Juvenile tribunals are based off false land in which juvenile tribunals are made to handle immature felons instead than penalizing them for their actions. To screen immature felons from covering with the effects of their condemnable actions, they do non larn the earnestness of the state of affairs, particularly if it involves slaying. Since the late 1980s, people have wanted to get rid of the juvenile tribunal system, challenging that it has been unsuccessful in its interventions or rehabilitation attempts and non penalizing serious condemnable behaviour by juveniles. Not every kid can be treated. For the immature felons who commit unsafe offenses and do non hold the willingness for rehabilitation, the Torahs allow juveniles to reassign to adult condemnable tribunals. To screen immature felons from covering with the effects of their condemnable actions, they do non larn the earnestness of the state of affairs, particularly if it involves slaying. Part of the penalty procedure, either by functioning gaol clip or community service, they need to larn that offense is non acceptable and penalty must be made in order to halt offense from go oning once more.

Juvenile tribunals fail to halt force after the teens are released from the rehabilitation centre. Like grownup felons, juveniles tend to fall under the tendency and go on to interrupt the Torahs. Juveniles frequently get a 2nd opportunity at doing the right determinations because of their juvenility. However, most juveniles are non affected by the intervention provided to them. Many times when a immature individual is released from gaol, they go on and about making the same things over once more. Andrea Banda has said:

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If juveniles are tried and convicted as bush leagues in slaying tests, so they will utilize that as an alibi to kill other people. They may believe that it is n’t excessively heavy a monetary value to function a few old ages in a juvenile prison for killing person they truly did n’t wish. What is the lesson in that?

Treatment given as the rehabilitations centres is non effectual. Adolescents will utilize the rehabilitation centre as an alibi for their actions. Giving the same rough penalty to juveniles as an grownup would discourage them from any farther offenses, which will ensue in a lower the offense rate. ( Borkar )

Justice needs to be served, non affair who commits the offense. Victims are effected by the offenses are enduring and want justness. Being immature is no alibi to non be punished decently to the jurisprudence. At the age of 11, kids are good cognizant if they are making something that is aching another individual, it does non take a mastermind to recognize this when person is in hurting. Adolescents understand the deductions of force because they are sophisticated in this twenty-four hours and age. With the modern engineering, it is absurd to claim that a child, who sees the consequence of violent behaviour and offense in the intelligence every twenty-four hours, does n’t understand what offense truly is. ( Reaves ) Children are intelligent plenty to recognize what arms can do decease and that it is highly unsafe to utilize one. Even so, juveniles who commit slaying or any unsafe offense, so they should be tried as grownups, whether if he/she is 12 old ages old or 30 old ages old, they is to the full cognizant of his pick to deliberately do injury to or take another individual ‘s life. ( Banda )

Many people claim that parents are the 1s responsible for the adolescent ‘s offenses and their condemnable actions. Some parents are non taking attention of their kids, allowing them play with arms or hang out with the incorrect people. Adolescents, particularly, are traveling through a tough clip in their lives, being pressured to make certain things or their parents expose force in their places. But one becomes cognizant of their purposes and realizes the difference between right and incorrect at a really immature age. It is really improbable that an stripling below the age of 10 to perpetrate a serious offense. ( Borkar ) But after that, one will hold duties to maintain themselves safe and others. No affair what state of affairs a immature kid is in, offense is ne’er acceptable and should be punished for.

Whether a individual is immature should be no alibi for violent condemnable actions. Juveniles who act like grownup should be tired as grownups, since making offense is considered an grownup activity. Juvenile tribunals do non halt offense from go oning, but instead treat the juveniles, which is non effectual. It does non halt offense from go oning, where as penalty plants. Juvenile tribunal does n’t give proper justness for those who are affected by the offense. Age should n’t count if a individual gets a better manner out than grownups do. The fact is, a offense is a offense and whatever is lost in households can non be get back who they lost due to the offense of people.