The end of this experiment is to construct a simple electric motor and detect how it works. I will try to do it whirl equally by attaching it to a battery via jumper overseas telegrams. The independent variable is the battery charge ( 1. 5 V ) and the dependant variable is how fast the motor spins. The lab doesn’t have multiple experiments for us to prove this but I would speculate that the two variables would hold a positive correlativity: higher electromotive force. faster spin.

I built my bantam motor out of magnet wire. a magnet. two paper cartridge holders. a 1. 5 V battery. and two push pins. I curled the magnet wire around the battery so that it was in a spiral form. so pulled the terminals out so that it had dress suits. Then. I used emery paper to pull strings the clear coating on the terminals of the magnetic wire. The paper clips were dead set so that they supported the dress suits of the magnetic wire. or “armature arms” . I had to utilize little plyerss. an excess stuff. to carry through this. I used an old text edition as a support base to carry on the remainder of the experiment with. The paper clip bases were fastened to the base with the two push pins.

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Following. I put the magnet straight under the spiral. and attached two jumper overseas telegrams to each terminal of the battery holder. with the other terminals of the jumper cables attached to the armature arm supports. I gave the “motor” an initial spin to see if it worked. and it really started whirling on its ain a spot. The paper clips were a small lopsided so it merely went a few bends though. I was unable to acquire it to run in contrary.

I would state that my consequences conform to modern theories of natural philosophies and that my consequences back up my anticipation in that I did so acquire my motor to work. even if it was less than ten seconds. I didn’t conduct the experiment with multiple batteries so I can’t see if a higher electromotive force would hold caused it to whirl quicker though. For all the clip constructing it I wish it would hold worked out better though… Honestly. I likely merely messed up the building someway but other beginnings of mistake could be the positing of the magnet. types of stuffs used ( metal type. denseness ) . or arrangement of jumper overseas telegrams of armature supports.


There were some issues acquiring the battery to work. In theory I was trusting for the fan merely to get down whirling. I had to tap the fan to acquire it traveling. which it would for a 2nd it would whirl. and so halt. I repeated this several times but I couldn’t acquire it to travel systematically. It would non whirl in contrary. even with my pat.

Beginnings of Mistake:

Inconsistent wrapper of wire
Battery non being to the full charged
Unstable land or surface used
Issues with magnetic attraction


The experiment supports my hypothesis. which stated the battery would do the motor to whirl. However it did non whirl the manner I imagined. This could hold been due to the beginnings of mistake.