The chief environmental issue in the instance survey is the struggle diamond in Sierra Leone

Conflict diamonds are diamonds that jumping up from topographic points ascertained by forces or cabals confronted to legalize and internationally recognized authoritiess, and are habituated to give financess to the ground forces, or in dispute of the determinations of the Security Council. Fuelling War – It has been described as the procedure to utilize the diamond caches by the forces to finance weaponries, arms and other illegal activities and one time diamond brought to market their beginning is hard to decode and once they are polished they can non be identified, so adjacent states can be exploited at the clip of war.

Conflict diamond in UAE

There are more than 1000 local trade names in UAE of which the bulk of them are locally active merely. In such instances there is ever an chance to hold a struggle. The struggle diamonds besides called blood diamonds originated from Sierra Leone in the 90s but in UAE there has ne’er been celebrity or a war something like that sing the diamonds. It is reported that UAE is the fifth largest diamond trading state and the trade in the unsmooth diamonds for the state in Dubai, UAE grew by a record 46.25 % in 2005 and as the yearss passes the sale of the diamond has ever been raising in the state, more certifications are being passed by the authorities and more import is taking topographic point in the state. The state has ever been in the spotlight of guaranting and get downing the enterprise of halting the trade in these illicit diamonds. Increasing consciousness has ever helped the cause of rooting out conflict diamonds.

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Dubai diamonds is a prime jewelry maker merchandising over with 20 old ages of experience. They are available at low rates having to the absence of the gross revenues revenue enhancement in Dubai. The debuts of the different diamond jewelry makers in Dubai, UAE has ever been helpful in doing Dubai an international Centre for trading rough and polished diamonds and therefore the state is now counted in the top six states that in the trading of the diamond. In recent old ages the state UAE or instead Dubai has emerged as the port for the condemnable activities and all the activities are being supervised in this state.

How this issue affects the ecosystem –

The issue surely does non impact the ecosystem much but still as the procedure continues with the fuelling war and in return of the diamond caches weaponries and arms are brought to the market which can therefore do noise every bit good as air pollution. These arms are therefore really harmful and cause tegument diseases, take a breathing jobs and many more diseases so there is no direct injury but when a state surely gets arms there are ever the opportunities of war in critical conditions and can therefore do injury to the people.

How this issue affects people/culture

The issue surely develops a major concern for the people as the anchor of the state ‘s trade is being influenced which has a direct consequence on the state ‘s economic system every bit good as the people ‘s income. The issue is about how can the diamonds that are merely a little piece of C can e the cause of devastation, decease and create harmoniousness in Sierra Leone. In 1960-1970s Sierra Leone was sabotaged by the corruptness followed by the economic crisis and the military regulation. The war that started in 1991 was engraved by the barbarous behaviour on the civilians and as the consequence the war asserted over 75000 lives doing aid the population of the state to go slaves and the remainder displaced till 1999.In the state Sierra Leone the first diamond was ab initio found in 1930 and the production began in 1935 and the production engraved by high quality treasure diamonds.

After the independency of the state in 1961, Saika Stevens became the Prime curate of the state in 1968 and rapidly turned diamonds and the presence of other minerals into a political issue. The premier curate created a excavation company. Soon he and his helper Jamil involved in condemnable activities all about resulted in the ruin export of the state boulder clay 1988.

The state ‘s diamond became the of import revenue enhancement base information boulder clay so and an unsuccessful effort in the state by Jamil opened the manner for several other felons. The war began in 1991 and shortly after the authorities was replaced by the military authorities and even after the alteration in the authorities the onslaughts continued and from the outside Liberia acted as the banker. Till the terminal of 1990s Liberia had become a major Centre for the condemnable activities. In the return for arms it Liberia provided a set of diamond which has therefore been named as the fuelling war and so the fuelling war continued supplying a support for the felons.

The new authorities received some sort of aid from the little houses therefore known as juniors which therefore traded on the Canadian stock and shortly landed on the land of the state Sierra Leone. The one basic defect in the state was to inspire foreign investors to surely do their ain security systems which can therefore do great injury to the state in any mode. There is ever a posit to compel a company in order to patrol a operation and the proviso of military personnels and arms was therefore considered sense full and was cheered in the support of the good cause. In 1999, after the several old ages of struggle diamonds at that place was a sign language of a Loma peace understanding where the understanding was made to the demand of the ill will and therefore the formation of the authorities strategic integrity. The UN therefore helped retreating the jobs and crests conditions where the understanding was therefore signed in a peace full mode. Looking at the concern of the state at the international degree and the front matters of the fuelling war before a declaration was made which therefore said that their could be no direct or indirect import of the diamonds or even the unsmooth diamonds from the state. In 2000, the president therefore called off the populace meeting which was therefore attended by the reputed diaries and representatives. The enterprise taken in the meeting was therefore the unwrapping of the links between the trade of diamonds and the trade of the weaponries in the state. Furthermore methods for speculating good equipped and regulated industry of diamonds was therefore excessively discussed.

