Ethical motives in accounting and fiscal decision-making has received increased attending due to big corporate dirts such as WorldCom and Enron in recent old ages. Legislation such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act has attempted to do corporations more crystalline to internal and external stakeholders. After analysing the 2005 article by Richard Bernardi and Catherine LaCross. Corporate Transparency: Code of Ethics Disclosures. recommendations will be made to better ethical foundations at the San Quentin State Prison based on the parametric quantities outlined by Sarbanes-Oxley.

In the Corporate Transparency article. the cardinal point is made that along with alterations in the accounting patterns. unwraping a codification of moralss to the populace will guarantee better internal conformity with ethical patterns. Those organisations that did non publically unwrap codifications of moralss were less likely to truly conform to ethical patterns required in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. The Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 was statute law enacted in response to big corporate dirts.

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The Act calls for public corporations to publically unwrap all fiscal statements. shop all electronic records for five old ages and these regulations are governed by the SEC ( Spurzem. 2006 ) . Sarbanes Oxley has impacted organisations in that comptrollers and fiscal determination shapers are unfastened to public examination based on the public fiscal statement revelations and IT departments must adequately make and keep corporate archives that are cost effectual and in conformity with statute law ( Spurzem. 2006 ) . Organizations have been impacted financially by holding to add excess resources to keep conformity and avoid mulcts.

Harmonizing to Bernardi and LaCross. “ . . . one illustration of a ‘best practice’ in transparence is a corporation doing its codification of moralss readily available for public examination on its web site ( par 1 ) . ” Corporations addition legitimacy with openly stated codification of moralss and web sites are an economically executable avenue for doing a peculiar codification available to the populace. The article argues that organisations that go beyond the basic demands of Sarbanes-Oxley and declare a cosmopolitan codification of moralss show that the organisation is willing to ‘walk the talk’ of moralss.

SEC president Donaldson is quoted as stating “ . . . traveling beyond mere attachment or conformance to new dictates and of Sarbanes-Oxley: duties that remainder at the very bosom of their duty to make a corporate civilization of transparence and answerability ( Bernardi. 2005. par 6 ) . ” Integrating moralss into a corporate civilization is highly effectual in guaranting strong ethical conformity within organisations. At the San Quentin State Prison. moralss are of import in many facets of concern including accounting. fiscal determinations. inmate intervention. medical attention. and general work environment.

There are many chances for unethical patterns to take clasp in a prison installation. Since the installation is closed away to the general populace. self-monitoring is a important portion of keeping an ethical environment in all facets of the prison concern. San Quentin has the duty to utilize public revenue enhancement dollars sagely and ethically every bit good as to keep a corporate civilization with high unity. Based on the research findings by Bernardi and LaCross. the recommendation for a San Quentin State Prison public codification of moralss will concentrate the full prison cultural towards walking the ethical talk.

All prison employees would be held separately responsible for keeping the highest codification of moralss across all occupation maps from accounting and fiscal decision-makers to medical employees. Ethical motives in concern span larger than merely accounting and financial-decision devising. While these countries are highly of import. developing a codification of moralss for all occupation maps in an organisation is indispensable to keeping an ethical corporate environment. At San Quentin Prison. an official codification of moralss would steer the organisation to outdo patterns to guarantee success.


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