Ever wondered if a shade is in the house? There are many narratives that are told about people speaking about shade narratives or haunted topographic points they have seen and informants with their ain eyes. Some people do n’t even believe in shade or haunted topographic points, its merely one of those things people have to see to believe. That is the instance with the town of Florence, Alabama. Populating in this town there is ever something to make or acquire into. Florence has a really Haunted yesteryear. Most of them are located in business district, Florence. Such as Pricilla located in O’Neal Hall, Molly in the UNA off-campus bookshop, Ghost Bridge and The Forks of Cypress, Charles Daniel Stewart in Trowbridges, and George in the Norton Auditorium.

Pricilla was go toing Florence State Teachers College. She stayed in O’Neal Hall a residence hall for misss. Late one dark after everyone had gone to bed, the lone miss in the residence halls still up was Pricilla. As the cryings rolled down her face she cried in torture. She felt she had no pick, for there was something she kept indoors that cipher knew. She had a secret that haunted her so bad that she knew there was merely one was that her household would ne’er cognize her secret. As she climbs the steps to the top floor of O’Neal Hall, have oning a white dark gown, happening the rope that she had hidden merely a few yearss before she came up with a program to do all the torture and fright go off she knew that this was the lone manner, it had to be done. She did non make this to let down her household, but she knew they could ne’er happen out her secret. She softly walked toward the Attic floor to the lift shaft, she so secured one terminal of the rope. Her bosom was crushing so fast and cryings turn overing down her face as she tied the opposite terminal of the rope around her cervix. Taking the few stairss toward the dark lift shaft, she knew it would shortly be over. As she muttered a small supplication she stepped into the dark lift shaft. All of Pricilla ‘s concerns where gone she no longer had to conceal her secret that cipher will of all time cognize. One narrative heard about Pricilla is one dark after a fraternity run intoing a immature adult male named Robert Loften was locking up the edifice. As he went to shut the door he heard a noise upstairs that sounded like a miss weeping. He thought there might be person up at that place so he went to look into it out. As he made it to the 2nd floor he saw her standing in forepart of the lift shaft in a long white dark gown.

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Molly was a immature miss that lived in the house that is now UNA ‘s off-campus book shop. She lived in this house with her parents. Sometime around her 11th birthday she received a puppy. She loved this Canis familiaris so much. But it is believed that one twenty-four hours she opened the door to all her Canis familiaris, and he was non moving the same she tried to quiet him by stating, “ It ‘s me. It ‘s Molly. ” ( Glass ) . He so snapped at immature Molly his dentitions tear uping the tegument off Molly ‘s small custodies. One much known clip Molly was seen was during a UNA homecoming parade, as the college float went down the route they all waved at a immature small girl wave at them from the top of the balcony. After the parade they all talked about how cunning she was. But they shortly realized no kids lived in the house. That is when they knew it was Molly. Besides one twenty-four hours a small miss named Kyla Weir is now positive that she played with Molly for a whole twenty-four hours, looking for Molly ‘s Canis familiaris. “ Molly remains as vibrant and playful as she had been in life. “ ( Glass ) .

Ghost Bridge and The Forks of Cypress was built in 1830 it is know for the columns that surround the sign of the zodiac. This sign of the zodiac had twenty- four columns. On 6-6-66 the house was struck by lightning, the lone thing that still remains are the 24 columns. There is a reproduction in business district, Florence of the sign of the zodiac that is now a bank. It is said the columns stayed because they are made of Equus caballus hair which are flame immune. Ghost Bridge is known for the slave hangings in the late 19th century. Although both belongingss are private belongings the span and columns can be seen from the route. There is besides a household graveyard merely E of the house. The graveyard has a wall built around it. On the exterior of this wall there were some slaves buried at that place.

Charles Daniel Stewart is the shade that lives in Trowbridges. Charles household owned a gorgeous two narrative place with immense white columns in the locations that is now known as Trowbridges. His household ran a transportation concern. They became really affluent moving and haling crushed rock when Florence metropolis started paving its streets. One twenty-four hours he was spotted he was have oning a blue and white checked shirt. The following twenty-four hours a adult female named Betty that worked there that saw him merely the twenty-four hours earlier, as she walked to the dorsum of the eating house she saw a blue and white checked shirt, the same shirt that was on shade Charles. Charles was in the Battle of Bull Run. He was subsequently wounded, that ‘s how he died.

George the shade of Norton Auditorium is believed to hold been a building worker who was imparting his services while it was under building or Restoration. “ He fell from the scaffold he was working from and met his death. ” ( Spencer. ) He has ne’er been seen but he makes noises and turns visible radiations on. The Norton auditorium is used for musical and drama productions. George is largely known for moving in the dramas and making unusual stalking things around the edifice.

There are stalking narratives all over the universe. Some of the shade that do non even appear or make noises. But Florence, Alabama has rebelliously got some haunting narratives and fables. And largely likely there are many more to come.