Womans: who are we? And what do we stand for? For many old ages adult females have had to make up one’s mind on our altering image that we want to portray. In the past adult females have been categorized as homemaker, arm confect, amah, and even break one’s back. Maya Angelou a good know author, poet, actress and more can hold her plants easy read as racial indifference, but with versatile embedded significances Maya speaks to me for adult female authorization. Still I rise, Woman work, and Phenomenal adult female by Maya Angelou are three strong pieces that uncover the adversities of adult females and get the better ofing them.

In Still I rise the gap of the verse form is “ You may compose me down in history With your bitter, twisted prevarications ” in the Bible Eve gave Adam the apple that made them hold the realisation and cognition of shame, with this came effects that bridge to present twenty-four hours. An illustration of this would be God stating that kid birth would be painful for Eve and her girls. This shows that from the beginning of clip adult females were blamed. Maya speaks of debasement of adult females “ You may hit me with your words, You may cut me with your eyes, You may kill me with your obnoxiousness, But still, like air, I ‘ll lift ” The manner I see this is by replacing the word “ You ” with “ Men ” . Work forces have acted this manner toward adult females in the yesteryear as they still do today. When reading the first three lines of the stanza it is easy read with changeless flow, and the last line is to be spoken easy and unagitated with intermissions between because Maya particularly wants to stress the fact that adult female will lift. With strong belief in the narrative Maya writes “ Just like Moons and like Suns ” which are ongoing unchanging events. Chemical reaction of the on-going events are explained in the following line “ With certainty of tides ” which is the gravitative pull depending on the Moon. She finishes with “ Just like hope jumping high, Still I rise ” when I read this I translate it if there is hope to be had, there is still hope.

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Word picture cues in the verse form take me to believe that the talker is a adult female. The voice of this verse form is a strong adult female who demands attending, when she says “ I rise ” she is stating expression at me and what I ‘ve done. When the adult female negotiations of herself she explains her character as “ my sassiness ” and “ my amorousness ” . Another country that points me in the way of a adult female talker is when Maya writes “ That I dance like I ‘ve got diamonds At the meeting of my thighs ” Diamonds play a important function being they are given to adult females to court them, every bit good as, battles gifts for matrimony. Following the following line speaks of a organic structure portion barely shown by work forces at all the thigh. Three quarters through her verse form the storyteller reaches the flood tide about impeaching out loud passion in each word “ Out of the huts of history ‘s shame ” , “ I rise ” being her statement. More of the yesteryear is revealed in her last lines of the verse form and broken with the ceaseless “ I rise ” . Her last few lines reveal the truth and hope she antecedently spoke of “ In to daybreak that ‘s wonderfully clear ” the talker is stating now all she can see is chance and she is out of the storm. “ I am the dream and the hope of the slave. ” And through the storyteller I can visualize a adult female a strong adult female who lived and ne’er gave up. With Maya ‘s last lines being “ I rise ” “ I rise ” I can now interpret this to I am free, I prevailed, I will last.

Woman work, the rubric entirely can be a discriminating statement. The first stanza of Woman work is an on-going to-do list as if explicating to another her twenty-four hours. The storyteller of this verse form speaks the list as her non-stop life. In this verse form there are no cases of outside aid. The verse form tone is set in battle. When reading, the feelings I convey are of a individual female parent holding to cover with the emphasiss of mundane life. The changeless work at manus that must be done is stated “ the kids to be given ” , “ the poulet to fry ” , “ clean up this hut ” , “ And the cotton to pick ” . Puting it obviously everyone who hopes to back up there households do these day-to-day undertaking we care for our kids, put nutrient in our oral cavities, have a shelter to populate in, and work. Bare necessities as these may be, making it entirely can be wash uping. The following stanza is “ Shine on me, sunshine Rain on me, rain Fall quietly, dewdrops And cool my forehead once more ” in other words rain or shine the individual female parent will hold to work. In the last line of the stanza she is stating when all is done she ‘ll be able to rest. The undermentioned line explains her in her resting province, her head at easiness, non weighed down by worlds ; the individual female parent is light and drifting “ Let me drift across the sky ‘Til I can rest once more. “ .

