In the growing of economic development, there are no uncertainties that entrepreneurs play an of import function. The word enterpriser is from Gallic, the original significance is a specific commercial undertaking is undertaken by an person who is empowered by person with money to put However, these sorts of undertakings are normally hazardous for investor and enterprisers. The enterprisers besides can be seen as heroes, who as self-starting persons bring the new merchandises ‘ benefits to the universe markets with undertake immense personal hazard. ( wickham, 2006 ) . However, a unvarying theoretical account for the inquiries: what is the difference between director and enterpriser does n’t be. This paper will seek to utilize both economic and managerial positions to explicate the function of enterpriser and indicate the differentiation between enterpriser and director. ( Kao,1991 )

Economic position

1. The function of Coordinator

Gallic economic expert Say was the first adult male who gave the enterpriser a function of the commanding officer of production coordination. Say believed that labour force can be farther divided into 3 groups as follows: scientific research worker, enterpriser and labour. The undertaking for scientific research worker is making and providing cognition, the undertaking for enterpriser is utilizing the cognition to accomplish some peculiar aims, and the undertaking for labour is making the particular work which was ordered by director. Thus, all the production procedures are the combination of these 3 groups labour force, nevertheless, the map of enterpriser is the driving force of the production, which includes coordination, determination devising and premise of hazard. Entrepreneur as a cardinal hub of production procedure collects the information, makes the determination and plays an of import function in the co-ordinate the relationship between people, capital, goods, supplies and selling. In footings of distribution, Say believed that enterpriser as coordinator should pay all sorts of input factors with market monetary value, and the payment for enterpriser is the residuary income of the entrepreneurial venture. ( Cassion, 1982 )

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2. The function of pioneer

The function of pioneer for enterpriser is given by American economic expert Schumpeter, harmonizing to Schumpeter, the advanced action of enterpriser is the root cause of the concern rhythm and economic development. Furthermore, the invention is making a new sort of production map, conveying a new combination which includes new production factors and new production status into production system. In peculiar, this new combination or invention contains five subdivisions: present new merchandises to the market or better the quality of bing merchandises ; present new engineering, in other word, new production method ; open up a new market ; command the new beginnings of stuff supply and accomplish the organisational signifiers of endeavors ( specific compose elephantine trusts and monopolies ) . In Schumpeter ‘s position, enterpriser is non inventor, entrepreneur decides to apportion resources in order to make a good status for innovation, and enterpriser is non risk taker, the people who provide a loan to entrepreneur would set about the hazard. Therefore, the enterpriser which be defined by Schumpeter really is a determination shaper who make advanced determination and director. Harmonizing to Schumpeter ‘s logic, enterpriser foremost make advanced determination, so put to death advanced determination, eventually the new combination will be created. Under the free market system, this new combination will convey benefits to entrepreneur and interrupt the bing equilibrium of economic system. However, this presentation consequence will make many impersonator to follow up, and the consequence of competition will cut down the chances of deriving net incomes, and so a new equilibrium will be created. Therefore, the consequence of enterpriser as a pioneer is interrupting the market equilibrium with invention to force the economic development. ( Casson, 1982. Drucker, 2006 )

3. The function of uncertainness load

In the economic theories which related to entrepreneur, uncertainness load is the common function which economic expert gave to entrepreneur ; most economic experts believed that the chief responsibilities for enterprisers are disputing the uncertainness environment. American economic expert Hawley points that merely the proprietor of the endeavor can truly set about the uncertainness and hazard, so the enterpriser must be the proprietor of the endeavor. Hawley thought that enterprisers are non production factors ; they are uncertainness loads and sorts of motivational factors. All sorts of production factors and methods are controlled and commanded by enterprisers. But it does non intend that enterpriser is merely the director, director can be hired by paying fixed salary, and the enterpriser needs to do the determinations like: what should be produced, how to bring forth and how many merchandises should be produced, and set about the uncertainness and hazard which is associated with the determination. Merely the proprietor of the endeavors can make these responsibilities and have the abilities to set about the uncertainness and hazard. American economic expert Knight besides believed that enterpriser is uncertainness load. Knight foremost researched a perfect general equilibrium status, he thought that in the perfect market, monetary value system can repair all the jobs about production and distribution which the economic system system faced, and the net net income did n’t be. Then Knight brought the uncertainness factors into the market and purely made a differentiation between uncertainness and hazard, hazard and hazard determination can be fixed by director utilizing chance computations method. But the uncertainness can non be fixed by utilizing chance computation, so director can make nil about it, merely enterpriser can set about the responsibility for uncertainness decision-making. If the determination is right, enterpriser can acquire the residuary income and net net income, if the determination is incorrect, enterpriser should set about the eventful losingss. In Knight ‘s position, enterpriser could be the proprietor or a portion proprietor of endeavor, nevertheless, enterpriser can non be proprietor of the endeavor, they can merely be set in the enterpriser ‘s place by the endeavor laminitis, this state of affairs is called intrapreneur. ( Casson, 1982. Wickham, 2006 )

