The research focal point will be on the survey of the integrating of Supply Chain Management ( SCM ) based on companies present in Singapore, providing to international market. It will include planetary companies like Wal-Mart, Dell and DHL. A descriptive theoretical account associating to the cardinal factors to integrating of Supply Chain Management will be developed.

This pick has been made based on the undermentioned grounds:

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All these companies are present in Singapore and are reasonably concentrated in selected geographicss of the state

At the same clip it will do the informations aggregation procedure easier

Singapore has a immense presence in Retailing, Computer Hardware and Logistics Industries.


As the chosen research subject is reasonably proficient, an luxuriant debut to the subject has been given to do certain things are put in proper position.

Information Technology

Information Technology began with the coming of computing machines in 1980 ‘s when IBM and Apple came out with computing machines which could be used to both people and organisations. It was adopted at a fast gait with the organisations which used it for assorted intents like mechanization of mundane procedures, storage of information, fast processing of information, communicating nexus with other locations, digitisation of informations so that it could be easy shared etc. As a consequence by mid 1980-1990 decennary every large company like General Electric ( GE ) , Wall Mart, and General Motors ( GM ) had immense Information Technology substructure like Computers, Printers, Networking equipments, Servers etc. At the same clip they besides had few applications which were running on the top of runing systems like Disk Operating System ( DOS ) /Linux/UNIX. Sometimes these applications were usages made to accommodate the particular demands of the organisation.

By terminal of 1980-1990 decennary every large company had a large Information Technology Department to pull off machines and package. This section was responsible for doing certain computing machines ; pressmans and package are working all the clip. By this clip application development to accommodate the particular demands to the company was going a major activity for every Information Technology section and hence size and budget of the section was increasing. Soon the budget of several Information Technology departments ran into 1000000s of dollars and 100s of employees.

Supply Chain Management

The Supply Chain Market ( SCM ) in Asia is poised for a robust growing. The Supply Chain Management is the set of models and procedures assisting organisations in development and bringing of merchandises. The supply concatenation represents the complex relationships of an organisation with its trading spouses through whom it beginnings stuffs, industries merchandises and delivers merchandises or services to the clients. The supply concatenation links all the activities in the procurance, transmutation and storage of natural stuffs and intermediate merchandises, and sale of finished goods.

Figure 1: Generic Configuration of Supply Chain in Manufacturing

The full Supply Chain ( Figure 1 ) is looked across my Supply concatenation direction, instead than a individual entity or degree. The SCM purposes to increase alliance and transparence of supply concatenation ‘s constellation and coordination, irrespective of corporate or functional boundaries.

The turning competition among the makers to retain and pull clients has compelled makers to function clients efficaciously by keeping long-run relationships with the clients.

In the late 1980 ‘s, organisations were looking for ways and means to better their procedure efficiency, and for this intent they revamped their internal procedures. After they succeeded in doing their internal procedures efficient, concerns needed to do their external procedures efficient so that they could cut down the clip and money needed to market and distribute. For this, they had to redefine their relationship with their providers, retail merchants, distributors, and clients. An effectual relationship with these entities increased the demand for information sharing and made them reciprocally dependent. This caused a paradigm displacement in competition from maker VS maker to provide concatenation VS supply concatenation.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling ( APS ) systems, developed in early 1990 ‘s plants on the principal of associating information to different entities in a supply chain- makers, providers, concern spouses and retailers- and doing it available to all entities. These applications are aimed to cut down the stock list degrees of a company through accurate prediction, reduced rhythm times and near perfect programming. Customer degrees are increased as the goods are delivered on clip due to efficiency in the distribution procedure.

Developed by Voluntary Commerce Standards organisation ( VICS ) , collaborative planning, prediction and refilling ( CPFR ) is the sharing of concern information such as promotional planning and trading planning among the concern concatenation spouses for errorless prediction and automatic refilling of goods. CPFR aimed to better the flow of goods from the providers to the makers and eventually to the retail merchant. In the 1990s, the planetary communications leader Motorola faced jobs in run intoing client demand during year-end shopping seasons. Distributors on a regular basis over-ordered for the shopping season, and hence Motorola had to keep immense stock lists, merely to manage these big orders. This left Motorola with a batch of stock list after the season. To avoid this, Motorola deployed a CPFR system in its personal communications division in August 2003. The system was developed by Manugistics Group Inc. , an SCM specializer. The system helped Motorola to join forces with its providers and clients to better the efficiency of the prognosiss, cut down extra stock list and better client service. The coaction was farther extended to other countries like planing and pull offing gross revenues publicities and developing new merchandises.

