SEMCO was founded by Antonio Curt Semler in 1953, he was an Austrian applied scientist. The company was fabricating extractors for vegetable oil industry. It was purely hierarchal company with policies and regulations for everything. It made many merchandises nevertheless was by and large known for Marine pumps. His boy Ricardo joined SEMCO when he was 19 old ages old and disagreed with his male parent ‘s traditional bossy attack of direction. Ricardo thought that SEMCO got excess concern from one industry, and was excessively rigorous, and required enhanced fiscal patterns. His male parent rejected to let alterations. Therefore the boy threatened to retreat from the company. In 1980, Antonio resigned as CEO and vested most ownership in his 21year old boy. One of Ricardo ‘s first Acts of the Apostless was to fire around 60 % of the executives, which many were his male parent ‘s friends, and all secretaries. He began using a variegation scheme and switching the manner concern was done ( Zakomurnaya, 2007 ) . Nowadays, SEMCO is a multibillion dollar company which offers a big scope of merchandises and services such as air-conditioning mechanism, stock list managing, existent estate consultancy, environmental consultancy and nomadic care services ( SEMCO, 2009 ) .

At a Glance ( Energy, 2005 )

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Sao Paulo, Brazil



Chief executive officer

Ricardo Semler

No. of employees

More than 3,000 ( Zakomurnaya, 2007 )

Gross ‘2005 ‘

$ 615 million

Net income ‘2005 ‘

$ 1 billion

1.2.2 Royal Dutch Shell

Royal Dutch Shell, known as Shell is a planetary group companies of petrochemical, oil and gas that produces and trades in a assortment of energy resources. Shell every bit good has a wide aggregation of air current, H, bio-fuels and solar power involvements ( Shell, 2011 ) . Furthermore it besides provides proficient and consultancy services in add-on to research & A ; development capableness to the energy industry. The company is active in more than 80 states and parts, and employs 90,000 people worldwide ( Shell, 2011 ) .

At a Glance ( Shell, 2011 )


The Hague, Netherlands



Chief executive officer

Peter Voser

No. of employees ‘2011 ‘


Gross ‘2011 ‘

$ 470 billion

Net income ‘2011 ‘

$ 31 billion

2.0 SEMCO ‘s Culture

SEMCO is one of the most interesting companies in the universe. There are no occupation name, no written regulations, no human resource section, non even central offices. However there is CEO with half a twelve senior executives who overtake the place every 6 months. Other employees are familiarities. They set their ain working hours and wages. Furthermore portion the net incomes. All employees obtain the organisation ‘s fiscal statements. Meetings are voluntary ; in add-on there are two seats which are unfastened to the first employees that come.

Let us travel back to the company ‘s history. In 1985, one of Semler ‘s directors suggested making self-managed squads of 6 to 8 workers who would be wholly in charge of all facets of production. They set their ain budgets and ends. Compensation was tied to budget and productiveness. Costss went down ; and net incomes – up. Semler liked that. Many workers liked that every bit good. It was the in-between directors who did non like a new thought. They thought they were losing their power and rights. During a twelvemonth, one tierce of them left.

In the late eightiess, three applied scientists at Semco proposed puting up alleged Nucleus of Technological Innovation to develop new concerns and merchandise lines. At the terminal of the first 6 months, NTI had identified 18 such chances. Satellite units were encouraged throughout Semco. By the late eightiess, these units accounted for two-thirds of its new merchandises and two-thirds of its employees.

One more thing has to be mentioned to pull the image of Semco we see today – independent squads. During the crisis the company cut costs in merely about every country until there was no alternate to either layoffs or salary cuts. So in the workss, workers started managing occupation responsibilities and utilizing their cognition of how the mill worked to come up with new processs that saved clip and money. At one mill they divided themselves into three fabricating units of approximately 150 people each with complete duty for fabrication, gross revenues, and fiscal direction.

The thought of independent squad was adopted throughout the company. As it developed the squads began engaging and firing both workers and supervisors by voting. Policy manuals were replaced by a policy of common sense. The lone existent manual runs about 20 pages and is filled with sketchs.

At present clip, at the Centre of the Semco ‘s organisational theoretical account there are six Counselors, including Ricardo Semler. A different one becomes CEO every six months. They deal with general policy and scheme, overall fiscal consequences, and animate the Partners who are 6 or 7 leaders from each Semco division. But all meetings of Counselors and Spouses are unfastened to any employee who wishes to go to.

It is really likely that all above sounds like a formula for doing a existent pandemonium, but Semco has grown systematically for the last 20 old ages though being located in one of the most unsteady economic systems on the planet.

Semler ‘s Rules for Management Without Control:

Forget about the top line.

Never halt being a start-up.

Do n’t be a nanny.

