The article wants to do us to believe about gender functions since a spiritual position. Christian and Islam portion about the same intervention against female and some of their imposts are in favour of adult females in the sense that they respect them as female parent and married woman. Despite of that. it looks like Christian and Islam have oppressed female. However. as the article’s writer says. it do non depend on what the faith congratulations. but on what trusters think and do. I t means that the job is non the faiths itself. but the fundamentalists are the 1s which lead other people to believe that faith in particular Islam is a beginning of negative intervention against adult females. The writer which is a truster tries to portray that at the terminal the “gender roles” are non a job. it is of import that each gender has their ain individuality but in the terminal. what truly affairs is what God has prepared for “each one of us” . In my personal sentiment. faiths have and of import function in the built of the current stereotypes because of the tuition most of them teach. Let us see the instance of Christianity which the chief faith in our state.

The ancient Jew traditions registered on the Bible do non handle the adult females in the same manner than work forces. Why did non Jesus Christ choose adult females as his followings? Why the function played by adult females on Bible is non every bit of import as the one played by work forces? They do non even advert adult females as a large portion of the fantastic program God has to salvage us from wickedness. Bible shows us work forces as the strong. unbeatable. leader. warrior and adult females as the female parent. weak. inferior and tied to the hubby will. It is really interesting to detect how Christian fear Mary and in the same manner justice Eve as the bringer of the wickedness to Earth. I think that there is a dual lesson here. So. we can see that at the terminal some of functions we have in our society have been affected straight or indirectly from what faith teach us.

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I am non a devote Christian nevertheless. I agree with the writer in sense that faith aid people to accept themselves as they are. I personally think that there is non necessary to follow a rigorous function. everyone should be free of drama the function they want. I am witting that this is non possible ever as the writer says: “People merely don’t like those who don’t tantrum in boxes. ” However depends on each one follow the functions every bit stiff as society demands or be more flexible. Gender functions are non bad. gender functions make a difference between work forces and adult female. and they give them their ain individuality. I think the same as the writer ; the job is how stiff those functions are. I think that is non a affair of which gender is superior. every gender has its failings and strengths and both are a complements. If we understand that. the infinite conflict of genders that has started many old ages ago may stop in a armistice.