Radio Frequency Identification ( RFID ) is another engineering adding to the effectivity of SCM. It is a engineering by which the stored informations can be remotely retrieved. The usage of RFID engineering to track the motion of goods started in 1980s and rapidly became popular. RFID engineering used a little device called a ticket which contains a micro chip and an aerial. The micro chip is an incorporate circuit that shops and processes the informations utilizing a given alone merchandise codification. The antenna detects and responds to the wireless signals. The ticket contains informations associating to the merchandise such as the monetary value, coloring material or informations associating to the motions of goods, as they move from provider to the distribution Centres.

Purposes and Aims of the Research

The intent of my research is to happen an empirical survey of the integrating of Supply Chain Management ( SCM ) in the company ‘s of Singapore and providing to international market.

It will be an explorative analysis with the following aims:

Development of a descriptive theoretical account associating to the cardinal factors to the integrating of Supply Chain Management.

Derivation of Hypothesis based on the descriptive theoretical account and tested utilizing informations from questionnaire studies in the selected companies in Singapore.

Findingss on the Hypothesis of which three are positively associated with the perceptual experience of integrating of Supply Chain Management.

These aims are based on the undermentioned inquiries:

How do companies in different industries and sectors manage their Supply Ironss?

What types of systems are presently used by the companies to back up supply and what are the benefits originating out of these systems?

How of import are the different hereafter steps for back uping the company ‘s attempts in SCM and IT.

What are the impacts of the integrating of Supply Chain Management?

It has been discussed that the proficient nature of the subject would necessitate much more accent on puting the context in the signifier of luxuriant Introduction and critical analysis of the text. At the same clip term Successful Integration which is used as the purpose of the research will besides be discussed to put a benchmark above which we can state that any house has successfully integrated into Supply Chain Management. Merely secondary research will be used to put this benchmark.

Recipients of Research

The research will be utile for the top direction of upcoming companies in different sectors which are be aftering to incorporate SCM. The research survey does non concentrate on the companies from any peculiar sector.

Literature Review

Nature of the research makes literature reappraisal jussive mood for the successful completion of the survey. It will organize the footing of my research and will assist in acquiring more lucidity on the subject. Technical natures of the research subject chosen besides require extended literature study. I have taken proficient documents written by analyst and research workers of taking direction colleges. Three such articles have been critically analyzed.

Critical Analysis of Text

Article 1: Warwick Business School ( 2004 ) , Supply Chain Management: An analytical model for critical literature reappraisal.

The reappraisal analysis on the nature of research in the Supply Chain Management. The research gives specific mention to spheres representing supply concatenation as direction subject. The reappraisal aimed at showing a footing for argument and development around the field of supply concatenation direction by trying to place possible spreads, consolidate current acquisition and present possible future waies for development.

The paper classified a planar attack to the literature content analysis to turn to both the degree of analysis and the procedures of Supply Chain Management. The reappraisal besides developed a two dimensional content analysis matrix by uniting the two dimensions i.e. degree of analysis and component of alteration.

Harmonizing to the reappraisal, “ there has been comparative deficiency of theoretical work in the field compared to the empirical based surveies. The writer argues on the fact that theoretical development of is critical to the constitution and development of Supply Chain Management. Besides harmonizing to the writer, from the micro position, increasing figure of organisations is happening it profitable to follow schemes that require the development of closer ‘partnership ‘ relationships with their major providers. This is taking to an attitudinal displacement in behaviour towards the providers besides defined as the thin supply ” . Other of import variables act uponing relationships as described by the reappraisal are:

The sourcing scheme ( individual sourcing, exclusive sourcing, double sourcing, partnering beginnings, multi sourcing etc )

The committedness and attitude to collaborative betterment programmes

The placement of focal house within the entire web

The extent of dependance on the web measured as the proportion of a provider ‘s concern which is dedicated to the supply web to inquiry.

Article 2: Kobenhavn Business School ( 2003 ) , Electronic Markets: A literature reappraisal and a call for Supply Chain Management research.

