Manner selling is something new and approaching on the skyline, particularly in India with the rise in Indian in-between category. Globalization and the form of economic system, its positive impacts are besides apparent in retail, fabric and vesture industry and hence manner. Some are already here and others are headed this manner. Global manner trade names like Tommy, Chanel, LV have found Indian shores and get downing to make their luxury niche markets.

These dramatically altering market conditions have bolstered the demand for extremely competent manner selling professionals who can take up cardinal places in manner selling, Brand direction and related countries.

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Manner Sellers

An highly interesting and originative field to work in, there are many approaching classs to tap on the tendency of manner selling. Aspirants of such class should be originative every bit good as knowledgable of the environment and the industry on the whole. It has been a major beginning of statement that manner selling is different from other goods marketing merely because of the nature of such an industry. Another really alone characteristic in manner selling is that with no trade barriers, globalisation, considerable fluctuations in civilization, moralss, societal position, it is non unvarying even at the national degree, allow entirely the international sphere. Hence its biggest challenge.

Delhi based Pearl Academy of manner and WLC have already started station alumnus plans on manner selling. Sing the rise in demand of Indian manner industry, its value concatenation has besides increased in a phenomenal growing per centum

Manner selling is all about how the apparels should make the market when they have been designed and created. That is where the manner selling squad takes charge. It seamlessly integrates advertisement, design and concern admin and a cognition base about the manner industry to be successful.

For illustration who would be interested in a silk blouse? A 15 twelvemonth old miss or a 30 twelvemonth working woman.these sellers have a good sense of popular civilization and what will go fashionable and in for the hereafter. They should non merely what will be successful but besides which consumer group will be more interested.

The manner selling procedure:

A major portion of the manner selling is behind the scenes in the sense that they keep checks on the latest manner tendencies and consumer purchasing wonts, set together runs that mark those specific consumers maintaining in head the broader universe of manner. They are savvy thought squad, the connections between the interior decorators and the populace.

Manner hebdomads, top notch manner magazines like Vogue, Verve etc, manner calenders, tendencies, web logs are where manner is seen best. Manner sellers need to be updated on all the foreparts to be in this moral force, cut -throat, bling industry.


The manner market has been categorized and structured as below:

Haute couture are the celebrated international manner houses of the universe. Designer wear is shown as pret-a-porter. Mass markets are the market country where most people buy their apparels.

The size and value concatenation of manner market is shown below:

As we are witnessing the Indian consumer is germinating and the manner companies in India are responding to this development through countless options. The manner market has been turning springs and bounds due to the immature population, addition and rise in the in-between category, addition in ingestion and retail. This push and pull mechanism has made several concerns react to this with the retail concern holding the largest portion of modern organised retail in India ie 20 % of the current market of Rs 56000 crore. Bilateral Co-operation in this sector shows great synergisms. An Indo

Italia Task Force on Fashion Design and life Style merchandises has been created following an understanding between the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Italian Ministry of International Trade. On the Indian side members include FICCI – Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & A ; Industry, NID – National Institure of Design while on the Italian side there is Confindustria, Altagamma, Universita ‘ Bocconi, ICE.

A few facts:

  • Georgio Armani has signed up with DLF, joint venture with the most reknowned existent estate house. Armani will acquire Rs 10 manganese into this retail venture. It will be opened up in New Delhi.
  • Reliance Brands has entered into 49:51 joint venture with Sixty Group. Its an Italian manner house retailing its trade names in India.
  • Raymond had besides tied up GAS to convey its retail venture to India.
  • Consumer disbursement in India has increased over the last few old ages about touching the planetary benchmark of 5 % of entire income
  • In the past 3 old ages, Investings in the fabric sector has increased from $ 3 Bn to $ 8 bn.
  • Europe is India ‘s biggest export market.
  • Demand in rural India for ready made garments will increase at 16.6 % yearly to touch US $ 10.41 Bn by this twelvemonth.
  • Versace is traveling to bind up with Reliance Trade names
  • The manner Industry is expected to lift at 23 per centum by 2013


A manner seller has to wear assorted caps to make suited justness to his profile, which includes:

  • Apparel invention
  • Brand trueness
  • Consumer determinations and shopping behavior
  • Manufacturing systems
  • Market positioning
  • Trading
  • Percepts in the market place
  • Piracy issues
  • Pricing constructions
  • Merchandise image
  • Quality and public presentation measuring
  • The importance of socio-economic factors

Role of engineering in Fashion selling

Marketing manner is about ocular communicating at the basic level.Media interior decorators and manner sellers are utilizing the cyberspace as strong medium to make out to the multitudes

The Fashion Cycle

Manners will be introduced, taken up by the fashion-forward, and so acknowledged and accepted by the general population. It will phase out once it is popularized.and by so interior decorators will be busy with the new look.And this is where the Internet comes in. What is worn by a famous person today can literally be seen by 1000s the same twenty-four hours, increasing demand and finally shortening the life rhythm of a craze.

