In “ The Glass Castle ” Jeanette tells us about the narrative of her life as she had lived it. She and her siblings had lived a life that she describes as holding a batch of stressors. Her narrative has memoir in which she proves to the reader that populating with bad parents and poorness do non truly find that the childs will take a suffering hereafter merely as their parents. In this book, Walls reveals her life as hard during her conveying up but yet love existed within the household. In this paper, we are hence traveling to look at those stressors that the household went through ;

Jeanette sees her female parent coming out of a Dumpster with some lagged apparels tied around her cervix. Her female parent lucks a place to populate in and this lives her with no pick but to look for any topographic point that she can put her caput and besides happen something that can make full her tummy. It is really sad for Jeanette to see her female parent this manner as it would experience for anyone to watch their female parents go through this type of embarrassments.

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Back in her childhood life, Jeanette suffers some serious Burnss as she boils hot dogs and her frock gimmicks fire from the range she is utilizing. This lives her to pass many yearss in a local infirmary near her place country in Arizona. Her parents turn out to be so irresponsible as they do n’t take every bit much attention as it would be imagined even by the hospital staff. The rumour goes throughout the infirmary but Jeanette does non discourse this issue with the parents.

Her male parent takes the hazard of catching and mousing his small girl out of the infirmary get awaying all the measures that he was intended to pay for the infirmary to let go of the girl. This happens even before she heals wholly. The flight lives the household with no pick but running off from their hometown for they would extremely cover with the low. They have to go long distance and through hot comeuppances. They subsequently settle in several towns in which the male parent is unable to pay house rent and this makes them maintain on vacating.

The male parent becomes a rummy and can non keep onto his occupation despite his intelligence and endowment on mechanical background. This makes the households life a life snake pit full of poorness and jobs that ne’er come to an terminal. His promise to his kids to construct a good house for the household fails as he can non raise the sum to set up such a house. The male parent ‘s behaviour and failure lives the kids helpless and stop up imploring their female parent to work and convey nutrient to the tabular array.

Fortunately, the female parent holds a grade in learning but can non acquire herself a occupation for she is lazy and the kids have to drag her out of bed. This behaviour has independently made her loose her occupation despite the fact that her residential country fortunes qualified instructors. She subsequently secures a occupation but her wage does non to the full assist the household. The male parent demands for her payroll check and spends the money on his drink and his ain benefits.

This suffering province supports on taking topographic point for a long clip populating the kids to travel on kiping on uncomfortable difficult boxes and watching their parents fight in day-to-day bases. The kids ‘s abdomens rumble every clip due to hanger. They feed on anything that would make full their abdomens and non for the interest of holding a balanced diet repast like in other households. For this instance, the female parent has to learn them how to take rotten nutrient down their pharynx while they hold the noses.The household went through these stressors and it affects their relationship since the childs see the male parent as irresponsible and rough as they fear him. It besides affects the husband-wife relationship since the female parent has to contend her hubby daily. The communicating is on its negative side for the female parent does non keep any ability to contend for her right to pull off the salary she earns. The kids besides suffer mutely as they have to pass their darks on difficult boxes but can non pass on to the male parent and show their grudges.

Despite all poorness and stressors that they experience, the household has a echt and strong love towards each other. They remain loyal and the household ‘s male parent Rex is really encouraging, stamp and wise when managing his kids and married woman whenever he is sober. As Jeanette gives the reader her memoir, she explains her life so good to guarantee that she gives the existent narrative that has experienced in her turning up.

Jeanette and her siblings grow in the worst conditions that no 1 can of all time merit or believe of but it does non alter their feelings towards their parents. They continue loving them without recognizing how cruel they have been until when they grow up and mature ( Jeannette, p134 ) . Jeanette spends her adolescent life in the west side of Virginia where the male parent is forced to withdraw to their place country after sing a suffering life in Arizona.