The reappraisal defines an electronic market place as a historically evolved establishment that allows clients and providers to run into at a certain topographic point and at a certain clip in order to pass on and to denote purchasing or merchandising purposes, which finally match and may be settled. Today the establishment market still does the same, but has on occasion been remodelled due to the development of media. However harmonizing to the reappraisal, owing to the development of modern information and communicating engineering, infinite and clip limitations have been weakened and internet has become the new meeting point.

The reappraisal elaborates different electronic market places necessitating supply concatenation direction by specifying three types of informational-related relationships within the Electronic Marketplaces ( EM ) . This meant that some information may be exchanged on a transactional footing, some on a collaborative footing and some in an informational footing. Beyond this, collaborative relationships require that the other two types have already been implemented.

The paper besides categorise EMs in several ways discoursing purchaser provider relationship. These can be distinguished by following categorizations harmonizing to the writer:

The more stake-holder focussed manner to split EMs into buyer-oriented, impersonal and seller-oriented.

The most consecutive forward classification is in horizontal and perpendicular Ems.

The more price-focused and economic categorization divides EMs into markets with variable or fixed pricing mechanisms.

Ems can be classified sing to the buying procedure “ What ” and “ How ” concern purchase.

Article 3: Carlson School of Management ( 2004 ) , How do Suppliers profit from Information Technology usage in Supply Chain Relationships?

The paper focused on the two types of intangible plus specificity created by provider investings: Business procedure specificity and sphere cognition specificity. Harmonizing to the writer, “ Business procedure specificity arises from the development of relationship-specific modus operandis or standard operating processs for efficient undertaking executing. Domain-knowledge specificity arises from the development of a context-sensitive apprehension of cause-effect relationships that facilitate effectual action and declaration of ambiguities in undertaking planning and executing ” .

In the reappraisal, the writer besides focuses assorted points sing the usage of IT in SCM. Harmonizing to the writer:

The higher the degrees of Supply Chain Management Systems ( SCMS ) usage for development, the greater the degree of business-process specificity in the exchange.

The higher the degrees of SCMS usage for geographic expedition, the greater the degree of domain-knowledge specificity in the exchange.

The association of IT Exploit with business-process specificity is stronger than the association of IT Explore with business-process specificity.

The association of IT Explore with domain-knowledge specificity is stronger than the association of IT Exploit with domain-knowledge specificity.

The higher the degree of SCMS usage for development, the higher the degrees of operational and strategic benefits achieved through the purchase of relationship-specific concern procedures.

The higher the degree of SCMS usage for geographic expedition, the higher the degrees of operational and strategic benefits achieved through the purchase of relationship-specific sphere cognition.

Higher degrees of operational benefits in the exchange are associated with higher degrees of competitory public presentation.

Higher degrees of strategic benefits in the exchange are associated with higher degrees of competitory public presentation.

Research Paradigm

Research Paradigm is about the perceptual experience of the research worker and serves as his/her frame of mention. “ Research Paradigm is footing for comprehension, for construing societal world ” [ Cohen, Manion & A ; Morrison, 200:9 ]

My research hinges around the empirical survey if Information Technology in Supply Chain Management. On the footing of this understanding a study will be constructed to derive first manus penetrations of the issues.

Technical nature of the subject makes it hard to travel for Positivist attack in which information is quantitatively analyzed to pull the decision because it is non possible to delegate figure without adding your ain opinion. Interpretative research doctrine is more suited for this sort of survey and therefore been chosen for my research.

At the same clip my research is Exploratory in nature because I am seeking to derive more understanding and deep penetrations of the research subject utilizing both primary and secondary informations aggregation methods. Again explorative research is supported much better by following interpretative attack for research.

Research Design

A. Research Strategy and Methods of Data Collection

The Primary research method used for informations aggregation will be a combination of Questionnaires and in-depth interviews. Self administered Questionnaires will incorporate a mix of stopping point ended and unfastened ended inquiries. In-depth interview will merely hold unfastened ended inquiries.

Questionnaires will be critical to the full survey because it will organize the foundation of the research. Close ended inquiries will do certain that I am acquiring all the specific information required to pull of import decisions. At the same clip Open Ended inquiries will do certain respondent is able to give his or her penetrations on the research issues, which is of paramount importance in my research. Findingss of Questionnaires will be supplemented with in-depth interviews which once more are imperative looking at the proficient nature of the subject. In-Depth interviews will be conducted for respondents who are higher up in the hierarchy to apprehension and learn from their apprehension of the whole image. Their immense experience and vision will assist in pulling of import decisions.

