Swot With Enterprise. the client ever comes foremost. This is a major strength that the company has capitalized on in order to divide itself from the competition. Their “We’ll choice you up! ” motto is the primary focal point of the company’s client service facet. After the clients. the focal point is on employees. Good client service comes from merely the best employees and Enterprise wants all of their employees to be happy with their occupations. By offering a sense of ownership and inducements to progress within the company. Enterprise employees are frequently really satisfied with their places.

Enterprise is the largest auto rental company with the largest fleet and the most rental locations. Because of this. they are easy accessible all over the state. Their chief market focal point is the home/city market section and they are the industry leader in this section with the most market portion. In order to remain on top. Enterprise has kept up with engineering and has formed many long-run confederations with insurance agents and auto fix stores to bring forth referrals.

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Switching to the failings of the company finds Enterprise falling short in a twosome of countries. Enterprise does non hold the largest market portion in the full auto lease industry. The company has established itself in the home/city market and has non entered the largest section of the industry””airport leases. As a consequence. they have low consciousness in the industry. Another drawback is the deficiency of a frequent client plan. Most major auto lease companies have these repeat-buyer nines as they attract repetition concern and make more client consciousness. Within the company. Enterprise is besides holding jobs enrolling good employees. Because consciousness of the company is low and the image of working for a auto rental company isn’t that glamourous. college alumnuss frequently overlook employment chances with Enterprise.

The biggest foreseeable chance for the company to take advantage of is the airdrome market section. This is the largest market section of the auto rental industry and it’s been left untasted by Enterprise. Next would be the under 25 yr. old section. Rental auto companies frequently leave out possible clients in this section by either non leasing to them or adding big fees to the normal rental rates. Enterprise on the other manus. does rent to the under 25 section and charges a little fee or no fee at all.

The leisure rental market is another section that Enterprise can spread out into. This market is mostly made up of people that want to lease more expensive autos ( SUV’s and convertibles ) for the weekend. Another chance for the company is to spread out its system of confederations with concerns and schools/universities. More inducements can be offered to this section in hopes of opening up more concern chances.

Enterprise will hold to watch out for menaces in the industry to maintain its competitory place. One of the menaces is the chance for other auto rental companies to come in the home/city section. which is the fastness of Enterprise. In order to be competitory in the hereafter. Enterprise must maintain up with technological promotions such as Internet applications.

Options There are three wide options that Enterprise can take to implement if they want to run into their net income and growing outlooks for the hereafter. Enterprise could make nil. aim the immensely untapped 25 and younger market. or travel into other sections of the overall car rental market. These three options could be used entirely or in combination.

One option for Enterprise is to make nil.

The following option for Enterprise is to aim the immensely untapped 25 and younger market. This market is an exceeding chance for Enterprise because they are one of the lone auto lease companies that rents to drivers under the age of 25. To aim this group takes committedness and creativeness. First and first Enterprise needs to come up with more originative ads aiming this section. Another angle for Enterprise would be to acquire its name onto college campuses across the state. They could make this by giving presentations at assorted Universities’ or holding a originative national competition for college pupils. Finally to to the full make and maintain the under 25 market. Enterprise must maintain up with engineering. This section is the most computing machine understanding of all age groups and to to the full aim this market Enterprise must be the industry leader in technological inventions.

The Final option for Enterprise is to travel into other sections of the overall car rental market. Enterprise dominates the replacing rental section of overall car rental market. The replacing lease section merely accounts for 27 per centum of the entire market. Therefore. there is a immense market dwelling of the concern and leisure/discretionary markets that enterprise has presently non entered.

Standards In implementing these options there must be a manner to mensurate the action to see if they are working. The advertisement we propose is more of local nature than national. We believe that the National advertisement run should still be done. but a local one should be done besides to congratulate the National run. The local runs should be in the signifier of newspaper ads and wireless ads. The local subdivision should supervise and choose the media. Then the gross generated from the ad should be four times the cost to run the ad. Once this 4to1 ratio is non met. its clip to alter the ad or happen another media. The Enterprise company civilization is such that each single subdivision is responsible for its gross revenues and service. To remain in the parametric quantities of this civilization each subdivision should be responsible for its ain advertisement besides.

In mensurating the college presentations and the originative competitions. Enterprise should supervise the figure of sketchs that they receive. If the presentations and/or competitions do non bring forth a ample sum of sketchs. so the plans must be reevaluated. Traveling into the other sections of the overall car rental market can be measured by net incomes. Once an airdrome subdivision becomes profitable. so Enterprise should get down looking at other airdromes for enlargement. In the leisure/discretionary market. track how many weekend leases and luxury leases that are being used by each subdivision.

Evaluation of Alternatives 1. Selling to the 25 yr. and younger section Our first option is to develop a selling run to the 25-year and younger market section. Targeting this section will profit Enterprise by developing a important growing in increased consciousness non merely locally. but besides nationally. Increased consciousness for the local/city section will greatly assist their all ready comfortable market niche. The enlisting of high quality employees and edifice superior trade name consciousness will enable Enterprise to stand above its rivals.

Targeting the 25-year and younger section. Enterprise will develop a younger patronage and will hold a wider scope of employees to choose from. This can be accomplished by puting up presentations at well-thought-of universities around the United States and advancing incentive competitions with wagess. Other benefits will include increased net income potency and being a measure in front of its rivals with engineering. Technological promotions in the Internet and World Wide Web could add convenience for clients with the creative activity of an online reserve system.

