Economic disparity in a province is ne’er stoping procedure. It is a rhythm which has enormous impact on the life rhythm of human. Psychologically it is understood that homo may endeavor to make full up their tummy in order to last in a individual twenty-four hours. Any barrier to this procedure will be dealt badly by the worlds. The word “ struggle ” comes when the life rhythm is disturbed or deems to be terrible menace. Conflict has many signifiers of significance. In military, it is warfare between opposing forces, particularly a drawn-out and acrimonious but sporadic battle. In human facet, it is a dissension or clang between thoughts, rules, or people. In mental battle of worlds, it is a psychological province ensuing from unconscious resistance between coincident and incompatible desires. Therefore, the construct of struggle implies to worlds straight. When your life is threatened, the inclination is to utilize of force. The usage of force is non merely applies to an single homo, it affects to the cultural groups or provinces ensuing a struggle between them. Conflict may come in physical and non-physical signifiers. The latter may carries to coevalss to coevalss exposing in physical signifier eventually. When talking about encroachers, the cardinal factor may be the power or the pride. Even the out interruption of two universe wars was due the hoggishness of power. But, when talking about the South African insurgency by the black people, it was a battle for endurance due to economic inequalities.

The word “ economic ” is the step of power by an person or a province. In pre-colonial history in Sri Lanka, the husbandmans are the male monarchs of land. Sri Lanka was and still is the construction of agricultural base. The husbandmans in that period had become wealthiest individual and others had become labors to him. The labor had to work hard for life and fighting to populate was observed. The king himself assigned people what to make for life, necessarily contracting down the life. There was no freedom of idea and action. The male monarchs suppressed this component for the benefit of opinion. The consequence was experienced drastically when Lusitanian epoch ( 1505-1658 )[ 2 ], where they came as trade merchandisers and later they signed a pact with Kingdom of Kotte to endanger the Kingdom of Kandy in faour of be in power. The consequence was adversely affected to the civilization and inherits of Sri Lanka. Similarly, the Kandyan Kingdom invited Dutch to assist to get the better of the Portuguese. The similar mode both lands showed the necessity to be in power. The Dutch epoch ( 1658-1798 )[ 3 ]was halted by the aid of English. The hoggishness of the Englishmen resulted autumn of whole Sri Lanka from 1815 to 1948[ 4 ]to English. Colonial epoch clearly indicated the human inclination for economic chance under mining the sovereignty. During the English epoch, it was the season for tea, gum elastic and coconut. The husbandmans of the paddy field had less attending and bulk of attending was concentrated towards tea, gum elastic and coconut. The harvests of cinnamon besides had higher demand. Therefore the life manner or the economic civilization was changed from Paddy to tea. Significantly the same period was the development of ‘Industrial revolution ‘ . The ‘Industrial Revolution ‘[ 5 ]made major alterations in agribusiness, fabrication, excavation, transit, and engineering resulted a profound consequence on the socioeconomic and civilization. It began in the United Kingdom, and so later spread throughout Europe, North America, and finally to the Sri Lanka. Therefore, during the British regulation Sri Lanka experienced industrial revolution which had changed the economic construction of Sri Lanka significantly. ‘Globalization ‘ was commenced from industrial revolution. This made a turning point in human history and was influenced every facet of day-to-day life. For the first clip in history, the life criterions of the multitudes of ordinary people have begun to undergo sustained growing. Nothing remotely like this economic behavior has happened before.

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The ‘Globalization ‘ together with ‘Industrial Revolution ‘ emerged a new system of universe construction where the economic system of a state is based on the natural resources. Sri Lanka as the agricultural base had less impact on the universe. The demand for agricultural facets was degraded in decennary – to – decennary ensuing Sri Lanka to seek options. Still neither an options nor a solution have clearly indicated. The downstream of economic system in the state was straight affected to the single economic system of Sri Lankans, therefore making a struggle.


