through your ends.

20. Put Pen to Paper

Write all ends from little to large down on paper.

21. Avoid long term, insistent ends

Avoid insistent ends such as salvaging money in your bank history, or work out 4 to 5 times a hebdomad etc because they are sort of wonts

22. Take some clip to do your list

Measure by step list of ends is really of import. And do program of action for each one of the end from start till terminal.

23. Do n’t perpetrate to excessively many one-off things

Whatever happens and do n’t perpetrate to other things besides your list of ends. If there is a birthday party of your friend on peculiar twenty-four hours and you have to make a peculiar activity to carry through a specific end, so give penchant to the activity instead than that birthday.

24. Add some merriment material

Make infinite for some merriment clip while making activities for carry throughing ends, in a twenty-four hours or in a hebdomad. Having merriment during activities refreshes psyche and head.

25. Do n’t emphasize

Always take positive emphasis and avoid negative emphasis. Do n’t give all of your energy to emphasize. Spend energy in activities for carry throughing ends instead than in emphasis.

26. Take a house determination

When you decide to carry through end, so stick to it and do n’t alter your determinations each twenty-four hours.

27. Take a deep expression

Deeply analyse your ends, both short term and long term.

28. Path advancement

As I said earlier, maintain record of everything you do. And mensurate your advancement and move and do n’t be stop by failures.

29. Welcome failure

Always learn from your errors and failures. Do n’t acquire defeated with your failures. Always learn something from them.

30. Persist

Be consistent and relentless and do n’t give up.

31. Do n’t lose sight!

Do n’t lose your path. Always have a close expression at everything associating to your ends.

32. Use a Systemized Formula

SMART is a end puting expression which helps in planning and accomplishing solid ends.

33. Put an End Date

When you assign end day of the month for ends, they become concrete and solid and become accomplishable.

34. Measureable

As you perform your day-to-day activities for carry throughing your ends that you have written on paper, you get to cognize about public presentation. In order to accomplish ends, your ends should existent and mensurable and they should be existent and solid non arbitrary.

35. Attainable

Your ends should be come-at-able and possible in the continuance of clip you have assigned for each of them.

36. Think positively

While accomplishing your ends, do n’t believe negatively. Always be positive and passionate about your ends.

37. Supply the ground

There must be a ground for each of your end which clearly states that why are you carry throughing it.

38. Take immediate action

As we discussed earlier, after doing a program, taking action is of import, without it you can non carry through your ends.

39. Be disciplined.

While making day-to-day activities to carry through ends, you need to be focused and disciplined.

40. Impersonal

Always make your ends. Do n’t do people to make ends for you because you will acquire satisfaction when you accomplish the ends you have created instead than person else.

41. Use every fast one at your disposal to make your end

Use every fast one and thing to make your end whether it is excess difficult work or excess clip.

42. Do n’t allow your impulse slice after making your end

Once you accomplish a end, set another one to maintain you traveling in front.

43. Never, ne’er, ne’er give up

Never of all time give up.

44. Forge it till you make it

Visualize your end and see it accomplish and live the dream of accomplish end that manner it will go the portion of your subconscious head.

45. Talk up

Be confident in making and carry throughing the ends.

46. Praise yourself

When you complete a end, praise yourself and put a new one.

47. Promote yourself

It is your responsibility to maintain yourself on the path and encouraged.

48. Brainstorm

Brainstorming is of import, it gives you different thoughts to make your success.


Write your ends neatly, carry through it neatly and travel on.

50. No thaumaturgy fast ones

There is no cutoff to success so after composing the ends make proper programs to carry through it.