B. Beginnings of Datas

Looking at the explorative nature of the research immense sum of secondary informations will be exhaustively studied. It will include analyzing of white documents and research documents on Supply Chain in General and integrating of Information Technology in Supply Chain Management in specific by assorted companies and writers. This survey would enable me to understand the implicit in constructs of SCM. Few companies from different sectors will besides be analyzed in order to associate with the bigger image. Web sites of these companies will be used to happen out the product/services offerings, positioning and one-year studies will be used to garner more information.

At the same clip Primary research will be used to further hone the apprehension on the full research subject. It forms the built-in portion of the whole survey.

C. Access and Research Ethical motives

For secondary research there is a batch of stuff in public sphere on this subject. Large companies like Infosys and Dell and large direction colleges like Howard and Warwick have white documents and research documents published which are available on the web sites. Emerald Insight is a really good beginning to happen more published research documents on this article.

When it comes to the Primary informations aggregation it will be made certain that the subject of research is clearly conveyed to the respondents and their responses and individuality will be kept confidential in all respects. In instance of questionnaire ample clip will be provided to the respondents to make full out the responses. Besides option of non replying the inquiry will be kept for some inquiries seeking some sensitive information. Besides, with the aid of my contacts in the industry I am certain that I will be able to entree suited people for my research.

D. Techniques for Analyzing and Interpreting Data

Both in deepness interviews with unfastened ended inquiries and Questionnaires with both unfastened and near ended inquiries will be used to roll up informations.

The full Interviews will be tape recorded and will so be converted into a written papers. Important inside informations about the respondent like Name, Designation, Major Job Responsibilities, Age, and Location will be recorded for internal usage. To do certain information collected is specific inquiries will be kept specific with a clear purpose to accomplish desired nonsubjective. Coding technique will be used to analyze this qualitative information as it is effectual technique of qualitative content analysis.

For the ego administered questionnaire, near ended inquiries will be analyzed utilizing basic statistical methods. Open ended inquiries will once more be analyzed utilizing coding technique.

“ Research workers can develop codifications merely after some initial geographic expedition of the information has taken topographic point, utilizing an immersion/ crystallization or redacting organising manner. A common intermediate attack is when some initial codifications are refined and modified during the analysis procedure. ” ( Miller and Crabtreee, 1999:167 )

Based on the cryptography of questionnaire, a descriptive theoretical account associating to the cardinal factors to the integrating of Supply Chain Management will be developed. Based on this theoretical account, a hypothesis analysis will be undertaken and tested utilizing informations from questionnaire studies in the selected companies in Singapore. Finally, findings on the Hypothesis will be done for three companies that are positively associated with the perceptual experience of integrating of Supply Chain Management.

Population and sample

Executives based in Singapore and keeping direction related profiles with companies incorporating in different sectors which have logistics and supply concatenation as one of their chief map forms the population of my research. Focus on Singapore has been discussed in the really first portion of the research proposal.

Non Probabilistic sampling will be followed to pull out sample out of the population. Sample size would be around 50. Out of sample size 50, Questionnaire will be used for bulk of population and in-depth interview will be used for some respondents. The profile of people will change in order to acquire a holistic image.

Potential Outcome of the Research

The research survey will supply international concern and directors with valuable penetrations and information ‘s on the competitory landscape of Singapore industries within the value-added web system in integrating of Supply Chain Management.

The high degrees of economic sciences success and growing of Singapore have captured international attending and this has positioned Singapore as appropriate scenes for direction research in countries such as scheme, operations and engineering. Last, this research adds to the literature in the integrating of supply concatenation and a footing for future research and survey.

Time Lines and Cost of Research

The agenda of the full research has been given below. Maximum sum of clip will be spent on informations aggregation as it is really of import to happen the right respondent for this sort of research which is proficient in nature. Best Attempt will be made to do certain that these timelines are followed tightly so that there are no faux pas ups during end clip.

Mile StonesA

Duration ( Days )

Fine Tuning Research Objectives


Literature Review




Research Design


Primary Data Collecting


Datas Analysis


Final Write Up




Major cost of the research will be incurred on doing calls chiefly for in-depth interviews and to happen the right sort of respondents.