This study will concentrate on Centrica plc ( British Gas ) and events that affected its fiscal statements over the past three old ages. British gas has experienced important growing over the old ages, through enlargement strategies and inauspicious conditions conditions which have increased demand for gas.

The choice of Centrica plc popularly known as British Gas for this study was based on its function in serving energy demands in the United Kingdom and its part to the development of the UK economic system through occupation chances.

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British gas is a company that has shown important growing over the past 5years to go the preferable public-service corporations supplier in the UK. British gas public presentation is clear for everyone to see, this study will concentrate on its enlargement growing for the past 3years, between 2007 and 2009.british gas has made legion investings in gas geographic expedition, storage installations, installation direction and client attention, below are some events that show British gas ‘s purpose to go the one public-service corporation supplier in the UK.


Centrica plc British gas announces energy monetary value cuts ; British gas cuts its standard duties for gas by 17 % and electricity by 11 % . Centrica ( 8th February 2007 )

Centrica addition LNG capacity to provide British gas clients. Centrica ( 17th May 2007 )

Centrica invests to get North Sea gas assets ; this acquisition is expected to hike gas militias to 300billion three-dimensional pess over the following 3years.Centrica ( 17th September 2007 )


British gas announces addition in duties by 15 % . Centrica ( 18th January 2008 )

Centrica begins work on proposed new offshore gas storage installation, the first clip in 25years, when completed will hike storage capacity to 20billion three-dimensional pess. Centrica ( 27th March 2008 )

Centrica acquires it foremost Norse gas bring forthing involvements, this was done to cut down the group ‘s exposure to motions in gas pricing through procuring extra upstream assets. This besides increase the degree of gas militias to provide British Gas clients. Centrica ( 8TH July 2008 )


British gas energy acquires 22 % interest in Secure negatrons Ltd. Secure electrons ltd, will develop an in place payment device which will let prepayment clients to do payments from the convenience of their place. Centrica ( 26th of March 2009 )

British gas concern to get Newnova group ltd ( BMS Solutions ) BMS solutions this acquisition further strengthens British Gas ‘ place in the spread outing concern energy services market in the UK. BMS Solutions provides British Gas with an on-demand technology capableness and entree to new accomplishments, including strategy design and undertaking direction to carry through the initial installing and upgrading of constructing control equipment.A BMS Solutions provides care and serving installation for concerns. Centrica ( 3rd August 2009 )

These events will certainly hold some operational effects on British Gas in the hereafter, but before this study goes any farther we shall analyze the ratios and comparison if there were any alterations within the three old ages.

Analysis OF RATIOS


This is shows how an administration performs in footings of change overing its services for returns ; efficiency ratios mensurate how a company is able to this. Dyson ( 2007 )

Debtor ‘s Collection yearss: This shows how speedy an entity takes to retrieve its debt, the shorter the sum of yearss the better for the entity. It is expressed in yearss

Debt recovery in 2009 was good compared to the other old ages ; this may be attributed to the

acquisition of 22 % interest in secure negatrons which developed a prepayment device which allowed prepayment clients to do payments from their places

Stock turnover yearss: A Measure of stock liquidness over a period of clip I.e. ability to change over stock to hard currency over a period of clip. The greater the stock the more efficient the company Dyson ( 2007 ) , it is displayed as a figure

Gross saless in 2007 were good this might be attributed to the duty cuts for gas and electricity

Creditors ‘ payment yearss: this is the sum of yearss an entity takes to refund its creditors. i.e service its loans, an upward tendency might demo that the entity is holding trouble happening hard currency to serve its loans. It might be a mark of jobs. Dyson ( 2007 )

There has been an increasing tendency over the old ages which might raise some inquiries in footings of how debt service is done. An increasing tendency is observed, 3.01days in 2008 and 34.99days in 2009

Liquid: Is the grade to which an plus can be bought or sold in the market without impacting the assets monetary value. Investopedia ( 2011 ) this subdivision will cover the undermentioned liquid ratio, solvency ratio and geartrain ratio

Liquidity Ratios are used to mensurate the extent to which assets can be turned into cash.Dyson ( 2007 )

Current Ratio: is a liquidness ratio that measures a company ‘s ability to pay short term duties. The higher the current ratio the better the company is able to run into its duty. Investopedia ( 2011 ) . A ratio under 1 would propose that the company can non run into its duties

There is an addition of 0.09 % in 2008 and a lessening of 0.05 % in 2009 ; this will propose the company is able to run into its short term duties even though there is a little fluctuation

Solvency Ratio: is a liquidness ratio that measures a company ‘s ability to run into long term duties. A solvency ratio of greater than 20 % will propose the entity is financially healthy. Investopedia ( 2011 )

There is a lessening of 4.72 % in 2008 and a farther lessening of 2.11 % this does non present any job at the minute since its still merely above 20 % despite the lessening witnessed

Gearing Ratio: is a fiscal ratio that compares an entity ‘s equity ( capital ) or borrowed financess. It is analysed based on comparism of ratios of other companies in the same industry. Investopedia ( 2011 )

From the tabular array above there has been an increasing tendency over the old ages an addition of 25.72 % in 2008 and a farther addition of 97.31 % 2009 which makes them extremely geared.