Here, the life of this household does non acquire better but continues to hit its worst points as they live under a roof that leaks. Rex tries to repair the roof but it does non make them any good either. In fact, they besides have to confront challenges as they have nowhere to dispose their trash and waste. The household is forced to set up with a fetid status as they dispose the wastes in little holes that they dig.

Food besides continues to be another job for they can non afford to purchase any and they about go without it. Jean is forced to travel to high school and excavation leftovers from the refuse as her male parent continues to imbibe irresponsibly as usual. As their lives get worse and suffering, Jeanette ‘s female parent ends up making the most atrocious things one can of all time conceive of. Jeanette and her siblings find a ring made of diamond and make up one’s mind to sell it so that they could purchase nutrient. The female parent does non hold with this thought since she wants to keep her self-respect. This action lives the household in the some province of missing nutrient and starvation.

When Jeanette or her siblings go out playing with other childs, they are mocked and addressed as childs who are wellness epidemic for they live in refuse topographic points. Her household and their neighbours ever fight for they keep on picking on their perverted state of affairs. Hours spent in school are besides non prefering to her either ; she has to steal other child ‘s nutrient or fell in the bathroom at tiffin hours while the others take their nutrient. After tiffin, she comes out and collects the leftovers and eats them for she has no pick over it.

She subsequently gets tired of this life and decides to travel to New York where she gets farther surveies. She lives her household with the purpose of acquiring cognition that will procure her a good occupation and enable her to take attention of her household. While she is in New York, her father gets sick and is admitted to the infirmary agony from Tuberculosis. She visits him and pleads with him non to go forth the infirmary before he to the full recovers.

Subsequently, she receives a call from her parents that they were homeless and had no topographic point to travel. She decides to travel in with them for she still has great love for them despite the life they had offered in during her child life ( Jeannette, p100 ) . People around Jeanette deter her about this thought stating that it was non good to give the homeless a topographic point to remain for it makes them lazy and loath on happening their ain place ; his pisses her off but she does non demo it to them.

Jeanette is forced to alter the thought of go toing a private school while her parents have no place. Alternatively, she opts to remain and take attention of them but her brothers travel against her determination stating her that her female parent owned a whole batch of jewellery she could sell and that she has a land in Texas where her hubby and her could travel and populate. Her hubby behaviour does non alter and she is forced to populate him. She has although kept a secret land off from her household and when Jeanette discovers this ; she is truly irritated with her.

After her brother ‘s decease, Mary so goes to populate in his land her in which her life does non alter. She continues populating miserably particularly now that her communicating with her kids and hubby had been disturbed. It is true to state that the love of the girl towards the female parent by now has changed unlike before when she was still a immature miss and inexperienced person to put judgement on her parents ‘ intervention towards them.

Jeanette subsequently marries Eric whom she has dated for five old ages. She moves in with him to a better house since Eric came from a rich household. She tries her best to take attention of her younger sister who tends to take the incorrect way in her life. Jeanette ‘s life has changed and she feels that her siblings should follow her stairss for they have faced the same suffering lives.

Her female parent can non keep on the jobs she is confronting and goes in front to borrow money from Jeanette ‘s hubby a measure that annoys her to a great extent. What annoys her most is the fact that she has kept the land that she owns off from the household despite all the poorness and jobs that they went through during their earlier life. As if this is non plenty, she goes in front to borrow money from Jeanette ‘s new hubby so that she could buy the other half of the land.

Subsequently, Jeanette visits her male parent who tells her that she is enduring from a disease that he contracted while contending with a Nigerian who happened to be a drug trader. He subsequently suffers from a injury attach and is placed in a machine that supports his life. He spends his last minutes with Jeanette who holds his arm recalling of how he had told them that he would prefer his organic structure placed on a mountain when he dies- he later dies after an hr and the machine turned off. Jeanette grieves her male parent ‘s decease and in one twelvemonth, she lives her hubby as she saw him as non the right adult male for her.

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