The state is sing a station struggle state of affairs after 30 old ages. This was paved the manner to concentrate on the development of substructure without fright. The building of new seaport, international airdrome and power works are the chief on-going undertakings. Polishing the oil bed in sea of Mannar could be a turning point to the state. Harmonizing to the authorities statistics the authorities is on the positive side and stableness of the state is no uncertainty. The portion market has been in the positive side in most of the clip and the investors are acute to set their investing into the state. There had been a important negative impact on the medical and educational sector. The development of North is in half manner through and the East has been about completed. The relocation of accomplished households is in the procedure and the rehabilitation of LTTE cell is besides come oning. The public retainers have been given with salary increases and likewise increasing of the monetary values of trade goods besides detecting. Recently, there is a natural catastrophe ( inundation ) in most portion of the state and is affected to agricultural result. The overall end product of the state seems to be positive side. However, a determination can non be given without proper rating. The state ‘s rating could be done in footings of economic disparity and struggle due to this. The factors impacting this procedure have to be clearly identified, covering all facet of the state ‘s economic system. Further, the facets of the factors are besides to be covered all parts of the state. By sing the state of affairs following factors can be indicated.

a. ) Population

B. ) Poverty

c. ) Unemployment

d. ) Economic growing


The economic disparity in a manner is economic inequality. The inequality of economic system is besides termed as “ wealth and income differences ”[ 6 ], which comprises all the disparities in the distribution of economic assets and income. This is refers to inequality among single or a group within a society. But the word itself gives contradictory statement to the equality of out semen or equality of chances. Now the inquiry arises whether Sri Lanka has proportionate chances. The authorities is stressing that the substructure of the county is supplying equal chances. If that is the concrete statement, there would hold been no battle for unemployment by the professionals. Socioeconomic inequality comes when the single become group and the group become society. This inequality will be clear indicant of disparity. The phenomena of positive and negative consequences on economic disparity, displayed on the evidences of practical and moral facets. Shorter life anticipation higher disease rate, life anticipation, homicide, infant mortality, teenage gestations, emotional depression and prison population are some of parametric quantities to bespeak that there is economic disparity. These parametric quantities are indirectly dismaying that the nucleus factor has been fluctuated. The undermentioned factors are considered

a. Population The inquiry arises whether the economic system is every bit distributed among the population. The reply is obvious that there is no equal distribution among population. The chief job of raising living criterions of the people in the Sri Lanka is the rapid growing population. Sri Lanka was unable to provide for this state of affairs. “ As per the Central Bank one-year study, by 2006 the population of Sri Lanka was 19,866,000. This was an increase of 218,000 ( 1.1 per centum ) from the old twelvemonth of 2005 ”[ 7 ]. It is understood that the updates version of the one-year study has non been published and the bing will be reviewed in twelvemonth 2011 ( every five old ages ) .This will clearly shows that the population is increasing and the authorities needs to turn to the issue. How far these issues are being addressed can be visualized from the incidents which are taking topographic point in Sri Lanka. The action telecasting plan is one of the tools to mensurate whether the people grudges are being addressed consistently by the authorities. Person may inquire that the media is non a perfect tool to mensurate these. But the truth buttocks is that the authoritiess has non taken any action against the media by printing these issues non in favor of the authorities. .When a state ‘s wealth is non proportionally distributed, it affect the people economic system therefore ensuing conflict state of affairs. This has been clearly seen that some people shown aggression openly to the media. However, prolong state of affairs of such nature will necessarily make a category construction of “ rich and hapless ” . The ultimate consequence would be the poorness. Therefore population can be considered as factor of economic disparity.