PROFITABILITY RATIO: Is a category of fiscal prosodies used to measure an entity ‘s ability to bring forth net incomes as compared to its disbursals and other relevant cost incurred over a period of clip. Investopedia ( 2011 )

Net income Margin: this ratio measures howA much outA of every dollarA of gross revenues a company really keeps in net incomes. Investopedia ( 2011 )

The twelvemonth 2007 has a immense net income border compared to the other old ages this might be caused by the cut in duties which would hold boosted gross, but when the duties where reverted back in 2008 there would hold been a decrease in gross which would hold consequence on their net income border, there was a lessening of 10.82 % in 2008 and a little addition of 2.43 % in 2009

Tax return on capital employed ( ROCE ) : This is the net income realised from capital investing. It is expressed in per centum ( % ) Dyson ( 2007 )

In 2007 British gas realised an addition in return compared to the other old ages, this might be as a consequence of the investing to get North Sea gas assets which boosted their militias to 300 billion three-dimensional pess. There was a bead of 28.73 % in 2008 compared to 2007 and a little addition of 2.65 % in 2009

Tax return on stockholders ‘ fund ( ROSF ) : this is the net income that is realised for the stockholders i.e how much the stockholders earn. It is expressed in per centum ( % ) the higher the per centum the more the stockholders earn on their investing

This tabular array shows that the stockholders earned a batch in 2007 ; looking at 2007 it was a good twelvemonth for British gas this immense per centum will intend that it would hold the ability to payout generous dividends to its stockholders. Compared to other old ages at that place was a lessening of 53.15 % in 2008 and a little addition of 13.38 % in 2009.


A glance of the analysis of these ratios will demo that the fiscal old ages differ from each other in footings of liquidness, efficiency and profitableness ratios. There was a fluctuating tendency which might sound unreassuring, but that might non be the instance. 2007 fiscal twelvemonth was by far the best twelvemonth for British gas it had a batch of positive indexs, it made strategic investings that would hike operations in the short and long tally, an illustration of these investings were

Acquisition of North sea gas assets which boosted militias to 300billion three-dimensional pess of gas

Duty decreases for gas and electricity

These investings along with other events played a positive function for British gas, which made 2007 a superb twelvemonth. British gas used this as stepping rock for operations in 2008 by go oning its enlargement programs with farther acquisitions and determinations, but it did n’t travel every bit planned but a courageous move however. British gas announced addition in duties because of sweeping oil and gas monetary values which will decidedly impact its grosss, but it addressed this job with the acquisition of its first Norse gas involvement which secured extra upstream assets. And besides continued with its enlargement programmes in 2008, British gas had a rough drive in 2008 it lost gross because of the duty addition but still continued with its enlargement plans which would decidedly impact their profitableness ratios. With the public presentation from 2008 you can see that British Gas is turn toing jobs which might hold affected its operations. In 2009, there is grounds British gas is turn toing these jobs, there ‘s a tendency of betterment in its ratios. Evidence of this can be seen in its efficiency ratios. It acquired 22 % interest in secure negatrons limited which developed a place payment device which allows easy payment from prepaid clients. Centrica ( 2009 )


In 2010 there were events that showed British gas witnessed a important growing and this could be traced back to its events and investing determinations it made between 2007 and 2009 fiscal twelvemonth. Evidence of this growing “ British gas net incomes from rough winter Attracts 200,000 new occupant client Benefiting from inexpensive sweeping monetary value of gas ” . The Guardian ( 2010 )

Ratios analysis is used to asses a house ‘s public presentation ; nevertheless ratios can non foretell the hereafter. In this study the analysis of the ratios were fluctuating which should hold raised some concerns. But those ratios truly show the hazards and determinations British gas took to spread out its operations, which affected its public presentation between 2007 and 2009. Which made them extremely geared.

This goes to demo that in any concern you gain nil if you do n’t take any hazards, if an entity ‘s ratios are analysed and there are jobs or fluctuations in the ratios. It could intend a batch of different state of affairss, below are illustrations

the company is truly in problem or holding troubles

its doing short term forfeits for long term hereafter additions


From the analysis of this study its obvious British gas has a vision to go the figure one preferable public-service corporation service supplier in the UK. It has been able to make this with its investings in upper watercourse services, storage and inventions, which has resulted to the growing of its client base.

British gas provides energy services that are really of import to everybody, with the turning population and increasing demand for clean and inexpensive fuel, British gas have to put more in geographic expedition and storage to run into these turning demands. However they must put in states or parts that are non volatile an illustration of this can be seen in Libya which is doing unrest in the Arab part and besides think of acquisitions and amalgamations with other local rivals to guarantee it can vouch its quality of service bringing to its clients.