A. Plot

Dodong wanted to get married Teang and asked his father’s permission. Thinking that since they are immature. their love would be short. he allowed them to acquire married. After nine months. Teang gave birth to a kid named Blas. For six back-to-back old ages. a new kid came along. Teang did non kick even thought she in secret regretted being married at an early age. Sometimes she even wondered if she would hold the same life if Lucio. her other suer who was nine old ages older than Dodong. was the one she married. Lucio has had no kids since the clip he married. When Teang and Dodong were twenty they looked like they were 50s. When Blas was 18. he told his male parent that he would get married Tona.

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Dodong did non object. but tried to do Blas believe twice earlier hotfooting to marriage – because Dodong doesn’t want Blas to stop up like him. It merely tells the narrative of an older individual who made a error in the yesteryear who ended up with a non so enjoyable life. Then he had a boy who is like him when he was immature. His boy is headlong in doing the determination to acquire married. merely like he was when he was 17. Despite this. Dodong did non – and could non – stop Blas from get marrieding Tona. Therefore. he didn’t object. Alternatively. he merely reminded him that Blas is still really immature and might every bit good believe twice earlier hotfooting to marriage. But. as the stoping goes: “Youth must triumph… now. Love must triumph… now. As long ago did young person and love triumphed for Dodong. And then… life.

B. Lessons I Learned:

1. It is ever easy to acquire married but is ne’er easy holding a large duty. So. one must ever believe. non merely twice but more times. to truly understand what he/she will be meeting or merely. to believe it over and see the hereafter before doing up your head. 2. Marriage is something that is taken earnestly. Because matrimony aside from being a sacrament is something that is full of duties. when you decide to acquire married and you do get married person. there is no turning back.

To the young person. there is tonss of things that should be taken into consideration before marrying of class including their preparedness to take the duties of raising a household and being able to react to their demands. Because matrimony is non a move that they can call off when they feel like making so. 3. Parents must steer their kids. As they are still a kid learn them the right things to make. Rear must non allow their kid to make the same bad things that they have done in their yesteryear. 4. Make non allow things go through so fast. Everything we wanted most will come right on clip. therefore. making greater fulfillment and contentment in life. Meaning. what life may offer is excessively different from what we want in a haste.

C. Questions:

1. In what manner does the rubric suited to the narrative? 2. What the carabao represent dodong life in the narrative of footer to youth? 3. How does Jose Garcia Villa depict the young person in the narrative of footer to youth?