Through the class of this semester, an interesting train of idea has been instilled within the bowels of my encephalon. The truth behind these ideas has become distressingly obvious to me as we progress farther towards the terminal of the semester. This topic in peculiar, revolves around issues affecting injections, forced injections, and invasive tegument assholes which have been experienced during the past twosome of months.

This autumn, we, the members of the GSOP category of 2014, have been larning about immunisations and injections. We have besides been provided in certain categories with cups incorporating “ confect ” that were used to show certain constructs in category. During these learning Sessionss, pupils were required to consume the “ confect ” , inject themselves with “ saline ” from a unfertile bottle or self deliver a pin-prick to roll up blood for glucose testing. What has become apparent to me is that although we have been informed that these ingestibles are nil more than confect or saline, they could in fact, be another substance designed to derive control of pupil organic structure. Although this logic may look like that of a paranoid schizophrenic, the grounds back uping this decision can non be disregarded. With ground and logic, this paper will analyze the grounds taking to this startling disclosure.

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Before the physician of pharmaceutics edict was designated as the standard grade that pharmacists must hold in order to pattern, druggists were merely required to obtain unmarried mans of pharmaceutics grade. During these times, druggists were in high demand, and employers would offer competitory wages and mark on fillips for druggist ‘s to work for them. Although this state of affairs was ideal for the druggist, it was non the best for the pharmaceutical ironss, and their programs to maximise their ain fiscal state of affairs. During these times, there was a deficit of druggists ; there were non adequate druggists to make full all the orders to make the full potency of the concatenation ‘s buisiness. Due to this bend of events, the concatenation drug shops were at the clemency of the druggists, because without them, there would be no 1 to make full the prescriptions and bring forth the net incomes desired by the large apothecary’s shop ironss.

Fortunately, for the corporate drug shop giants, they had employed malevolent economical masterminds who realized that there was a dire needed for there to be more druggists. More druggists will be able to make full more prescriptions and more money will be made by the corporations. An increased figure of druggists would besides interpret to that fact that the concatenation apothecary’s shops would no longer be at the clemency of the druggist, because if they terminate one, another individual will lief take the topographic point.

In order for there to be more druggists, these corporate drug shop giants, backed by funding from the federal authorities, teamed up with the board of pharmaceutics. Schools of pharmaceutics schools began to open up all over the state. The job now became how all the seats in the new schools would be filled. In order to do the pharmaceutics grade seems appealing, and to make full seats in these schools, the grade would be renamed to a doctor’s degree of pharmaceutics. The course of study would be loaded with fiddling classs to run into the recognition demand of a doctorial plan, while at the same clip including the classs that were necessary for alumnuss to carry through their responsibilities as a competent druggist.

Today, we find ourselves in a state of affairs where there is a excess of druggists in the market. Many druggists are no longer having big mark on fillips, and there are druggists willing to work for lower rewards to pay off expensive pupil tonss. The druggists are now at the clemency of the drug shops. Presents, if there is a druggist who desires more wage, wants certain benefits or adjustments, the apothecary’s shop will hold no job engaging the following PharmD in line willing to work for less. These druggists are willing to work for less and abandon their benefits because they are in debt from the monolithic tuition of schools. The druggists are precisely where the drug shop giants want them to be, as slaves to the system.

Recently, the board of pharmaceutics realized they there are excessively many druggists graduating from pharmaceutics schools. Due to this realisation, the determination was made to “ fasten the prison guards down on pharmaceutics schools and doing classs harder so that less people pass in order to restrict the figure of new grads. Although this seems like a good thought from the position of the board of pharmaceutics, the world is that this determination was finally another money doing gambit. Except this clip, it is at the disbursal of the pupils. It would look like a much more sensible thought that alternatively of checking down on current pupils, that the schools limit their incoming category size, or even better, halt opening up new schools of pharmaceutics.

