The rubric of Germany being a public assistance province is surely well-deserved. This fact is non merely deep-rooted in the German fundamental law[ 1 ]but besides reflected through the action of its politician.

One of import construct of the Germany authorities is the so called “ Hartz IV reform ” which was developed in 2005 order to cut down the serious job of unemployment.

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In this essay I want to analyze the effectivity of the Hartz IV reform on the state of affairs with unemployment in Germany utilizing the Neoclassical and Keynesian position.

Germany ‘s societal market economic system characterized by Ludwig Ehrhard with the slogan “ Prosperity for All ”[ 2 ]proved to be really successful and led Germany to an economic miracle in the post-war epoch.

However, in the class of the German reunion in Oct.1990 unemployment started to increase and make its extremum at more than 12 % in 2005[ 3 ]. ( app )

In the same twelvemonth the IV reform came into consequence, which is an act by the Social Democratic Party of Germany. Nowadays, there are about 6,7 million people dependent on this indispensable public assistance construct[ 4 ].

The purpose of Hartz IV is based on the major rule of a public assistance province like Germany. Goal is to promote preparedness for work and labour productiveness but besides provide equality of chances and reintegration of unemployed and long-run idle individual.[ 5 ]

This new reform wholly restructured the labor market through making more mini-jobs ( 400euro per month ) , Job Centers which are installations for supplying personal advices, aid and other helpful services for unemployed and the introducing of a so called “ Ich AG ” to actuate idle become freelance individual through province benefits.

The benefit payment for a individual grownup is presently 359 Euro plus rent payment for an appropriate lodging[ 6 ].

Confronting the job of unemployment, on the labor market in Germany, from a neoclassical point of position, there is no manner to make equilibrium of course in the long tally, because the conditions are non given.

First of wholly, there is no perfect competition on the labor market.

This premise is based on three facts. Due to globalisation there are a high figure of interregional migrations, who frequently works for lower rewards. Particularly in Germany, we besides see the phenomenon of intraregional migration ( e.g. East to West ) , because the grade of urbanisation is significantly stronger so the words norm[ 7 ], which besides can take to differences in payments harmonizing to the Harris-Todaro theoretical account[ 8 ]. The 3rd statement refers to the theory of Reinberg and Hummel, which analysis the pay derived functions of different accomplishment types ( app ) . Therefore it is obvious that insufficiently qualified workers easier become unemployed so skilled one[ 9 ].

Furthermore the demand of flexible pay is non given on the labor market in Germany. For every subdivision there is a fixed lower limit pay, and the brotherhoods will non needfully accept lower rewards in order to make equilibrium.[ 10 ]

Another incompatibility is that voluntary unemployed individuals exist shown on the followers ( app )

For case, the minimal pay is 10 Euro. That would extent supply to Q2 and contract demand to Q1. Now, there are low skilled worker able to work for 8 Euros/h. This would make a new equilibrium and at the same clip disheartenment ( Q1 — – Q2 ) for the skilled to work.

In this context, I would wish to advert another ground for voluntary unemployment caused by Hartz IV. Mentioning to a WELT newspaper article, many low-income earner are oppugning their attempt to work, because through Hartz IV they will acquire the same sum of money or even more than working an 8 hr.

Harmonizing to the neoclassical theory, the German public assistance province causes their ain job of unemployment through authorities intercession by making legal minimal rewards and presenting benefits like Hartz IV for unemployed. In order to cut down unemployment, the province must get rid of lower limit rewards, societal security benefits and power of trade brotherhood. In this manner, the labor market will make equilibrium in the long tally.[ 11 ]These steps nevertheless, would wholly belie the German fundamental law as a societal province.

The economic policy of Germany would instead suit, if we analyse the job of unemployment and Hartz IV from a Keynesian position.

Keynesians are naming for a strong politico-economic province. The authorities should take control of the economic system and extinguish market perturbations in order to supply balance of the labour market. To Keynes, labour demand and supply will merely run into by opportunity, because there are many factors act uponing the labor market.[ 12 ]This theory more likely applies to Germany ‘s state of affairs and the debut of the Hartz IV reform as a important province intercession.

The ground why unemployment happens lies on the demand side of labor, which is caused by falling aggregative demand.[ 13 ]In ( app, app ) we can compare the development of unemployment to the development of ingestion in Germany. A clear illustration to foreground the merely mentioned relationship between unemployment and aggregative demand would be the terminal of 2006. The consequence of a high ingestion rate in 2006, lead to a ruin of unemployment in 2007.

Keynes did believe, that in the long tally the labor market may rectify itself. However he doubts it with the quotation mark: “ In the long tally we are all dead ” ( Tract, p. 83 ) .

Another of import theory illustrates the tradeoff relationship between unemployment and rising prices through the so called “ Phillips curve ” . In 2008 there was a high rising prices rate in Germany and at the same clip low unemployment. ( app )

In this context, Keynes mentioned that economic or pecuniary policy like the Hartz IV reform has a long term influence on employment but no a direct influence on rising prices. Inflation is merely illustrated as the nucleus rising prices.[ 14 ]

After presenting the Hartz IV reform, the unemployment rate in Germany was clearly decreased.

Questionable is, if this ruin was caused by Hartz IV or merely due to the world-wide economic roar. Another facet to see is the definition of employment. Harmonizing to the ILO, 1-Euro Jobs or Mini Jobs ( soap. 400Euro/month ) included every bit employment as good[ 15 ]. In ( app ) we can see that the sum of part-time and mini occupations is increasing but full-time occupations were decreased. Still this fact can take to an addition of employment.

Critics say that Hartz IV is counterproductive, as it creates many voluntary unemployment and costs for societal benefits has about doubled since its constitution.[ 16 ]

Fact is that the accomplishment through Hartz IV is by far non clear plenty so the authorities expected 5 old ages ago.