Facebook a danger to our privacy acebook called social tool was created for various purposes such as meeting new people, make friends, maybe get love, keep in touch with people you already knew, and perhaps find people who had not spoken with one in years, a web site that is used by most of the world’s population creating a giant network in which all who are in it may know and see what’s happening with you, allowing people that one knows or total strangers knowing one’s life Facebook is a social network which is becoming a lifestyle adopted by youth, adults, seniors, 80% of people who use this web site, have more than 500 friends, knowing only the 60% of this people. acebook has become a network of gossip named like this for many people who have suffered the breakdown of relationships and friendships , in fact-30% of marriage and other relationship’s breakdowns are through this web site. An internet survey was threw out in july 19th of 2009 and it showed that a 88% of relationships were more likely to breakup once a person that conform that relationship signed up for a facebook page .

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Another issue of Facebook is the photos uploading , here on this web site one has the freedom to upload as many photos as one wants , showing them to the whole world and sharing many aspects of your life and the lives of those who appear with you in those pictures, aspects that one might not want for everybody to know . When these pictures uploaded, all those people who are part of this network will be able to see and also save and use these photos from one’s profile.

Here in this web site you can find any type of application which you can download at no cost and without knowing what source you are downloading from, when downloading these applications you should leave certain personal data and permission to the application’s source manager to use some of your profile information now making this info no longer private. Is This web site helpful? Many people think so in fact Facebook with over 400 million users has become the most popular social network in the world, what began as a network exclusively for college, became a tool of communication available to all since 2006.

Within 5 years has won millions of Facebook users and accumulated much information on each one , so , you may say that facebook instead of being a big social network ,is a big data network where you can search information about anybody who uses it. Is this website really a tool? Or an enormous danger for privacy and personal issues? I strongly believe that is a danger for everybody that uses it and that people should really think twice afer sing up and log in into this page , being aware of the risks that facebook brings to our lifes is the first steep to deactivate one’s account.