These two thoughts will non be approved by the board of pharmaceutics for two grounds. One ground is that by restricting the category sizes, it would intend fewer pupils enrolled per school, which translates into fewer net incomes for the schools. This farther translates into fewer net incomes for the board itself, as less pupils peers less people using for and taking the board scrutinies. By restricting the gap of new pharmaceutics schools, it eliminates the chance for a new establishment to open its doors, and bring forth more net incomes for the schools and the board. Both of these theories, if implemented, besides would switch the odds somewhat in favour of druggists, giving them more power over the concatenation drug shops, as the demand for their services additions.

By taking the option to check down on pupils in school alternatively of restricting new schools from opening, or cut downing category sizes, the board of pharmaceutics and the drug shop giants have efficaciously kept the power of the druggist suppressed every bit good as maximise their personal fiscal addition. The benefits of this determination let for net incomes generated by freshly opening schools to go on to turn. Besides, this tactic keeps the fiscal flow through the presently accredited universities high because they have a greater figure of pupils per category ; compared to if the determination was made to restrict category size. Having fewer pupils graduate keeps pupils who are already in the plan thirster, which in bend leads to even greater net incomes for the universities to roll up.

It has become distressingly obvious that person ‘s pockets are being lined at the disbursal of the pupils.

Consequently, due to the coordinated attempts of the board of pharmaceutics, the drug shop ironss, and the federal authorities, their originator program was efficaciously implemented. New schools of pharmaceutics continue to open, category sizes continue to increase, and the course of study gets increasingly more hard as the old ages go on. However, these can non be the lone safeguards taken to maintain power in the custodies of the large wigs on top. Clearly, there would necessitate to be a agency of control from within the schools of pharmaceutics, some sort of force that could loom over single pupils and insure that the persons do non unify, and lift above their immoral docket.

It is a widely accepted fact that authoritiess perform trials on human topics and the general populace, without anyone holding any cognition of the trials being performed. For illustration, in 1998 Dr.Grath Nicolson, the main scientific research officer at the Institute for Molecular Medicine wrote a personal statement that he had discovered grounds that many of the biological warfare agents used in the Gulf War had in fact, been manufactured in the USA and tested on captives in Texas during their developmental stage.

From the compiled grounds, it can be concluded that the pupils are in secret, without their cognition being tested with secret compounds that will in some manner form or signifier, diminish our motive, and/ or our memory. This would be done by holding classs where pupils are required to give other pupils injections or take a particular pill. These drugs would be administered to pupils so that they are tricked into believing they are shooting normal saline as a everyday portion of category, or that they are simple eating a box of confect that is supposed to stand for a pill.

This is non the lone confederacy that may be go oning behind closed doors in pharmaceutics schools. It is a good known fact that the US authorities prefers if people were deceased before the age of 65 so that you will non roll up societal security. I suspect that in the distant hereafter I will see my schoolmates that injected themselves with what they thought was saline solution in pharmaceutics school, get down dwindle away before their sixty-fifth birthday and will ne’er have their 1st societal security cheques.

To add proved grounds to farther support my thesis, I have induced the abstract of a conjectural clinical test that I would anticipate to be published sometime between today ‘s day of the month and the twelvemonth 2065.

“ In twelvemonth 2012, a cohort of 74 Pharmacy pupils received what they believed we confects and normal saline injections. This was a dual blind survey where neither the module administrating the compounds nor the pupils knew what they were taking. The lone research workers who were cognizant were research workers on the board of pharmaceutics and the federal authorities, who radiolabel the compounds to see which pupils had really ingested the compounds. What the pupils were really having was a mixture of compound “ X1234 ” an experimental phosphodiesterase-5-inhibitor designed to cut down memory capacity, lessening motive, and prematurely cut off that person ‘s life by the age of 65 so that no societal security benefits could be received. The consequences of this trail showed that compound X1234 was effectual at both the decrease of short term every bit good as long term memory, motive, and length of service of life ( P & lt ; 0.5 ) . “

The moral quandary environing this issue is that it is highly unethical. Not merely does it curtail the pupil liberty, it besides destroys the construct of informed consent. The pupils in world have no thought what they are shooting into themselves.