Let talent happen its topographic point.

Make determinations rapidly and openly.

Partner indiscriminately.

What could hold gone incorrect with Ricardo ‘s enlargement programs?

His program gone incorrectly because he reduces his involvement from the concern and devoted more clip to composing books.

His book was the best selling non-fiction book in the Brazil, his great literary success was his 2nd book, the ‘seven twenty-four hours weekend ‘ .

He ‘s besides puting up a new eco-tourist resort, built with considerable engagement from the local population,

( jhanakshah, n.d. )

Descriptive Vs. Prescriptive schools

Mintzberg stated there are normative ( what should be ) and descriptive ( what is ) attacks. Prescriptive schools are “ one size fits all ” attacks that designate “ best pattern ” while descriptive schools depict how scheme is implemented in specific contexts.

— — —

Strategic direction can be viewed as bottom-up, top-down, or collaborative. In the bottom-up attack, employees submit proposals to their directors who funnel the best thoughts up the ladder. This is frequently portion of a capital budgeting procedure.

Complexity Theory:

Complexity theory has been used in the Fieldss ofA strategic managementA andA organisational surveies. Application countries include understanding howA organizationsA or firmsA adaptA to their environments and how they cope with conditions of uncertainness. The theory dainties organisations and houses as aggregations of schemes and constructions. The construction is complex ; in that they areA dynamic networksA of interactions, and their relationships are non collections of the single inactive entities. They areA adaptative ; in that the single andA corporate behaviorA mutate andA self-organizeA corresponding to the change-initiating micro-event or aggregation of events.

Organizations can be treated asA complex adaptive systemsA ( CAS ) as they exhibit cardinal CAS rules like self-organization, A complexness, A outgrowth, A mutuality, infinite of possibilities, co-evolution, pandemonium, and self-similarity.

Other illustrations include – the complexA planetary macroeconomic networkA within a state or group of states ; stock marketA and complex web of cross borderA keeping companies ; A fabrication concerns ; and any human societal group-based enterprise in a particularA ideologyA andA societal systemA such asA political parties, A communities, A geopolitical administrations, andA terrorist networksA of both hierarchal andA leaderlessA nature

Employees Empowerment

Most executives like to state they empower their work force, but few come near to the work agreements at Semco Corporation, SA. “ Can an organisation Lashkar-e-Taiba people do what they want, when they want and how they want? ” asks Ricardo Semler, who took over his male parent ‘s marine pump concern in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 20 old ages ago. The reply appears to be “ Yes. ” Today, Semco pushes the bounds of authorization at its twelve businesses-high-tech commixture equipment, stock list control, environmental resources direction, to call a few-with 3,000 employees and $ 160 million gross.

Organized into little groups of 6 to 10 people, Semco employees choose their aims every six months, engage their colleagues, work out their budgets, set their ain wages, make up one’s mind when to come to work, and even elect their ain foremans. Semco mill workers have chosen future mill sites direction did n’t wish. At the caput office, Semler installed knolls so employees can drowse whenever they want.

The success of Semco ‘s attack to authorization was late demonstrated when Carrefour, the Gallic supermarket concatenation, hired Semco to take stock list at its 42 Brazilian hypermarkets on June 30. The assignment required 1,000 workers in 20 metropoliss on the same twenty-four hours, a major challenge for any house. Unfortunately, June 30 besides turned out to be the twenty-four hours that Brazil played in the World Cup association football finals. If Brazil won the game ( which it did ) , employers could number on losing 40 per centum of their employees to street jubilations. Semco directors asked employees to calculate out among themselves how to work out this quandary, which they did. Semco completed the undertaking on clip.

Semco may hold extremist authorization, but Semler says that the company is “ merely 50 or 60 per cent where we ‘d wish to be. ” Semler believes that replacing the caput office with several orbiter offices around Sao Paulo would give employees even more chance for authorization. “ ‘If you do n’t even cognize where people are, you ca n’t perchance maintain an oculus on them, ” Semler explains. “ All that ‘s left to judge on is public presentation. ”

( Caulkin, 2003 )

( Moss, 2003 )

( Gardner, 2003 )

( Semler, 2004 )

Employee authorization is a scheme that enables employees to do determinations about their occupations. It helps employees own their work and take duty for their consequences, it besides helps them serve clients at the degree of the company where the client interface exists. It is the procedure of enabling or authorising an person to believe, act, take action and control work and decision-making in independent ways.

Figure: Adapted from “ Empowering Peoples ” ( Smith, 2000 )

In the book “ Empowerment Takes More Than a Minute ” ; the writers illustrate three simple keys that organisations can utilize to efficaciously open the cognition, experience and motive power that people already have ( Blanchard et al. , 2001 ) . The three keys are that directors must utilize to authorise their employees through:

Share information with everyone. You are giving them a clear image of the company and its current state of affairs. It helps to construct the trust between employer and employee.