On the other side of the spectrum. some hazards could be associated with the aiming 25 and younger section. These hazards will be associated with larger costs in advertisement. selling. and enlisting. Time and energy will besides be contributed since a long-run committedness is required. Besides. consumers might oppugn the security of online reserves.

2. Traveling into new market segments Our 2nd option is to travel into and derive a portion of new market sections. These new markets are the airdrome section and the leisure/discretionary section. The airdrome section is the largest in the rental auto market. due to the huge sums of concern corporations leasing out autos for their representatives. Enterprise can clearly take control of this market section and more net incomes and grosss can be attained. With sharing or commanding this market section. consciousness will spread out among these concern travellers and price reductions and inducements can be introduced to integrate repetition concern. For the leisure/discretionary section. Enterprise can present more luxury vehicles that will appeal to the typical traveller. The benefits of traveling into the new markets are considerable.

Some negative issues can impact Enterprise by traveling into new market sections. One is that it is really expensive. There could be legion costs resulted by lost judged chances or errors rendered by directors at these airport locations. Second. it is really hazardous seeking to perforate an all ready saturated market. such as the airdrome section. Spending money. clip. and energy into a new market section where Enterprise does non hold a house clasp can be financially dearly-won and detrimental to Enterprises image.

Recommendation Our recommendation. as the Base One Consulting house. to Enterprise Rent-A-Car. begins with a slow incursion of the concern section ( airport leases ) of the auto rental market. By come ining this section of the market. Enterprise can perforate a market in which it officially had no presence in. Besides. with the concern section being the largest section of the auto rental industry. there is immense net income potency. We would urge get downing the section incursion with merely the larger airdromes to restrict the cost and hazards associated with come ining this new section. Within two old ages enterprise should measure their advancement in this section.

If it proves to be profitable. Enterprise should go on to spread out into smaller airdromes across the state. and have a national presence. in the estimated 150 airdromes within five old ages. This will be necessary to keep the present growing rate of 25 % for the company since the home-city market is merely turning at approximately 10 to 15 % per twelvemonth. However. to stay consistent with the companies “decentralized” operations. we feel that the concern section of the industry should be run and managed as a wholly separate part. no affair where it is located. This will forestall the loss of focal point on Enterprise’s primary market section. the replacing market. with peculiar accent on vicinity locations.

The 2nd portion of our recommendation for Enterprise Rent-A-Car involves increasing advertisement targeted towards the under 25-year-old market. Allowing clip for budgeting and the originative procedure. the advertisement run should be implemented instantly. This can turn out to be really valuable because some other houses will non lease a vehicle to anyone under the age of 25. Similarly. a great chance to develop trade name trueness lies in this section. By “getting a jump” on the other auto rental companies in the head of the consumer. Enterprise can set itself at a strategic advantage. Enterprise has already begun to make this slightly. with a lower charge than other companies. for the under 25 old ages old leases. However. we recommend utilizing a national advertisement run to non merely increase the consciousness of leasing to younger clients. but besides to increase consciousness of the company as a whole.

This in bend. will assist ease the trouble of perforating other sections. Furthermore. a localised run. managed by each part. should be implemented to increase consciousness. providing to local tendencies and demands. one time once more. maintaining consistent with the companies “decentralized” operations format. Included in this local advertizement run. an accent should be placed on the company itself and its occupation chances. foregrounding to the younger audience the publicity from within procedure and profit-sharing chances.

Another facet of the local advertisement run should concentrate on employee enlisting. We recommend some type of competition affecting a hard currency wages to bring forth involvement in going employed by the company. For illustration. we suggest implementing a competition honoring the best originative taped interview or sketch with a $ 10. 000 hard currency wages and an employed place. This competition will bring forth involvement and supply Enterprise with a database of possible employees. Ultimately it will broaden the pool from which Enterprise is able to take its employees from. This is really of import for the hereafter of the company.

Last. we recommend that Enterprise continue to maintain up with. or in front of. engineering. This continues the accent on the younger audience and top-notch employees. Advanced tracking systems. such as the one Enterprise presently utilizes. and convenience are cardinal factors in the future success of the company. Promotions in the country of the Internet and computing machines is important to the sustained growing of this company. particularly in the travel section of the market.

Enterprise must see the fiscal facet of the recommendation by Base One Consulting. If about 15 airdromes location were opened and used to judge the profitableness of this section. and an estimated 125 autos at each location ( based on Exhibit 1 ) . with the cost averaging about $ 20. 000 per vehicle. Enterprise would be looking at an initial investing of about $ 37. 5 million. However. the company’s gross is estimated at about $ 2. 61 billion per twelvemonth from the replacing market. The net income potency can merely be estimated since airdrome rates really widely. Since the overall auto lease market generates an estimated $ 14. 62 billion per twelvemonth. and the concern leases account for approximately 40 per centum of that figure. there is possible to perforate an over $ 5. 5 billion dollar market ( Figures from Exhibit 2 ) .

In comparing. the costs to implement an aggressive advertisement run. both nationally and locally. must be estimated from past advertisement figures ( Exhibit 2 ) . Since Enterprise spent an estimated $ 22 million in advertisement last twelvemonth. and a more aggressive run will be implemented. we can gauge an advertisement budget of about $ 55 million. This should cover all of the national and local advertizements. Although the advertisement budget will more than double. it would merely account for approximately 2. 1 % of the company’s budget. This is less than the industry norm of 2. 8 % of gross. Overall. by implementing the recommended scheme. Enterprise would be looking at outgos of about $ 92 million. Although this is about 40 % of the company’s gross for one twelvemonth. many of the financess will come from long-run loans and other beginnings. Besides. the grosss that will be realized by implementing the recommendation must be considered.