To farther support my thesis. The pupils received the undermentioned electronic mail the other hebdomad from an anon. module retrieve sing an assignment required for category.

“ Do I need to lodge myself during a glucometer OSCE? Yes you do. The option would be to lodge your hapless teacher, who would hold to digest up to 30 sticks. Please have mercy on us. : ) ”

The friendly tone of this message and fact that the teachers do non desire to be pricked brings farther strength to this statement. In add-on, this e-mail points to a startling, but non-ignorable fact that teachers may cognize that the compound being administered is non simply normal saline, or a unfertile pin asshole, but in fact, a devilishly crafted complex. Furthermore, the given grounds leads one to presume the covert test being conducted is non dual blind, but may be a individual blind test in nature, where both the large wigs from the board every bit good as the module are in cahoots.

Figure 2: Enhanced Ionized a„¦ Wave Confuses Helmet

Figure: Aluminum alloy cranial protection device Given the current circumstance, It is a necessity that pupils take contraceptive steps against farther intriguing hatched by corporations like Eli Lilly and Company,

Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson. One proposed method is to prophylax persons with a Low Density Aluminum Alloy Cranial Defense System ( AACDS ) as pictured in figure 1. Devicess such as these assistance in descrambling head changing I± moving ridges which are sent out to garner informations on which persons are mentally predisposed to administrating the secret compound, and which persons may be going cognizant of the implicit in purposes of the cooperate giants. Although these devices were effectual in the yesteryear, current progresss in engineering has enabled the wrongdoers to bring forth min changing moving ridges at different frequences, which require more advanced devices that the criterion ( AACDS ) . Given today ‘s current circumstance, counter intelligence has been developed such as the Enhanced Ionized a„¦ Wave Confuses Helmet ( EIOCH ) as pictured in figure 2. These devices work by ionising molecular O found of course in the ambiance, so that the entrance a„¦ Waves from Eli Lilly and Company ‘s psychotronic encephalon moving ridge change bream are neutralized before even come ining into the victims frontal lobe. hypertext transfer protocol: // //

Figure 3 Word picture of what the universe might look like if contraceptive steps are non taken against tractor beams If contraceptive devices are non implemented, the consequences could be black. Pharmacy pupils every bit good as the general consumers of merchandises from the cooperate giants may non populate past 64 old ages and 364 yearss. Newly graduated druggists will non merely go slaves to the system, but will go merchandises of a coercive authorities, doomed to reassign medicines from a larger medium to a smaller container for distribution until their last breaths have been breathed yearss before their sixty-fifth birthday. As our coevals is easy killed off, the pharmaceutical giants will hold no opposition when it comes to the execution of head changing tractor beams. As druggists it is our duty as wellness attention suppliers to inform out patients to take appropriate steps to protect themselves against consumer targeted psychological control beams. If we do non carry through our duty, the message will decease with our coevals, and the kids of tomorrow ‘s universe will be pitilessly tainted by tractor-beam related changes. hypertext transfer protocol: //

Figure 4 NovaDreamera„? Lucid Dream Goggles As stated antecedently, there have been many developments in engineering that prevent such beam effects on human psychological map. A freshly emergent engineering developed is what scientists refer to as NovaDreamera„? Lucid dream goggles. Originally these devices were developed as a tool to let users to get away their dimensional restraints through lucid dreaming. Currently, freshly emergent equal reviewed research points towards a more practical usage for such engineerings. In one case, it was shown that persons who were able to come in into a limpid woolgathering province with the NovaDreamera„? goggles were able to visualise energy wavelengths come ining into others frontal lobes and changing thought procedure. In follow up tests, the beginning of these wavelengths were traced back to tractor beam docking Stationss located at the GlaxoSmithKline caput installation in the United Kingdom, Pfizer corporate central office, and assorted schools of pharmaceutics in the province of Florida. hypertext transfer protocol: //