4. The function of medium merchandiser

The function of medium merchandiser for enterpriser is given by Austrian economic expert Kirzner, Kirzenr pointed that enterpriser is the chief organic structure which promoted the development of market construction. In Kirzenr ‘s position, enterprisers have the incisively alertness to happen out the net income chances in the market, and merely the people who has this sort of watchfulness can be called enterpriser. This sort of alertness Lashkar-e-Taibas entrepreneurs can sell the merchandises with the monetary value which is higher than payment. This typical trailing benefits behavior of enterprisers makes market traveling frontward in equilibrium, entrepreneurs become a equaliser in the market. ( Casson, 1991 )

5. The function of critical determination shaper

British economic expert Casson brought the rule of entrepreneurial opinion to the universe market. The enterpriser had been defined as the people who specially made critical determination about scarce natural resources. The critical determination is the determination which entirely rely on the private opinion of determination shaper, there is no any individual provably right regulation for determination shaper to utilize during the determination devising procedure, the lone information that determination shaper can utilize is the public information. So different people will do the different determination even they faced the same state of affairs. ( Casson,1982 )

Management position

Kao ( 1991 ) described that hazard undertaken, invention and entrepreneurial venture creative activity are the equivalent word of entrepreneurship to a certain extent, these words merely depict some parts of some enterprisers, furthermore, if these parts are basic and prerequisite for enterprisers, whether the president of IBM Thomas Watson or the president of McDonald ‘s Ray Kroc is unqualified for being a enterpriser. However, in the existent universe, cipher would differ that they are enterprisers. The ground for this job is that the function of enterpriser is an outlook function in the economic theory, the entrepreneurship do n’t hold excessively much direct pattern in the economic theory. Nevertheless, direction emphasizes practical research methods, it describes the behavior form of enterpriser as the managerial behavior which despite the restriction of resource status, merely concentrate on gimmicks and takes full advantage of chances. Correspondingly, the managerial behavior which merely pays attending to the owned resources can be called the behavior form of director, the relationship between enterpriser and director can be described by follow diagram which can do a clear differentiation between enterpriser and director. ( Kao. 1991. Minkes,1987 )

Motivation of enterpriser ‘s behavior form

Description dimensions

Motivation of director ‘s behavior form

Extinction of old chances.

New engineering industries.

The alteration of consumer behavior.

Social value thought transmutation.

The alteration of authorities policy.

Strategic orientation

Entrepreneur: driven by chances

Director: driven by resource

Poor sensitive for chances,

the restraint of monopoly for owned resources or capitals.

Short-run direction public presentation orientation.

The advantage of forestall the market.

The warrant of hazard direction.

Personal or minority decision-making mechanism.

Business determination

Entrepreneur: resolute, quick

Director: hesitate, decelerate

Group decision-making

Lower the hazard

Fit the endeavor owned resource

The demand of entire resources is difficult to calculate.

The deficiency of long-run stably control for resources.

The restriction of resource allowance.

The manner of obtain resources

Entrepreneur: scaling, a little sum.

Director: one-off, a big sum.

cut downing the person hazard and necessitating obtain more suited resources at erstwhile ; necessitating the endeavor has more stable gross and doing the short-run net incomes as a criterion of endeavor inner rating attack to promote the directors to make more resources support ;

Professional resource is merely for short term demand.

Resource which owned by themselves may be forced to devaluate.

Make higher resources fluidness,

Decrease of disposal cost.

The manner to command the resources

Entrepreneur: market minutess mode.

Director: concern organisation manner.

The demand of power, place and payment.

Internal benefits

The demand of steady production and quality control.

