Ryan Murphy, Glees Godhead, decided that he wanted histrions that could place with theatrical functions. To make this he spent three months on Broadway, where he found ; Matthew Morrison ( Will Schuester ) , Lea Michele ( Rachel Berry ) , Jenna Ushkowitz ( Tina Cohen-Chang ) and Chris Colfer ( Kurt Hummel. ) The remainder of the dramatis personae he found through unfastened hearings. In the hearings the hopefulls had to sing, dance and act. Jayma Mays ( Emma Pillsbury ) sang the vocal “ Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me ” from The Rocky Horror Show, and Cory Monteith ( Finn Hudson ) sent in a tape of a ’80s music-video-style version ” of REO Speedwagon ‘s “ Ca n’t Fight This Feeling ” . The portion of Quin was non cast until the twenty-four hours before shooting began. Jane Lynch ‘s character Sue Sylvester was merely supposed to hold a repeating function in the show, but became a series habitue when a pilot she was working on fell through. It has besides been said that in their contract they have agreed to star in up to three characteristic lenght movies.

Glee ‘s chief characters, and their narrative so far ( SPOILERS ) :

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The Glee Club ( New Directions )

Will Schuester:

Will Schuester is the Spanish instructor at McKinley High, his old high school. While at McKinley High himself he was a member of the hilarity nine and his now married woman Terri was a cheerleader. When the opportunity to take the hilarity nine came up he jumped at it. However, resistance came from Sue Sylvestor, she did non desire the nine stealing her spotlight and taking her support money. Will makes a trade with Principle Figgins that if the nine do n’t win the finals it would be disbanded. This leads Sue to undermine the nine and abuse Will at every juncture. When merely a few people audition for the nine will is forced to convert pupils to fall in, such as Finn the school football star.

Will Schuester

Wills married woman Terri is really demanding, desiring to populate the best life style. When she tells him that she is pregnant he is enraptured. Thingss turn rancid when he realises that the school counsel counsellor Emma has feelings for him, and they he may return them excessively. He accidently finds out that Terri was ne’er pregnant and his matrimony unravels. He beings a relationship with Emma, who decides she is n’t ready. He says he will wait for her, but starts spening clip with other adult females. Emma rejects him wholly and starts dating person else. The hilarity nine doesnt win Regionals, and is temporarily disbanded until Sue convinces Figgins to reinstate it. After Emma besides tries to convert Principal Figgins to maintain the hilarity nine traveling Will tells her he loves her and that he ‘ll contend for her, even though she ‘s dating person else.

Rachel Berry:

Rachel Berry definitley loves attending, and makes the most of every chance to be in the spotlight. When subscribing her name, she attaches a gilded start next to it, because one twenty-four hours she will be a star. She has her award addresss planned out already and to actuate her to exert in the forenoons she has images of these future awards on the walls. So when hearings open for Glee nine she marks up directly off, cognizing that this could be her opportunity to showcase her endowment. She has quit the Glee nine twice, the first clip was because Tina was given the lead in a vocal she loved, the 2nd becase she won the lead in the school musical.

Rachel was adopted at birth by her two Dads, whom both support her dream. At school nevertheless her thrust and finding has non won her many friends. In fact she is invariably bullied by the popular childs, and her dreams of love affair are merely that ; dreams. However, when Finn Hudson joins the Glee nine she becomes immedietly smitten. Making it her end to win him, even though his girlfriend is holding his babe.

Rachel Berry

When Quinn learns that the babe is n’t his, Rachel thinks the way is clear for hers and Finns relationship, but what she did n’t number on was Jessie St. James, the lead of their challenger hilarity squad. Jessie is definitley Rachels male prima donna opposite number, and he manages to win her bosom ; Jessie leaves his school and hilarity nine to fall in McKinley High. However, Finn and the remainder of the nine are convinced that Jessie is merely here to descry on their nine. His existent purposes become clear when he gives her a cassette of a adult female vocalizing ; her biological female parent. She soons realises who was singing in the tape ; Shelby the leader of their rival hilarity nine.

When she meets her female parent they are eager to hold a relationship, but Shelby pushes her away when she realises that holding a adolescent girl is non what she dreamed it would be. Rachel realises that her relationship with Jessie was non existent, and ends it. At Regionals, Finn tells Rachel that he loves her.

