It was January when the universe seemed grimmer. streets empty. people went out merely for work. A male child who had been to the fountain told to the adult male he saw that Dursun Agha is dead. Dursun Agha is the 1 who calls at the street inquiring if person needs H2O. one trip. two trips. three trips and person would name back. one trip means two tins of H2O that costs three Kurush. Dursun is asturdy adult male with a unit of ammunition black face fungus. has 2 kids and a married woman named Gulnaz. she help Dursan when person would name her to rinse apparels that merely happens twice or thrice a hebdomad and gain few more three kurush. The caused of Dursun’s decease was he had hit his caput on the rock bowl under the pat when he slipped. No 1 of all time thought that a tough and lasting adult male could decease merely like that all of a sudden.

Gulnaz heard the intelligence and didn’t know what to make with her kids. she didn’t cognize how she can feed two oral cavities by rinsing apparels. It wasn’t plenty. No 1 eat for 36-48 hours until person feel the hungriness inside their tummy. As a Moslem tradition. when person died the neighbour will give nutrient to the household who’s in heartache for a twenty-four hours or two. The first who gave nutrient was from a affluent adult male who lived in the white house the tray of nutrient was brought by the amah it was covered in a fabric. No one really thought of eating that twenty-four hours but when they saw the nutrient it gives them relaxation of feelings. The nutrients came and it lasted for three of four yearss. The nutrient stopped coming but they were still trusting until suppertime and they realize that no 1 will give them nutrient any longer.

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They cook nutrient and they found it difficult to readapt because they get used to the nutrients that was given by the neighbours until the twenty-four hours came that they have nil to eat at all. The kids and Gulnaz slept with empty tummy. The following twenty-four hours the immature male child told to Gulnaz that it hurts indoors. but she can’t do anything. they all felt dizzy and hungry. Dayss passed by until a Equus caballus full of staff of life on its side. Alternatively of inquiring for a loaf of staff of life. Gulnaz froze and didn’t say anything. she merely allow God’s blessing base on balls by. She went back to her room empty handed. When her boy told her that she can’t base any longer. he ask his eldest boy to travel to the food market shop and asked if he could inquire some nutrient to the food market shop and state them they would pay it in a few yearss. But the trick didn’t work to Bodos so the kid left the with empty handed.