B. Poverty When a household or a citizen is hapless, he or she is fighting to last in the society. Starving or unable to feed the love 1s will do the human aggressive and the consequence would be lay waste toing. The ultimate phenomena would be poorness. The poorness leads to an emotional facet where it disturbs the outlook of a homo. Life manner of a human at this phase will be tenuous and will take to a struggle state of affairs. Inflation of state is one of the tools bespeaking that the monetary value of trade goods has increased. This will be a conducive factor for to be poorness. If the net incomes are non sufficient when comparing to the monetary values of indispensable trade goods, the consequence would be poorness. Is has been observed that the rising prices rate is altering from period-to-period. This oscillation could be due to the deficiency of trade goods available in the market to provide for higher demand. Another facet could be that the trouble people to purchase these trade goods due to miss of money. The latter factor could be considered as the poorness. Sometimes, the poorness will non take to a struggle state of affairs. But, it will decidedly take to a category of “ rich and hapless ” . Once the people are being labelled as per the category base, there will be favoritism. There are many signifiers that the favoritism may happen. The educational degree is one of the facets that the bulk is concern with. The degree of instruction for the hapless people is depending on how they can afford for the class. The pupil will bring forth any income and it will decidedly be a load for hapless parents. The issue of instruction is important when a kid has to undergo higher surveies. Sometime the pupils may retreat from higher surveies and seek a occupation merely to back up the household. This state of affairs will make a kind of young person unrest which leads to perpetrate offenses. If the authorities policy for the decrease of poorness is to the full activated there would be a decrease of offenses in Sri Lanka. But the statics shows that there is no decrease at all. This will give some clear indicant that the considerable sum of poorness is out at that place. Therefore poorness can be considered as another factor of economic disparity.

c. Unemployment Rich and hapless category battle is construct of poorness. The poorness will be a consequence of unemployment. The deficiency of developing methods in the substructure of a state against population besides leads to unemployment. If a individual has been secured with employment, he or she may non be in the class of poorness. The unemployment will set the state to a unsafe place if group of professionals or educated forces are involved. Further, it is immaterial, whether a individual is educated or non, if a immature blood is unemployed he or she may seek options to last in the society. The inclination of a human is to look for easy net incomes which ensuing struggle state of affairs in most of the occasions. The ‘Labour Force Survey Annual Report 2009 ‘[ 8 ]clearly indicated that the rate of unemployment of the state is higher than that of old twelvemonth. The factor of unemployment has history. It is prevailed from the independency of Sri Lanka. Emerging of unrest in legion occasions in Sri Lanka was due to unemployment. Some may state that the agitation was due to a political docket. But, the Southern Cross of the job lies on the unemployment. It is besides observed that the rate of unemployment is differed from province-to-province and territory -to – territory. The unequal diverseness of unemployment is s distinguish factor where most the commercial sectors were centralized to Colombo metropolis. A individual holding educational background in the prima school will be considered will hold an border over the others. The penchants are given to the pupils who were educated in Colombo. All most all the commercial organisation is sing the eloquence in 2nd linguistic communication of English. Therefore a linguistic communication barrier is another facet for unemployment. Now the authorities has encouraged on the importance of fluent in English. Therefore the linguistic communication barrier for unemployment could be reduced in hereafter. However, unless the authorities encountered with a eventuality program on the substructure to provide for the unemployment, it will be emerged as factor for economic disparity which leads to conflict. Therefore unemployment can be considered as another factor for economic disparity.