Finn Hudson:

Finn Hudson is the most popular male child in school, that is until he joins the hilarity nine. Will catch him singing and convinces him to fall in the nine. He realises that he loves executing, but has to make up one’s mind which he wants more ; felicity or popularity.

Finn Hudson

His girlfriend, caput cheerleader Quinn Fabray becomes pregnant with his babe, even though they ne’er had sex. Aparently it happened in the hot bath when he got excessively excited. However, he finds out that Quinn ( caput of the Celibacy Club ) has really been kiping with his best friend Puck and that it ‘s his babe. After that he starts dating Rachel.. kind of. Rachel gets swept off her pess by another male child ; Jessie St. James, and Finn loses her.

His life gets complicated after that, his widowed ma starts dating Kurt ‘s pa, and they finally all move in together. Kurt is cheery, and Finn knows that he has a crush on him. He becomes uncomfortable in his new place and says some homophobic things to Kurt that he genuinely regrets. Finn realises that you should n’t allow others state you how to act and finds the bravery to stand up for himself and for Kurt.

Quinn Fabray:

Quinn Fabray is the most popular miss in school, that is until she becomes pregnant. She used to pass her clip doing merriment of unpopular childs, now she has become one of them. She joins the Glee nine to maintain an oculus on her fellow Finn, who she says is the male parent of her babe. However she has an subterranean motivation given to her by Sue Sylvester ; to interrupt up the hilarity nine.

Quinn and Will

She gets cuts from the adieus and gets kicked out of her house when her parents find out she is pregnant. She films in with Fin but when he finds out he is non the male parent of her babe and that his best friend Robin goodfellow is she gets kicked out one time once more. Quinn has to travel in with Puck, which she hates, but when she makes an unexpected friendly relationship with Mercedes she learns that she might hold a new topographic point to remain.

She had planned to give the babe up for acceptance, that is until Will ‘s married woman Terri found out that Quinn was pregnant. Terri, who is feigning to be pregnant to maintain Will, convinces Quinn to give the her the babe. Will finds out that Terri is non pregant, so the trade goes under. Puck wants her to maintain the babe, so they can raise her together.

Her life takes a bend for the better when female parent appears at the infirmary stating she has late left her male parent. She sticks by her old determination and gives the babe up for acceptance. Baby Beth is adopted by Vocal Adrenaline manager Shelby Corcoran.

Robin goodfellow:

Puck is one of the popular childs at school, he spends his clip terrorising uncool childs, dating multiple misss, and hooking up with sexy older adult females he meets through his pool-cleaning concern. He makes merriment of the Glee nine at first, but after fall ining the staff made band The Acafellas ( chiefly to run into hot PTA mas ) he finds he loves singing. He joins the Glee nine shortly after. When he finds out his best friends ( Finn ) girlfriend Quinn is pregnant he realises that he is the male parent of the babe. He tries to convert Quinn to state Finn that he is the male parent, and that he could assist raise the babe. She rejects him though, stating that he will ne’er be a good plenty male parent.

Robin goodfellow

He has dated most of the misss in the Glee nine. After his female parent urges him to day of the month a nice Judaic miss he dates Raches. Their relationship doesnt work out though, as they both were in love with person else. He besides dated Mercedes, when she was a adieu, to acquire his popularity back.

When Finn learns that the babe is non his, Puck and Quinn have a really short lived relationship. He wants her to maintain the babe and name her Jackie Daniels, but Quinn wants to give the babe up for acceptance. When their babe is born, and Quinn has given her ( Beth ) up for acceptance he tells Quinn that he loves her more than of all time.

Tina Cohen-Chang:

Tina Cohen-Chang on phase is confident and superb, nevertheless off phase she is timid, insecure and stammers. Her involvement include speed-metal, emo-core, cutting off her dolls ‘ hair, and hangin ‘ with her address healer, Judy.


She develops a relationship with Artie, who likes her because she is different like him. However when she admits to him that she does non truly hold a stammer, that she faked it to acquire out of an unwritten study, and so stuck with it to maintain people at arms’length he leaves her. They are shortly back together when they realise they truly love each other no affair what.