Create liberty through boundaries. This builds upon the old key. By opening communicating through sharing information ; it opens up the feedback about what is keeping them back from being empowered.

Replace the old hierarchy with self-managed squads. This ties all the keys together. By replacing the old hierarchy with self-managed squads more duty is placed upon alone and self-managed squads which create better communicating and productiveness.

3.0 Strategic Management Process

4.0 Competitive

5.0 Models

5.1 SWOT


Strengths: @

Semco was good placed to better grosss and net incomes well.

The participatory direction at semco enable worker to understand the challenges confronting the company

Ricardo was one of the most well-know Brazilian business communities

Semco have grown their one-year gross over $ 200 million.


The full ship building industry in south America was fighting at that clip.


Puting up a new eco-tourist resort. Built with considerable engagement from the local population.

Introducing a more participatory signifier of direction and diversify off from the fighting ship building concern.

Royal Dutch Shell ( Fabe, 2011 )

( Anon. , n.d. )


With a hallmark that is globally recognized, Shell is the 4th largest company in the universe and the 2nd largest private sector energy corporation. The company has besides several subdivisions and sub-offices worldwide apart from its oil refineries and subordinate companies, doing possible the incursion of Asian, African and North American Markets. The image that the company had established over the decennaries is of unity and honestness which was perceived to be the key in roll uping the big client base. Apart from its long scope of merchandises dwelling of oils, lubricators, Diesel fuel, jet fuel, petroleum-based merchandises and oil refinery heavy equipments, the company has besides ventured into a big web and supply-based transit of oil merchandises in different destinations.A

Strong market place

Vertically integrated operations

Steady fiscal public presentation

Strong geographic expedition technological capableness

shell ‘s current investings on geographic expedition will assist it to go on for decennaries

incremental addition in supply: Harmonizing to the Economist, “ shale drillers can rush up production or weave it down, merely as an electricity provider does to run into alterations in demand. ” This variable ability of shale drillers gives them a major advantage when monetary values change. Gas companies will move more like public-service corporations than oil companies, whose gross is tied to the monetary value of oil. aˆ¦ ” Incremental Increase In Supply ” A has a important impact, so an analyst should set more weight into it.


The dramatic displacement to renewable beginnings of energy has been one of the chief challenges, and this hurts the company since the nucleus concern of doing and fabricating oil-based or -related merchandises is progressively going inefficient and uneffective. Provided that Shell get the bulk of its merchandises from the Middle East, there are several international differences, moralss and labour quandaries and negative activities in that part that impacting the Shell trade name. For case, proper waste disposal in oil refineries is a relentless issue that Shell struggles on. Cross-border bringing of merchandises normally adds up to the entire cost of Diesel, gasolene, fuel and oil every bit good.

Worsening hydrocarbon production

Legal proceeding

Administrative action

Operation in unstable environment

Inclination of perpetrating unethical environmental patterns


Making a new reliable, ethical civilization is dashing for Shell. The least that the company could make is to carry on an on-going duologue with local stakeholders who are otherwise are affected by concern patterns of the company. In add-on, Shell must venture into the development, research and publicity of renewable energy beginnings. The company should carry on surveies and researches about the techniques, stuffs and policies that would lend in diminishing the company ‘s trust on oil that is really harmful to the environment and human wellness. The company should besides increases its demand on atomic, solar and hydroelectric as beginnings of power. The geographic expedition of possible oil Fieldss in order to ease the dependance onA Middle EastA oil could be another chance that Shell could work.

Acquisition of Duvernay Oil Corp

Joint venture in China

Increasing demand for liquified natural gas

New oil and gas militias are still being found

Dicersification into new merchandises and alrernative fuels may open up new markets


Biennially, new oil participants emerge within the planetary oil industry, and they can rapidly set to the market demands and demands. Further, these companies are equipped with new engineerings and stuffs in their merchandises and are someway less affected by province statute laws and ordinances which govern the usage of oil and crude oil merchandises. Lobby groups are another menace to Shell wherein local and international statute laws are being influenced in order to do jurisprudence and legislative acts stricter, and in a manner that it will continue the ecological and environmental protection. Publicity and imperativeness releases are among the many avenues that lobbyists and particular involvement groups are utilizing in order to convey the message while thereby damaging the repute of the company.

Economic lag in the US and EU

Environmental ordinances

Hazards associated with broad geographic presence

5.2 External Environment

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5.3 Five Forces

5.4 Product distinction

5.5 Value Creation

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6.0 Decision

6.1 Drumhead

6.2 Recommendations

6.3 Further research

7.0 List of figures