Cambodia is a developing state which is located in Southeast Asia and has a long history in development. About 80 % of the entire population is populating in the rural countries as husbandman and national economic system strongly depend on the agricultural merchandise, fabrication, and exporting the natural resources to the other states. For about two decennaries from 1960s Cambodia gone through several civil wars that is the major obstruction to develop the state ‘s economic system but in this subdivision, I would wish to depict the tendency of economic sciences development of Cambodia since 1975. As we know from 1975 to 1979, it was a period of Khmer paint government that had Pol Pot as the caput of the province. During that period, the whole economic system was collapse since there were no free economic sciences activities ; all the bing civilization, societal, substructure and economic systems were destroyed even the fiscal system that we consider as the chief sector to promote the economic growing in the state besides destroyed because the state-currency ( Riel ) was abolished and no bank operation within the state. In add-on, most of the population was fled to the countryside to work in groups as famer and monetary value of all trade goods rose dramatically since the first twelvemonth war. In the late 1979, Pol Pot government was ended and in 1991 peace came back once more after the Paris Peace Accords. Cambodia ‘s economic system alteration from socio-economy to the market -oriented after received a stableness of political relations. For the following 10 old ages, there were a batch of reforms in order to beef up the state ‘s economic system. As the beginning of passage period in 1993, the economic status recognized as the depended economic system significance that it depend on the foreign assistance under the aid from many NGOs which work in the map of poorness decrease. In order to pull foreign investing, in August 1994 Cambodia enacted the Investment Law and the Government created the Council for the Development of Cambodia ( CDC ) . Harmonizing to the World Bank, foreign investing in Cambodia has dramatically increased since 1994. In 1995 the GDP growing was 7 % and rising prices was reduced until 6 % and the economic system continues to growing until 1997 so it seems to decelerate down because of regional economic crisis. By that clip, some international assistance was cut down to lend to Cambodia and suspended their assistance providing activities. At the same clip, foreign direct investing besides dramatically decreased because a batch of foreign houses reduced their production. However, shortly after Cambodia economic system started to recovery and in April 1999 Cambodia became a member of Asian and besides joined AFTA order to entree to ASEAN markets and advance the foreign investing but Kampuchean economic continues to confront some challenges from both internal and external that I will explicate below.

This figure below illustrates the chief export production and GDP growing from 2003 to 2008. In

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2008 Cambodia face the economic recession which is influence from the planetary economic system but as

the anticipation of the World Bank Cambodia economic system will better in the following few old ages.

Regional Integration for Sustainable Development

After cognizing some history of Cambodia ‘s economic state of affairs, I will turn to about the benefit of Cambodia that decided to incorporate with the regional economic system. In the epoch of globalisation, economic integrating is continues to turn as we can see the illustration of EU, NAFTA ( North American Free Trade Area ) . The lone ground is they want to organize together to advance their ain economic development every bit good as in the whole part and Cambodia is besides holding the same position as those states. It classified in to two wide classs viz. modest and deep regional integrating. Modest refer to free trade country ( FAF ) or discriminatory trade agreement ( PTA ) for mooing duties and deep regional integrating is seek to incorporate in footings of imposts and seek to accomplish the common market which is free flow of capital, labour goods and services. There are some chances that Cambodia expected to acquire. For illustration, Cambodia can take the advantage of economic systems of graduated table by enlarging the range of production and pulling FDI for the intent of developing export-oriented. By advancing FDI, it will make more occupation chances for Kampuchean people and it can besides harvest benefits of reassigning engineering and cognition. In add-on, it will let Cambodia to happen out their comparative advantages every bit good as enhance the efficient allotment of resources and it will advance greater competition by increasing the productivenesss and heighten the quality of goods and services. Besides, Cambodia can besides accomplish the common involvement and joint the attempts in the international sphere which means that they have common think in development and assist one another to protect the regional benefit. And it can cut down or get rid of trade and investing barriers such as duty and non-tariff barriers to better the conveyance webs.