Her Gothic manner of dressing frightened Principal Figgins, who bans anyone from dressing that manner

in fright of a “ Twilight ” -inspired lamia coup d’etat at the school. However, she gets her ain manner when she convinces Figgins that her male parent is an existent lamia who ‘ll assail Figgins if he does n’t allow her dress how she wants.

Mercedes Jones:

Mercedes is a existent life prima donna, she joined the hilarity nine to be the centre of attending, she does non desire to be anyones back up terpsichorean. However, there is another side to mercedes, she is insecure and dreams of being portion of the popular crowd.


She is hurt when the adieus, while seeking to interrupt the hilarity nine apart, tricked her into believing her best friend Kurt is interested in her. She is devestated that he turns her down, and bust up his auto. They both become friends once more when he confides in her that he is gay. They both join the adieus after experiencing overshadowed in the hilarity nine. She has to contend with Rachel for every solo, and Sue takes advantage of this and lures them to fall in.

She finds an enexpected friendly relationship in Quinn, who used to be the most popular miss in school.

Quinn helps Mercedes when she is fighting with Sue ‘s utmost diet modus operandi. After Quinn gets kicked out of place, she invites her to remain with her

Kurt Hummel:

Kurt Hummel loves manner, which makes him stand out at McKinley High, this makes him an easy mark for toughs. When he joins the Glee nine he develops a crush on Finn Hudson, who is n’t cheery. Kurt ‘s involvement incluce vocalizing, manner and promoting and marketing his new aroma, “ Hummel. ” His best friend is manner prima donna Mercedes Jones, who for a piece had a crush on Kurt even though he was gay. They both join the adieus after experiencing overshadowed in the hilarity nine.


He lives with his widowed Dad, Burt, and no two people could be so small alike. His pa is a athleticss fan, and since Kurt will make anything to win his male parents blessing, he joins the football squad. When he eventually comes out to his Dad, Burt tells him that he will love him no affair what.

Kurt comes up with an luxuriant program to acquire closer to Finn by seeking to acquire a romantic relationship between their widowed parents. However his program backfires when his Dad bonds with Finn in a manner they ne’er have. When they all move in together Kurt is excited to portion a room with his crush, nevertheless Finn finds it really unconfortable and says some things that he genuinely regrets. His male parent overhears what was said to Kurt and throw Finn out of the house.

Artie Abrams:

Artie Abrams is paralyzed from the waist down due to a childhood accident. However, he does non allow his wheelchair stop him for participant guitar, starting wheelies, beat-boxing, or playing Dance Dance Revolution with his custodies. This does n’t do any differene with the school toughs though, who think of him as easy takings.


He joins the hilarity nine, but does n’t truly experience portion of the group when the nine rejects the thought to raise money for a handicapable coach so they can all sit together to Sectionals. Will orders everyone to be in wheelchairs for a hebdomad, to see what its like. They start to understand him better and choreograph a particular wheelchair-bound modus operandi of “ Proud Mary ” in his award.

He starts dating nine mate Tina because he belives they have something in common ; a disablement.

However, when he finds out that Tina lied about her stammer he breaks up with her. They get back together shortly after when he forgives her. His dream is to becomd a terpsichorean, but believes it will ne’er go on because of his wheelchair. Tina urges him to hold particular spinal chord intervention, but when it does n’t work he realises that some dreams were ne’er meant to come true.

Britney and Santana

Britney and Santana:

Britney and Santana are best friends and are both members of the Cheerios. They are ne’er truly seen apart, and have frequently hinted that they have a relationship. They joined the Glee nine on a particular mission from Sue Sylvester ; to destruct it. Santana dated Puck, and became really covetous when he starts dating Rachel. Britney is known for non being really intelligent, and has claimed that she has made out with about every individual male in the school.

Other Cast:

Sue Sylvester:

Sue Sylvester is the “ honored ” manager of the McKinley High cheerleading squad, known as the Cheerios. She likes to do certain that people have non forgotten that she was named Splits Magazine ‘s Cheerleading Coach of the Decade. Sue does non wish to lose, at all, to anyone.


