The aim of this research paper is to chiefly speak about the comparings of economic systems, quality of life, armed forcess, medical installations and agricultural facets of North Korea and Cuba. Therefore, it is of import to cognize that, both North Korea and Cuba are Socialist democracies, with legion similarities, and differences.


On his first ocean trip in 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered Cuba. The current capital of Cuba, Havana, was established in 1517, and so it was named as Cuba ‘s capital, officially in 1607. ( “ Cuba ” , 2011 ) Further, as per a survey done by the World Bank, they have found out that the current population in Cuba is, 11,253,665.

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On the other manus, doing North Korea the 48th most thickly settled state in the universe, the whole population of North Korea is 25 million. ( Michell, 2011 ) Besides, North Korea is a state which is non really unfastened to the outside universe. ( North Korea- History & A ; Background, 2012 ) For the past 10 old ages, it has been identified as one of the most close states in the universe. Further, it is among the states which are ruled by the Communist. ( “ North Korea profile ” , 2012 )

Economies of North Korea and Cuba

North Korea ‘s per capita income is about $ 1000. Even if North Korea was really industrialised before 1945, now, 20 % – 25 % of North Koreas agribusiness is coming from their GDP. Further, even if North Korea has a centrally planned economic system, it is still blessed with a batch of mineral resources such as: Gold, Iron, Ore, etc. Furthermore, they own a scope of Uranium and rare Earths. ( Michell, 2011 )

North Koreas Economy:

Grosss: $ 3.2 bn. ( 2007 est. )

GDP $ 40 bn. ( 2009 est. )

Growth rates: 0.9 % ( 2009 est. )

Labor force: 12.2 m

Exports ( 2009 ) : $ 1.9 bn.

Export spouses ( 2010 ) : China 50.3 %

Brazil 5.7 %

Lebanon 4.7 %

Imports ( 2009 ) : $ 3.096 bn.

( Beginning: CIA World Fact book )

In contrast, Cuba is non a state who has a opinion category, whom does non work, and merely govern the state. It is a state with most authorities wage axial rotation workers. Even if the life in Cuba is non really easy, it ‘s life, and its economic system is manner better than many other 3rd universe states. Monthly, an mean individual makes about 200 pesos ( $ 10 US ) . Since the US dollar is largely used in Cuba, about 40 % of the people have entree to US dollars. ( “ Students for pupils ” , n.d ) Further, chief industries like: Sugar, crude oil, baccy, building, Ni, steel, cement, agricultural machinery, pharmaceuticals, etc. are some of the chief industries, which gives big values from the one-year end product. ( CIA World Factbook, 2012 )

Quality of Life

In order to construct up a better hereafter in North Korea, instruction is considered to be an of import fact. This thought has become clearerbecause, it has been changed into a ace mobilized society which is controlled by the province. To accomplish this transmutation, they have improved their instruction system in a alone mode. Education is wholly free of charge to all the immature North Korean ‘s, with pre-school instruction, along with 11 old ages of instruction which is compulsory. ( North Korea-aˆ¦ , 2012 )

However, North Koreans look more genitive in roll uping money, than accumulating felicity as a quality for their lives. They are more interested in being rich, than being happy. And their chief motivation is to do money. Further, another possible factor impacting the North Korean quality of life is the close observation and the control by their governments. Furthermore, ordinary North Koreans make joint personal businesss with powerful organisations to go better in their single lives. ( Kim et al, n.d. )

Cuba on the other manus, can be seen as the entire antonym of North Korea. Even if they are rich or hapless, and even if they have money or non, they still enjoy their life with the basic demands. On the other manus, instruction vise, Cuban childs receive a minimal educational degree up to the 9thgrade, and they have the pick of either completing high school, or go toing university. All the disbursals are done by the authorities for free. ( “ Students for pupils ” , n.d. )

Military Divergences

North Korea is a state that spends a batch of money on militarism. As a consequence, in October 2006, North Korea was distributing the intelligence of success, all over the territory, when they gave a attempt out to their first atomic arm. However, since so, tonss of intensive diplomatic attempts have been made to interrupt their atomic aspirations. So, in February 2007, Pyong Yan decided to shut down their cardinal atomic activator after so many treatments, so that North Korea would acquire international assistance, and some more privileges. Therefore, in order to stop their atomic activities, North Korea stepped out of abroad treatments in April 2009. However, even if the criterions of exercise, self control and the equipments in the North Korean armed forces are recorded to be low, North Korea handles one of the biggest active forces and militarism. ( “ North Korea profile ” , 2012 )

Now the universe can take a breath suspiration of alleviation due to the stoping of the atomic war. In order to lend to peace in an of import manner, US President, Kennedy removed the Cuban missiles. Further, he has promised that, America will non assail Cuba, and will take attention of the US naval barrier, which is set on the island. However, the barrier will be at that place until the UN confirms that the Cuban missiles are dismantled. Furthermore, as a portion of some colony, Fidel Castro, the President of Cuba was angry because he was non consulted on the contract. As a consequence, he ordered all the Americans to go forth the base at Guantanamo, which was used by the American ground forces for 6 decennaries. ( “ 1962: World reliefaˆ¦ ” , n.d. )

Medical Facilities

As per a survey done by the human rights, they have found out that North Korea is unable to provide the most of import medical installations for their people. As a consequence, they have found out barely working infirmaries, hapless cleanliness, and a greater proportion of malnutrition. ( “ Amnesty Warnsaˆ¦ ” , 2010 )