In respects to mind changing devices, universe renowned bioethicist Ernest P. Worrell one time said in his historical quotation mark directed against pertinent wrongdoers,

“ You ‘d break remain off. I know jujitsu, kung fu, karate, Thai qi, and I saw Hulk-mania three times. Once in slow-mo. ”

On February 10, 2000, Ernest passed off due to lung malignant neoplastic disease in his place in Tennessee. Ernest ‘s part towards scientific discipline, amusement, and doctrine will be greatly missed. In 1993, Ernest was working as a janitor at a local college. During his clip as a janitor, Ernest was given the chance to team up with Dr. Abner Mellon, a history professor at the university. Previously, Dr. Mellon has written a paper on the whereabouts of the crown gems of England, which was subsequently considered as madness amongst his equals. Dr. Mellon speculated that the Crown gems had been stolen around the clip of the American revolutionary war, and so conceal indoors lost cannon nicknamed “ Goliath ” due to the size and hardiness of the arm.

Figure 5 Ernest siting Goliath down a hillOne summer solstice twenty-four hours, while Ernest was conceive ofing he was on a pursuit for Cleopatra ‘s crystal skull while lollygagging around a building site, he stumbled across an Fe home base which Dr. Mellon believed was from the long doomed cannon. Ernest and Dr. Mellon proceeded to seek for Goliath and finally discovered the cannon in an abandoned mineshaft. The find of Goliath finally served as a beginning of struggle with Dr.Glencliff, a co-worker and condescending Nemesis of Dr. Mellon who wanted to claim the cannon for himself, along with the Crown gems hidden indoors. Upon initial find, Ernest attempted to look within the barrel of the cannon to detect the Crown gems. However, the crown gems were non located within the barrel of Goliath, and Ernest became trapped within the barrel. Ernest finally managed to free himself from the barrel ; nevertheless Goliath had begun turn overing uncontrollably down a hill and Ernest was forced to mount and sit the cannon down the hill. Upon crashing Goliath into a wood, Ernest discovered that the crown gems of England were located in the pulverization barrels attached to the cannon, and non the existent barrel where the cannon balls come out of.

Figure 6: A cartridge holder from StarTrec picturing the same technique Dr. Abner Mellon used to free the Crown from Ernest ‘s headFollowing the find of the crowned gems, Ernest attempted to seek on the Crown of England which so became stuck on his caput. For some clip, the Crown was fixed upon the caput of Ernest until Dr. Mellon was able to take the Crown. The process Dr. Mellon used to take the Crown is still considered to this twenty-four hours to be a high hazard process even to the most experient professionals. In order to take the Crown, Dr. Mellon foremost deceived Ernest and fooled him into believing that he had “ something ” on his shirt ” . Upon completion of the first important measure, Ernest proceeded to originate flexure of his cervix to detect the claims of his comrade. Ernest ‘s actions allowed Dr. Mellon to so administrate a flick to the greater axillary gristle of Ernest ‘s olfactory organ, which caused the Crown to free from his caput. hypertext transfer protocol: // //

In decision, the compulsory injections, required glucometer assholes and consumption of unknown “ confect ” deprives pupils of being to the full independent. In order for an person to show complete liberty, they must hold both, cognition to do an informed determination, and the freedom of coercion from outside forces. Due to an extortionate sum of grounds, it can be argued that persons really have no manner of cognizing what sorts of substances are being administered to them despite what is written on the label. In Rene Decartes celebrated line “ Je pense donc je suis ” , he makes the statement that the lone thing that we can non doubt about being is that fact that we are entities with the ability to believe. If the manner we go about doing our ideas go our actions, or if our ideas are someway influenced by coercive outside beginnings, so the merely true foundation on which we can be certain of our being is altered, and therefore demands to be protected at all costs.