The storyteller so goes in to “ Fall gently, snowflakes Cover me with white Cold icy busss and Let me rest tonight ” when Maya writes of the snowflakes falling she is talking of the individual female parents life the minute that she is populating without the bunco and hustle. Thingss in the individual female parent ‘s life are now rather slow, which lead me to the premise that the kids are adult and her day-to-day undertaking are few. This being her concluding remainder: decease. In decease people are said to be cold because their bosom stops, but the colour white symbolize graciousness. The individual female parent is at peace because she had done everything in her capacity. Her last few lines explain the individual female parent ‘s thought of heaven “ Sun, rain, swerving sky Mountain, oceans, foliage and rock Star radiance, moon freshness You ‘re all that I can name my ain ” in the verse form her responsibilities through the conditions did n’t of all time let her to take a minute and enjoy natures lusters.

Phenomenal Woman reviews the outlooks of society and the worlds of muliebrity. Maya foremost writes “ Pretty adult females wonder where my secret prevarications. ” opening the verse form with this line one can anticipate to happen the reply. The storyteller compares her size to one of a manner model their organic structures differing. Then the storyteller goes on to state “ But when I start to state them, They think I ‘m stating prevarications ” in this instance they being adult females who ‘s organic structures aspire or already look like manner theoretical accounts. The secret is non clear yet but one can garner that the secret does n’t hold to make with looking like a manner theoretical account. Explanations are given in her following four lines “ It ‘s in the range of my weaponries The span of my hips, The pace of my measure, The coil of my lips. ” The organic structure parts are important to her feminine figure but the significance rides deeper than that of visual aspect. The last lines of the stanza “ I ‘m a adult female Phenomenally. Phenomenal adult female, That ‘s me. ” now this statement is bold and full of assurance.

In the following stanza is created with go uping speech patterns to construct up the reader. Now the storyteller negotiations of work forces “ And to the adult male, The chaps stand or Fall down on their articulatio genuss. Then they swarm around me, A hive of honey bees. ” she explains the impact she has on them. Her presence is non ignore, she is respected. The storyteller continues her account with “ It ‘s in the fire in my eyes, And the flash of my dentitions, The swing in my waist, And the joy in my pess. ” Now two parts of her organic structure are given features of a individual. Fire and Joy two traits of the adult female ‘s personality are revealed through her organic structure. The storyteller speaks more of work forces and their ways of their admiration ; the adult female has an “ interior enigma ” but when she explains no 1 understands.

The voice of the storyteller is a confident, merriment, and cryptic adult female. In her last stanza she writes “ Now you understand Merely why my caput ‘s non bowed. I do n’t shout or leap about Or have to speak existent loud. When you see me go throughing It ought to do you proud. ” Stating this, the verse form ‘s reading is understood that a adult female who carries herself with self-respect is a phenomenal adult female.

The three verse forms portion the subject of strong adult females. Other similarities I spot are the word pictures of personality in inanimate objects. Symbols are besides used to picture the storytellers view on events, I find this progressively through all three of the plants particularly when prevailing over negative influences. For all three the voice truly sets to temper of the verse form the storyteller is so captured inside informations are easy understood. The differences include the tone the tones change to suit each state of affairs. Another contrast is the narratives, in one overcoming is still and everlastingly in procedure, in Women Work she has merely beaten the odds, and in the last verse form it is an result of prevailing.

In Conclusion the three plants Still I rise, Woman work, and Phenomenal adult female are inspirational pieces that show that anything can be achieved. From different walks of life the three adult females in the verse forms were strong and relentless in breaking themselves. With this know we can populate with the slogan: Anything is possible.