Liberia -there was a study that the trade of the diamonds could non take topographic point without the anterior permission of the scoops in Liberia so a new declaration was adapted which therefore follows the regulation of reapplying of the weaponries and the sanctioning of the council and in add-on it excessively indicated that if they do non run into the demands of the council within two months all the provinces of Liberia would be banned to make the import of the diamond from the state.

How this issue affects the economic system

Well the issue is merely about raising state ‘s economic system so it deeply affects the economic system. When a state ‘s trade anchor is diamond and the struggles are raised upon diamond so surely the issue is traveling to impact the state ‘s economic system. The state ‘s diamond became the of import revenue enhancement base information therefore impacting the state ‘s economic system.

What are the possible solutions to the issues

The possible solutions therefore include recommendations for the authoritiess, organisations, private companies and therefore the single clients. It therefore designated at the factor to better security systems, developing a peaceable environment. It therefore include to minimise the corruptness or in other words we can state that if the illegal plants or the smuggling of the diamond be made more uncontrollable, their would be a advancement. on the same manner, the recommendations besides included the point that if the legal excavation be made more pleasing and attractive the potency of the people would be directed in the individual tract of being the honest 1.

The model of the recommendations included the puting up of the committees under the United Nations and to the add-on is includes the development of a peaceable environment. It therefore includes puting up of a security system which is of the extreme importance to convey back peace and harmoniousness in the state and for the proper use of the mineral resources in the state. The major security must be employed in the major diamond countries and with that attending must be given to the on-going peace maintaining coders of the United Nations in the adjacent states. We must hold to set our attempts in the way of taking the smuggling tracts in the state. On the contrary, corruptness struggles must be dealt rapidly and with rough determinations puting up an illustration.

Systems should be developed which are therefore under the counsel of an honest individual and are therefore effectual. Fair monetary values should be given to the individual holding done good for the state in an honorable manner. The authorities should raise the criterions by take a firm standing high capital investing and therefore do a good market value. As a affair of urgency more sight on the issue of beginning must be instituted. Strong attempts should be made by the authorities of the state Sierra Leone. Strong attempts should be made by the United Nations to hold the purchase of the diamond of the state Sierra Leone. Diamonds have been in fact been a expletive non a approval for the state Sierra Leone but this is non the instance but the concerned action on the recommendations above can be fruitful for the state and necessary to get down doing a difference

Another manner of pulling greater attending to the affair would be a consumer run.

How will the possible solutions solve the jobs with ecosystem, people/culture and the economic system

Developing a peaceable environment will therefore assist to make sleep and sound atmosphere all around the state. Making the illegal works more uncontrollable and more hard will therefore assist in cut downing the offense activities in the state. The state will therefore be surmounted by peace and harmoniousness which is therefore a good mark for the development of the state. Honoring people for their equity will therefore increase honestness and may increase the religion of the people in the authorities. Increasing religion may assist non merely in cut downing condemnable activities in the state but besides aid in doing good market value of the diamonds in the international market which will therefore assist in increasing the economic system of the state and therefore the crisis will be removed. Making strong attempts to increase the sell of diamond by different processs will therefore assist in increasing state ‘s economic system.

Comparison of two issues

Another issue is the environmental concern over Dubai, UAE touristry developments. Thus we can state that the two issues are of the extreme importance to be looked over at because both the issues can restrict the state ‘s economic system to the extent. The gulf station of Dubai has an addition of more than 25 % per annum in the trading industry but the job is that surely developing many more attractive towers and islands will therefore restrict the topographic points for the natural beauty which was one time the hallmark of Dubai ‘s touristry. The evolving job besides includes the scarceness of H2O that will be generated shortly in the whole state which therefore may oblige the state to develop a fright of H2O war.

The comparing is therefore made on the footing that both the factors non merely increase the wealth and economic system of the state but instead increase the chance of the struggles. The state is therefore sabotaged by the corruptness and corruptness activities and has therefore become an of import Centre for the condemnable activities. Many packs or the condemnable activities are being controlled from the metropolis and therefore It has become a major headquarter. Both the issues had this similarity and there are a tonss of differences that has to be analyzed upon such as diamond struggle issue increases the condemnable activities in the state whereas the environmental issue can bring forth a status in the state where people can hold deficit of the basic demands of the life like H2O deficit and on this point we can state that money is of no usage so because any state would non be able to import H2O from the another state and the status lead to the war which will therefore destruct peace and harmoniousness and can convey defeat in the people. Another difference over the two points is that the diamond struggle even if raised up to maximum extent can be resolved after a certain period of clip but the instance is non with the environmental issue as one time there is deficit of the basic needs it will merely take to a war and no other sophisticated declaration can be found out.

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