Many people are enduring due to malnutrition, and they besides face medical jobs due to several deaths and poorness. Further, the economic roar of the state is increasing quickly, and it has been a dismaying state of affairs to their medical system. As a consequence, an estimated sum of one million people past off due to famishment and hungriness related diseases in 1990 ‘s. ( Schaefer, 2010 ) As the World Health Organization ( WHO ) figures show, Pyong Yang has merely spent less than $ 1 per individual on medical installations yearly. ( “ Amnesty Warnsaˆ¦ ” , 2010 ) Due to this state of affairs, North Koreas need a batch of foreign assistance yearly, to avoid hungriness and repeat. ( Schaefer, 2010 )

Cuba on the other manus, even if they are known as a hapless developing state, they are really rich in their human resources such as: Doctors, applied scientists, catastrophe direction experts, etc. These installations have allowed this small Caribbean state to play an of import function in medical installations, and give unselfish assistance than the richer states of the West. ( Al Jazeera, n.d. )

Even after the temblor struck Haiti, among the many helpful states, Cuba, with their medical squad of physicians, have played an of import function. Harmonizing to the public wellness experts, Cuban physicians have been the first people to put up wellness assistance among the scattered topographic points, and re-invent those infirmaries right after the temblor. Dr.Carlos Alberto Garcia, the squad coordinator for Cuba says that, the Cuban physicians, nurses and other wellness forces have been working non halt, twenty-four hours and dark, with operating suites unfastened 18 hours a twenty-four hours. ( Al Jazeera, n.d. )

In comparing, since the early 1990 ‘s, Cuba started “ Organic agribusiness ” , in order to acquire off from the nutrient crisis. And in 1993, Cuban authorities successfully got over this by a batch of province farms, by change overing them into concerted production. So, even if the husbandmans did n’t have their land, they were allowed to lease the land for free, every bit long as they produced their cardinal harvests. ( ‘Organic Agricultureaˆ¦ ” , n.d. )

Agricultural facets of North Korea and Cuba

In order to increase the production of North Korea ‘s agricultural end product, they are allowing the husbandmans to maintain their merchandises. Harmonizing to the Reuters intelligence bureau, this will assist the state to cut down malnutrition, and will assist them to increase supplies. Because of that, husbandmans will be encouraged to turn more nutrient. ( Fawcett, 2012 )

Due to the growing of agribusiness and building, North Korea ‘s economic system has increased during the last twelvemonth. As per an estimation done by the bank of North Korea, the economic system has expanded by 0.8 % in 2011, after increasing buildings by 0.5 % in 2010. For the last 6 old ages, North Korea ‘s economic system grew two times. ( “ North Korean economic system growsaˆ¦ ” 2012 )

However, since the state ‘s dirt had n’t been used decently, and due to hapless farming techniques, North Korea needs proper fertiliser. Further, harmonizing to a survey, even if North Korea needs about 5 million tones of nutrient to feed their people, in early 1990 ‘s their one-year end product has been 3.5 – 4.7 million. ( Fawcett, 2012 )

In comparing, Cuba was good organized and had two methods of agribusiness. They are: Organic agribusiness and urban agribusiness. In organic agribusiness, Cuban ‘s born-again province farms into concerted productions. Even if the husbandmans did non have their land, they were allowed to sell their inordinate nutrient harvests, so that it will be an inducement for the provincials to turn more, utilizing new natural engineerings such as: Bio fertilisers, Earth worms, compost, etc. Further, in order to increase production, provincials used old engineerings like: interplanting and manuring. As a consequence, every four old ages, four million tones of fruits and veggies are produced in the capital of Cuba, Havana.This system has given many advantages to the Cuban ‘s such as: Guaranting national nutrient security, guaranting a stable income, etc. Further, since the Cuban ‘s are utilizing fewer sums of pesticides for their agricultural merchandises, that has besides been helpful to hold a positive, long term impact because, such chemicals are normally associated with many negative medical jobs like malignant neoplastic disease. ( “ Organic agricultureaˆ¦ ” , n.d. )

On the other manus, since the population of metropoliss around the universe is turning continuously, like many other communities, Cuba besides started “ City agribusiness ” , in order to bring forth cost effectual, greenish fruits and veggies. Even if so many other states are in their early phases of this development, Cuba is one of the most successful states who is been making urban agribusiness for many old ages. Further, Cuba ‘s eco friendliness, and the ability of making proper metropolis agriculture, has inspired batch of metropolis undertakings around the universe. Havana has a population over 2 million, and there are about 200 metropolis farms that grow many veggies such as: Lettuce, tomatoes, Sweet murphies, Spinacia oleracea, herbs, and many more harvests which are sold stingily in their local markets. ( Shaikh, n.d. )

However, when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, Cuba had to confront a major recession called “ The Particular Time period ” . This happened due to the sudden prohibitionist up of inexpensive oil. Since the Cuban agriculture methods depended to a great extent on oil for tractors and other machines, there was an of import rearrangement of bring forthing nutrient, which led to din in metropolis agriculture. ( Shaikh, n.d. )


As per the research done above, Cuba is better off than North Korea, due to its huge resources in medical installations, agribusiness and quality of life. However, in comparing, North Korea is more advanced in their armed forcess and economic system than Cuba. Therefore, it is hard to understand which state is at an advantage over the other, as they are both advanced in their ain Fieldss.