d. Economic growing This is the addition of per capita Gross Domestic Products ( GDP ) . Economic growing is the betterments of productiveness. Basically, it emphasize on the facet of bring forthing more goods and services with the same inputs of labour force. The GDP is the market values of merchandises and services produce in given clip frame. The GDP besides correlated to mensurate the living criterion of the people in a state. But the focal point is on agricultural merchandises in Sri Lanka and it part to the GDP. If the GDP is crease by agencies of agricultural merchandises, necessarily the economic growing besides increases. By and large, it means that the husbandman of Sri Lanka is a function to play in the Country ‘s economic growing. Sri Lanka has agricultural base economic system. If there is a perturbation or a catastrophe to this base, the state ‘s economic system will be affected. There are many commanding facet or the parametric quantity involve in agribusiness. Human and nature are the active elements of the agribusiness. If human does non take part in the procedure, there is no result. Human engagement is besides required for other merchandises excessively. But in the agribusiness, the human constituent has higher interaction until the out semen of the merchandise. The nature besides has the cardinal function to play during the procedure. If nature does non bring forth suited environment, the result would be black. Recently, the state had uninterrupted rain and the ultimate consequence was inundation which farther affect to the result of agribusiness. In history, pre colonial period, the husbandmans are the Godhead of land. This construct was changed bit by bit with the colonial period and it has wholly inverted to the other side at nowadays. The husbandman are non given with due acknowledgment by any signifiers of state of affairs ensuing abandoning their field. The present society or the present civilization has negative feeling on going a husbandman. This inclination is non a good index to the county. The authorities slogan of “ we cultivate and we create the state ” is the best illustration of how far the authorities is affecting. But the fact remains that how far the husbandmans activate to the class. This could be clearly seen how much part has given by the husbandman to the class of economic growing. If the state ‘s economic growing has degraded there will be economic crises ensuing disparity. Hence, there will be conflict state of affairs. Therefore economic growing in footings of agribusiness can be considered as another factor for economic disparity.


Analyzing the factors and set uping the classs of action for economic disparity have to be proven quantitatively. The statics issued by the authorities has been considered for measuring of factors. But some may reason that the studies published by the authorities may hold biasing consequence. But it is necessary to measure these informations in order to obtain most important and most conducive factors for struggle in Sri Lanka.

a. Population The chief job of developing the state was non that of raising living criterions of people, but of keeping it against quickly turning population. ‘Sir John Hicks who visited Colombo as an economic adviser to the Sri Lankan authorities in the late fiftiess wrote: ‘If it were non for the population force per unit area, the impulse for development in Sri Lanka might non be so really great ; for there is non at the minute a suppression job of poorness and malnutrition such as there is in neighboring states ‘ ( Yokels 1959: 9 ) ‘[ 9 ]. This statement clearly indicates that the population of Sri Lanka had enormous impact on the development procedure. When sing the struggle state of affairs, the LTTE has some back land on it. When Sri Lanka gained independency from Britain in 1948, the Sinhalese had contradictory issues like economic chances are non reasonably distributed. Similarly the Tamil had feared that their political, economic, and cultural rights.

The introducing of ‘Sinhala Only Act ‘ in 1956 as the official linguistic communication restricted economic chances for non-Sinhala talkers. The medium of direction at primary, secondary and, finally, third degrees was to be in a individual ‘s spoken linguistic communication, while Sinhala bit by bit became the chief linguistic communication of the public service. This consequence the Tamils who studied in English in order to go a public retainer They were required to go through Sinhala scrutinies, or they were limited to a few regional Tamil-speaking. Simultaneously Sinhala talking citizens were offered with more employment chances. This was resulted an economic disparity between races when compared with ethnicity, but as a whole disparity among population.

The tabular array shows that there was economic disparity among the Tamil population. The favoritism of Tamils was obvious for the above tabular array. This had lead to get down the insurgency by Tamils in North of Sri Lanka which lead to an weaponries battle. By terminal of 1982, it was observed that the commercial sector in Colombo was dominated by the Tamils. There were batch of goldworker in Colombo country owned by Tamils. The Sinhalese were confined to authorities sector. The weaponries struggle in North and the disparities in commercial sector in Colombo made Sinhalese some what perturbation as bulk population. The violent death of ground forces solders in North paved the Sinhala to take advantage over the Tamils in commercial sector in Colombo, killing of Tamil citizen in July 1983. This was the set back of cultural struggle between Tamils and Sinhalese. Therefore, the root class of the struggle was economic disparity among population which ended up in three decennaries of struggle. There is a important sum of increasing of population in female than males. It is about 150,000[ 10 ]more females than opposite number. Further, it is besides clearly seen that the engagement of labour force by the female is well lesser. This gives an thought that the economic system has non been every bit distributed among gender.[ 11 ].[ 12 ]Therefore, population can be considered as class of action for struggle state of affairs