When Will Schuester re-establishes the hilarity nine Sue becomes worried that the squad will steal some of their limelight, plus their support money. She goes to extreme lenghts to seek and interrupt up the nine, including enrolling her adieus to infultrate the group. She besides takes delectations in insulting WIll, particularly his hair. “ I merely lost my train of idea because you have so much oleo in your hair. ” “ I thought I smelled cookies from the cryings of elves crying that unrecorded in your hair. ” “ You have adequate merchandise in your hair to season a wok. ”

We find out that Sue has another side to her when she welcomes a handicapped miss into the Cheerios. It turns out that her sister has Down ‘s Syndrome and that Sue visits her sister frequently to read to her.

In a concluding effort to halt the hilarity nine from winning she leaks their fit list to the competition and becomes a justice at the finals. However, she has a alteration of bosom and ballots for them anyhow. They do n’t win, which means the trade to maintain the Glee nine unfastened falls through. This means the terminal of the Glee nine. Sue cryptically forces Principle Figgins to give the squad another shooting, stating Will she did it so she could go on to torture him.

Emma Pillsbury:

Emma Pillsbury is the counsel counsellor for McKinley High School, nevertheless she is non free from jobs herself ; she has Obsessional Compulsive Disorder ( OCD ) . This means that she compulsively washes her custodies, she straightnens the fringers on carpets and, she ‘s a charter member of the Western Ohio Disinfectant Society


It is obvious to everyone, possibly except the adult male himself, that she is in love with Will Schuester. However, football manager Ken Tanaka has a crush on Emma, which leads to a strained relationship between him and Will. Ken manages to carry Emma non to blow her fondnesss on Schuester and to travel out with him alternatively. They get engaged, but Emma alterations their nuptials twenty-four hours to travel sectionals with the Glee nine. On their existent nuptials twenty-four hours Ken doesnt turn up.

When Will ends his matrimony, he comes running to Emma. However, their relationship starts off bouldery when she confesses that she is a virgin. She decides that she is non ready to be in that type of relationship, and Will says he will wait until she is. When she finds out that Will has been passing clip with Vocal Adrenaline manager Shelby Corcoran and April Rhodes she rejects him wholly and starts dating her tooth doctor.

Will wont give up on her: “ I love you, Emma. And you love me, ” he says. “ Dentist or no, this thing is n’t over between us. ”

Chief Figgins

Chief Figgins:

Figgins is the McKinley High School ‘s important yet open-minded principal. He allows Will to take charge of the hilarity nine, after holding fired former manager for inappropriate behavior. However, he makes a trade with Will that the pupils must come foremost at Regionals, or usage of the theater will be alternatively given to the local subdivision of Alcoholics Anonymous.

He is blackmailed by Sue Sylvester into engaging Sandy ( the old Glee nine leader ) as the school ‘s Arts manager, when she uncoveres internet footage of him looking in a support carrying commercial for Mumbai Air. However, her program backfires when he courageously put the footage on YouTube himself, it receives merely two hits.

Figgins hires Will ‘s married woman Terri as the new school nurse, even though she has zero wellness makings, nevertheless he fires her after he discovers she has been giving the pupils pseudoephedrine tablets. As a consequence, Figgins appoints Sue as co-director of the hilarity nine.

When he finds out that Sue attempted to undermine the hilarity nine ‘s opportunities at Sectionals, he punishes Sue by taking her as captain of the adieus and suspends her from the school. However, he reinstates her after she blackmails him by ask foring him to dinner, dosing his drink, taking a exposure of her and him in bed, and endangering to state his married woman and church group about it.

He disbands the hilarity nine after they fail to win at regionals, nevertheless Sue ( for grounds of her ain ) convinces him to reinstate them once more.

Music and Merchandise

Each show contains several vocals, which are normally available to purchase after the episode on I melodies. The show was responsible for conveying back Journey ‘s Do n’t Stop Believin back into the charts. Both the hilarity version and the original version stayed in the charts for a long clip. The show has released 5 albums so far ; The Music: portion 1, The music: portion 2, The music: portion 3 The SAhowstoppers, The music: The power of Madonna and The music: Journey to Regionals.

There has besides been a series of novels released, the first being Glee: The Beginning and the 2nd Glee: Foreign Exchange. Separate to these Sue Sylvester will compose her autobiography, and Jane Lynch the actress who plays Sue will travel on circuit playing as Sue.

A Glee karaoke game will besides be released, along with a line of vesture at Macys and accoutrements at Claires.