Cambodia and the ASEAN Free Tread Area

As I describe in the old subdivision, regional economic integrating is really indispensable for

Cambodia to develop the state but wherever the benefit exists, it ever accomplished by challenges every bit good. For this portion, we will hold a expression what are the negative effects from integrate in the regional economic. First, economic integrating will decidedly advance the economic growing but accomplishing growing with unfairness is a job because there is no 1 knows for certain that all of those benefit will loosely shared among the hapless. Generally, the rich people would bask the big sum of benefit ; it is non much travel to better the populating criterion of the hapless, in the field of instruction, wellness attention or other substructure for the public services. Second, most of the Kampuchean populations are famer, so the agricultural merchandises are the possible comparative advantages that Cambodia reveals. However, it will present a large challenge to agribusiness sector in Cambodia since there still deficiency of the ways to entree to assorted input, finance, engineering, and information, so how can Cambodia could vie with the others in the free economic. Third, encourage FID will present trouble for little and average endeavors in domestic state because local deficiency of skill workers, modern engineering to increase the productiveness and the quality of the local merchandises still limited, so it could non vie with the import merchandise. Particularly there is no protection from the authorities as a consequence from authorities does non hold budget to back up them and deficiency of specific mechanism to protect the local investors. Fourth, pollution is besides the major concern. As we can see the figure of industry rise is associated with some of environmental jobs such as dirt, air, and H2O pollution which is release from the industrial. It truly impact to the human wellness. In add-on the natural resources are besides depreciated under the signifier of deforestation, and exploit other resources. Sixth, under the member of AFTA the authorities has to follow the duty decrease, so the authorities gross will travel down in the short and average term before the authorities can set the revenue enhancement reform. Sing to heighten the new revenue enhancement reform scheme, authorities has to follow a new revenue enhancement jurisprudence that can cover all the economic activities like income revenue enhancement, dividends, medical services, investing jurisprudence, revenue enhancement on wage of employers and employees, application and revenue enhancement on endeavors, and so on. It is complicated and somehow it will impact many sectors every bit good. In drumhead, Cambodia lags far behind many other Southeast Asiatic states in assorted economic, societal and political facets even fall ining AFTA is the initial procedure of Cambodia to extent the market but there are besides appear many challenges. If Cambodia non capable plenty to cover with all of those issues decently, it will go a negative consequence to Cambodia.

Strengthening Government through Enhanced Public Financial Management

Enhance public finance direction is an of import component of the beef uping the planetary administration in the state even we have some challenges from unfastened free trade but authorities have to take some clip to follow to the new policies as good. The Government shall explicate and set up a clear vision of public fiscal direction. More significantly, finance reform enhances answerability and efficiency to ease the economic integrating excessively. To success in this work depend on advancement made in other cardinal pillars of good administration. The visions of public fiscal direction system should carry through a set of coveted features which consistent with best patterns and criterion. Those coveted features are: the budget covers all facets of authorities operations including long term budget funding and debt direction planning. In add-on, make legal separation of maps and financial power for the national. And

the acquisition, deployment, disposal of authorities assets and resources including human resources are opening competitory, political, non-discriminatory and transparent. The authorities bureaus will ease the regular study on fiscal minutess and incorporate fiscal and budget direction information and accounting system. Furthermore, each ministry should set up the internal audit commission to direct the readying and pull off the internal audit program. In order to construct the finance system as describe above, it requires to do up of four operational bomber systems viz. , accounting and dealing processing systems, budgeting systems, grosss systems, and entree systems. First, the accounting systems have to consistent and follow the national accounting criterion in order to command the information in all of the public and private sectors. Second budget systems, it created to embrace programme based analysis of resource deployment and monitoring of the usage of resources. It besides observes both authorization and duty of budget implemented. Third is effectual usage of gross which means that it has to be balance between income and disbursal. Last, all of the regulations and ordinances from the authorities have to be easy to entree from the public significance that it has to open to scrutiny by all interested parties, inside and outside of authorities to see the public presentation effectual usage of resources and easy to compare with the budget based. All in all, the fiscal direction is work under the aid from many sectors every bit good as the four operating subsystems. However, Cambodian ‘s authorities has confident in doing positive alterations in the short hereafter in order to make the ultimate ends of heightening growing, employment and equity.