Avoid rivals to acquire the resources

The demand of coordinate key resource which do n’t belong to organisation,

Enhance organisational flexibleness,

Create democratic organisation environment

Organization construction

Entrepreneur: level type ( include informal webs )

Director: formal type

The demand of clear responsibility and permission

The demand of organisation civilization

The demand of reward system.

Market value of concern will lift by person ‘s prospective,

The demand of investing,

The demand of competition of the high-ability gifted individuals.

Honoring scheme

Entrepreneur: driven by market value, performance-based.

Director: driven by place security, resource-based

Traditional societal codification

It is difficult to mensurate the part from single to the endeavor ‘s market value.

Public stockholders think the payment for the director excessively high to be acceptable.

( Beginning: John. J. Kao. ( 1991 ) . The Entrepreneurial organisation, P190. New Jersey. Prentice Hall )

1. Strategic orientation

Strategic orientation is the endeavor ‘s strategic guiding political orientation, for enterpriser, the strategic orientation is driven for chances, the enterprisers are really sensitive to chances, when enterprisers make the endeavor scheme, they merely pay close attending to the bing chances in the market and do n’t see the state of affairs of ain existing resources. For Manager, strategic orientation is driven for resources, when directors make the endeavor scheme ; they merely see how to take advantage of the bing resources in the endeavors. From the position of strategic orientation analysis, the motive of enterpriser ‘s behavior form includes Extinction of old chances, new engineering industries, the alteration of consumer behavior, Social value thought transmutation and the alteration of authorities policy. The motive of director ‘s behavior form includes hapless sensitive for chances, the restraint of monopoly for owned resources or capitals and director pay a batch of attendings on endeavor ‘s short-run public presentation appraisal but ignore the chances for the long-run endeavor development. ( Kao. 1991. Minkes,1987 )

2. Business determination

In this portion, enterpriser and director has some distinguishes in taking advantage of chances, doing determinations and implementing determinations. In this portion, the behavior of enterpriser is decisive and speedy ; enterprisers have a greater watchfulness for the chances and stress the invention of the determination, the behavior of director is focus on steady the chief. The directors emphasize gradual procedure and do n’t travel rapidly to do a determination. The directors ever do the compromising determination. The chief ground for these differentiations is that enterprisers and directors have different degrees in invention capableness, esthesia of chances and hazard undertaken. The motive of enterpriser ‘s behavior form includes speedy decision-making can allow enterprise come in the market earlier and construct market entryway barriers ; hazard direction can guarantee enterprise traveling into and out the new undertaking rapidly ; the figure of determination shapers is few, the responsibility and hazard of the determination can be undertaken by single ( enterpriser ) , this manner promote the invention and do the determination flexible. Correspondingly, the motive of director ‘s behavior form includes that directors ever do the group decision-making, to make common consent, the determination would be discussed for many times and eventually acquire a via media proposal. Furthermore, directors would guarantee the bing resources can be to the full used, so they merely accept the undertaking which fit the bing resources, and directors would decelerate down the decision-making procedure and roll up adequate information in order to take down the hazard. ( Kao. 1991. Busenitz & A ; Barney,1997 ) .

3. The manner of obtain resources

The manner to obtain resources is traveling to explicate the different between the enterprisers and the directors on handling the job on how to obtain resources. The behavior of the enterpriser is based on venture orientation to happen out the chances which is non based on the resources. The enterprisers concern about how to utilize the chances, and think about which measure during the procedure of formulating and implementing necessitate what sort of resources ; so, obtain the resources sporadically and little, regular does, seeking to accomplish the largest value utilizing the minimum resources. Normally, the behavior of directors is based on resources orientation, their intent is traveling to obtain the support from immense sum of resources. The directors expect when they implement schemes and programs can obtain immense sum of resources at erstwhile, so they can utilize these resources to stabilise the operating of endeavor and avoid hazard. Therefore, the enterprisers must bear more hazard than the directors. ( Kao. 1991. Fraja,1996 )