Retail Technology

There are specialised and personalised packages for helping purchasers, merchants, directors to non merely track gross revenues but purchase natural stuffs more expeditiously. And the cyberspace has made it easier for manner coordinators, manner managers, in writing interior decorators, advertisement, stylists and so on to maintain a check on the manner universe on a minute to minute footing. Shop directors, consumer advisers etc can find and calculate gross revenues for the full concatenation or part by drawing up updating informations from the cyberspace.

Creative Opportunity

Graphic interior decorators, advertizers, lensmans have much much more chances to plan, study, write about tendencies because of the cyberspace. They can compose about who is have oning where on which ruddy rug, about the assorted manner hebdomads traveling on around the universe and open the doors to international manner.

Social Media

Social networking groups and manner web logs are seting the action from all across the Earth. Justjared is one such enormously successful web log describing what famous persons wear and what is in tendency all across.They have been phenomenal to state the least.These local tendency compositors are holding a gala clip with the promotion and involvement they are bring forthing in the universe of manner.


Students of manner selling, manner PR, manner selling are being trained and made accustomed to analyze and use selling tendencies on the cyberspace.

Luxury market and Fashion Marketing

Luxury trade names are ever about doing their clients feel they own something one in million. And manner sellers have acknowledged that the luxury moving ridge is hitting Indian shores with a figure of luxury trade names come ining the market such as Zara, Liz Clairborne, Burberry etc.

The Luxury Marketing Council Worldwide has established a chapter in India, with the purpose of advancing luxury in India. Their undertaking will besides be to construct synergism between assorted luxury trade names interested in India by manner of sharing of consumer penetrations every bit good as best patterns.

Hindustan Times has been highly active and is open uping the luxury revolution in India by forming two Indian Luxury Conferences in the last 4 old ages.

And it besides supplies monthly magazine of luxury goods available in India, making consciousness and enthusiasm.

The luxury market is comparatively smaller with regard to the figure of companies, but goes much beyond its weight both in footings of gross revenues and more specifically, influence.

Luxury market leads the universe of publicity, PR and selling per Se ; they have the best packaging best selling, best publicities and the best of monetary values.

Some penetrations:

  1. There were 135,000 millionaires ( in US dollar footings ) in India in 2009.
  2. The flush market is turning at a rate of 13 % in India
  3. The wealth potency of India ‘s affluents and their penchants have been found to fit the West

The function of manner selling is even more of import in the field with new developments, theories and cognition to be shared every twenty-four hours and the tendencies altering every season.

The focal point of luxury trade names in India is about “how soon” they will settle themselves here and “how will” they cater to our Indian audience. In luxury concern no 1 can afford to handle their clients as loose section. A figure of Western trade names have already started on concentrating on the really demanding Indian consumer giving them manners like “ethnic chic” etc to give them a gustatory sensation of their ain esthesias and capturing their involvements.

A word of cautiousness that goes for luxury sellers, irrespective of their trade names and geographical presence – The luxury consumer is ever looking for newer ways to fulfill his continuously altering demands. Hence, the demand to maintain a close check through insightful research is of premier importance.


Manner selling has the best of both universes – manner and selling. The manner seller must cognize about trade name equity, selling techniques and consumer purchasing wonts. Equally far as India is concerned, given the quickly speed uping richness of the multitudes, the scenario is set to witness a roar. Universities have started to give out classs in this specialisation feeling a demand from the market.All manner houses, luxury trade names, retail ironss have sensed the demand for the two to be combined and present the important function of a manner seller. A really moneymaking and originative field, it has gained immense popularity and is the most approaching thing in the selling universe. The 1s who will be siting the moving ridge will be the 1s who ‘ve kept their ears open to each and every word of their each and every client.