The regional attempt in ASEAN to make a common currency

In the old parts we already know what are the Cambodia attempt to go a ASEAN member and to incorporate its ain economic system within the part, so in this portion I would wish to pull your attending to hold a expression at what are the regional states do to make a common currency because it is one of the ultimate ends that ASEAN states try to accomplish in 2025 in order to beef up the regional development every bit good as attempt to forestall the external influence over the states ‘ regional currency. The consciousness of organizing currency brotherhood significantly increase since ASEAN crisis in 1997. It was a possible harmful in ASEAN as we can see it effected to the whole part economic system by increasing the rising prices, incompatibility in fiscal system, devalue of accomplished state ‘s currency, trade shortage and so on. In add-on, by seeing the major benefit of currency brotherhood as a good facilitator in trading, cut downing dealing cost in cross boundary concern, taking volatility in exchange rate, and increasing the foreign and domestic investors within the regional states. All of the states try to set much of the attempt to make the common currency because it is like the common linguistic communication for all ASEAN states to pass on in footings of making concern, trade between states or other development field in the regional development. And it provides a good environment for sharing information about monetary values and cut downing the dealing cost under the signifier of bilateral understanding or regional understanding, So after this crisis ASEAN have been taken several stairss to forestall such of this event go on once more or at less could supply early warning. Initially, established the Manila Frame work Group which endorsed by 18 leaders of the economic systems of APEC on November 25, 1997 to better the economic and proficient cooperation, and domestic fiscal system that intended to increase the high-level of frequence and quality of fiscal stableness. And on December 15, 1997, ASEAN states agreed to do extra support that available for future problem of economic systems in the part. In add-on, under the support of IMF, ASEAN caput of provinces adopted the regional surveillance mechanism which emphasize on preventative attempts to avoid fiscal crises and particularly show their committedness of unfastened trade and investing with ASEAN.3. Furthermore, World Bank and ADB besides play an of import function as a equal force per unit area to advance, and better the regulative and model of fiscal markets in order to hold a best pattern in the part. And in 2000, the expansion of relation of ASEAN +3 to seek for farther betterment that focal point on the development monitoring, societal policy, and interchanging the thought on policy devising in a broader sense. Furthermore, in 2002, ADB initiated the development of Early Warning System which specifically designed to observe the irregularly flow of fiscal market that could take to hold jobs in the part. And in 2006 it besides launched the Technical Working Group on Economic and Financial monitoring to command over this system. What is more, ASEAN states besides concern about the beef uping the regional capital markets as it is one of the factor to pull the investors because regional integrating in bond market is really good to the economic in the part by enlarging the market size, increasing the entire demand and supply, an promoting the free flow of capital within the part. Actually, ASEAN want to follow the stairss of the EU to incorporate the regional states in footings of the economic, political relations and societal matter. But even we can see there are a batch of positive points in organizing the currency brotherhood and much attempt from ASEAN states, there still hold some challenges to restrain this end non success until now. First of wholly, the different gapes of degree of economic development across states. Meaning that the sum of income per capita is wholly different from the rich and the hapless states, so it hard to modulate the pecuniary brotherhood since the unsimilarities in the production constructions like monetary value of the labour, resources and out puts are besides different across states. The 2nd job from the incompatibility of fiscal sectors over the exchange rate and banking system policy of single provinces because there is no criterions to pattern in banking and fiscal services at the regional degree. Another issue is missing of establishment. As in instance of EU, it has the European Council, European Commission, and European Central Bank to draw out the greater sharing and to organize in the brotherhood while ASEAN do n’t hold. More significantly, the diverseness in civilization, development, and political policy of each province make ASEAN states hard to travel on good together because some provinces prefer to follow democracy while the others are prefer communist. To sum up, even on the procedure it face many trouble but I strongly believe that ASEAN would accomplish in some twenty-four hours in the hereafter if ASEAN states keep increasing their attempt through assortment of understanding as I prescribe above. It might take several decennaries or even longer than EU did. And another evident is AFTA ; we can state it is a good starting point to make a common currency because abolish of trade barriers of the take parting states and escalate to increase the motion of goods, services, and capital. And some provinces do the reform of their financial and pecuniary policies to run into the demand of AFTA in order to make the trade with the other states in the part, so I have the optimistic position of ASEAN and it could travel from the “ good neighbours ‘ phase ” to the “ happy household phase ” as the EU.

In decision, from the really get downing we see the Cambodia economic conditions significantly increase after 1994 particularly in the period of going ASEAN member, AFTA and WTO. And so we know about the Cambodia attempt in following a new policies and make some regulation and ordinance to do it consistency with other states to advance the investing and trade. Kampuchean authorities accepted the free market economic system and extends their relation with the other in regional and external states to enlarge the market side. Even it has positive and negative consequence by integrated with the regional economic system. It is the lone manner to develop the state and better the populating criterion of the people and so we will undertake with the jobs subsequently step by measure. Importantly, public finance of the authorities is besides the most concern because in order to do certain that all of the authorities gross will be usage in the right intent non travel to corruptness. Last, it is about the regional attempt to make a common currency to ease dealing, addition information sharing, the flow of capital, labour, goods and services that is the demand of many regional states.