However, sometimes the managerial behavior is forced to be given to entrepreneurs ‘ , there are some grounds to do this state of affairs: directors fail to calculate how much resources they need during procedure of implement the scheme or programs, they have to obtain the resources sporadically ; the commanding degree is traveling to alter by the changing of environment, the directors may recognize that obtaining resources sporadically could cut down the costs ; possibly there are restrictions on obtain immense sum of resources at erstwhile. Meanwhile, the behavior of enterprisers will be forced to camp to troughs ‘ , there are some grounds as below: cut downing the person hazard and necessitating obtain more suited resources at erstwhile ; necessitating the endeavor has more stable gross and doing the short-run net incomes as a criterion of endeavor inner rating attack to promote the directors to make more resources support ; . ( Kao. 1991. Minkes,1987 )

4. The manner to command the resources

The enterprisers and the directors have immense differences on the manner to command the resources. The enterprisers are willing to utilize market-trade manner, utilizing impermanent contract or short-run rental to widely utilize the resources in the market. This attack can guarantee that the enterprisers can command the best resources in the market at any clip under the different chances and different schemes. However, the directors believe that merely the permanence contract or long-run rental can utilize or command these resources, they are willing to set all the resources in the interior portion of endeavor. There are some grounds cause that the behavior of directors ‘ forced to be given to entrepreneurs ‘ : the directors need more professional resources in a really short clip, but from the facet of cost and hazard there is no demand to have it in a long clip ; there exist hazard to have a or rent a resources in a long clip what if the value of the resources will fall down in the characteristic ; doing short-run rental or impermanent contract can better the liquidness of resources, and cut down cost of direction. Meanwhile the grounds cause the behavior of enterprisers ‘ forced to be given to directors ‘ are as below: there are positive correlativities between directors ‘ power-ship, place, wagess and the figure of resources the endeavor owning ; the whole process procedure are finished in interior portion of endeavor which can guarantee the stableness and measure of process ; keeping a long-run ownership to a resources can avoid the rivals to keep it. . ( Kao. 1991. Fraja,1996 )

5. Organization construction

The enterprisers and the directors need different organisation construction of endeavor. The former demand construct up an informal net organisation of level construction to insight the chance, utilize the flexible and effectual steps to the market resources ; and the latter need a formal organisation construction to command the resources, therefore they need to construct up a formal hierarchy construction. The grounds that enterprise direction may be given to the level construction as below: the level construction can better flexibleness to the organisation ; make a democratic environment to those members who do non accept the formal hierarchy construction, and give them a autonomy. Meanwhile, the grounds that enterprise direction may be given to the hierarchy construction as below: the endeavor need a more clear divider to the responsibility and bounds of power to suit the more complicated direction maps ; to suit the demand of wagess mechanism. . ( Kao. 1991. Fraja,1996 )

6. Honoring scheme

The enterprisers expect the market value of their endeavors can better a batch every bit good as their personal plus, and the manner to better the value of endeavor is traveling to better the public presentation of their endeavors ; hence, the enterprisers make the rewarding scheme which is based on the public presentation of the endeavor. Harmonizing to the public presentation of endeavor and every member ‘s part the enterpriser will use the different wagess. This sort of honoring manner is more similar wage dividends. However, the troughs focus on their ain net incomes, such as the place in the endeavor and stabilize of their controlling resources ; hence, the troughs normally make the rewarding scheme based on the resources of endeavor, harmonizing to every member ‘s responsibility and their parts to the controlling resources, the director will use the different wagess ; and this is more like a places publicity to the members. So, to the people who forecast the endeavor value is traveling to increase, they like to anticipate the enterpriser ‘s manner rewarding scheme. However, to the normal shareholders who can non higher income bing, they would anticipate the director ‘s manner rewarding scheme. ( Kao. 1991. Minkes,1987 )

To sum up, this paper foremost described the function of enterpriser in the economic position, as it can be seen above ; the function of enterpriser can be divided into five subdivisions as follows: The function of Coordinator, The function of pioneer, the function of uncertainness load, the function of medium merchandiser and the function of critical determination shaper. Harmonizing to Wickham ( 2006 ) , “the enterpriser is an person who lives and maps within a societal scene. Entrepreneurs are non characterised by every action they take, but by a peculiar set of actions aimed at the creative activity of new wealth with their ventures.” The 2nd portion, in the direction position, this paper analyzes the relationship between enterpriser and director. The analysis is based on Kao ‘s diagram, it points out many differentiations between enterpriser and director from six parts as follows: Strategic orientation, Business determination, The manner of obtain resources, The manner to command the resources, Organization construction and Rewarding scheme. At last, it can be concluded that enterpriser is non another director. ( Wickham, 2006 )