a. Poverty Poverty creates aggression over the human. The aggression is a moral factor which necessarily convents into a struggle province of head. Poverty has batch of lending factors. When the economic system is non proportionally distributed among the population, ultimate consequence would be poorness. It besides makes category of “ rich and hapless ” which leads to the confrontation between them. The unemployment[ 13 ]is besides leads to poorness. Ever increasing of rate of unemployment makes more poorness among the population. There are few indicants that the poorness has gone to its extreme where a female parent had killed her ain kid. There were serious of incidents in such mode where a kid had thrown to a cavity by the female parent. These incidents alarm the authorities that there is exigency menace of poorness in the state. When sing the foreign employment, by the female it has been increment from 2008 to 2009.[ 14 ]This indicates that the poorness has been exerted to female gender of the household. Most of the females in our state employed in the foreign are maidservants. But neither the authorities nor the bureau has given the warrant to their lives up-to day of the month. There were several incidents that the females have been viciously abused by the employer. But no action has been taken against them. It is obvious that maidservants taking a hazard whilst using themselves in abroad specially in Middle East. Even taking the hazard, the females of Sri Lanka is seeking foreign employment due to the poorness. Agriculture is another lending facet and besides to be considered when sing the poorness. Sri Lanka is agricultural basal state but the part towards the state is less. By and large, the husbandmans are considered as the hapless in the society. There is no much attending for them. Recently, the husbandmans had trouble of selling their merchandises to a some what higher monetary value, but they failed. This indicates that there is no systematic attack to turn to the issue. Therefore, favoritism is created of being hapless ensuing conflict state of affairs. The husbandmans burnt the Paddy and demo their aggression.

Another facet of demoing the poorness is the offense rate. Harmonizing to the studies published by the constabulary[ 15 ]on offense tendencies, there is clear indicant of the behavior of the people. In twelvemonth 2009, the offenses against of house breakage and menace was reported about 18,042 and in the first six moths of the twelvemonth 2010, it was reported about 9,215 which is more than half of the old twelvemonth. In twelvemonth 2007 it was reported about 18,635. These figures shows that even the accused is confined to the prison, there is a new character enters to the service. This shows that some people does non possess with sufficient pecuniary facet to provide for their life daily. This is the state of affairs of poorness and anybody will detest for the society. The following state of affairs will be the struggle. There were several cases where people rallied against the authorities to cut down the monetary values of trade goods which are thought be the basic demands. However, the monetary values of the trade goods were non reduced, but now it has been increased dramatically. So the poorness of the people has gone bad to worse. Such state of affairs is really important for the state if non addressed instantly. Therefore, poorness can be considered as class of action for struggle state of affairs

c. Unemployment This facet can be argued for the state of affairss that may happen in close hereafter. There are several occasions that the university pupils had rose against the authorities. Some may believe that this is wholly a political docket. But the truth is that unemployment factor is still bing particularly for professionals or educated forces. Harmonizing to the authorities studies[ 16 ]the rate of unemployment in twelvemonth 2009 ( 5.8 per centum ) is higher than that of 2008 ( 5.4 per centum ) . This was the ground for university pupils to lift against the authorities. There intent of analyzing is lost if they are unemployed. The authorities has no warrant that they will be utilized in their Fieldss once they passed out from the university. It is true that everybody may non acquire a opportunity of an employment one time they passed out. But the fact is that there is no clear way for bulk. The young person agitation is the most common facet for the unemployment factor. This is clearly indicated that the rate unemployment between the age of 20 to 24 in twelvemonth 2009 ( 21.0 per centum ) is higher than that of twelvemonth 2008 ( 17.8 per centum )[ 17 ].The similar applied to other age groups besides. The young person agitation is important because they are the hereafter of the state. Another facet of unemployment is that migration of professionals for foreign employment. In twelvemonth 2008 / 2009 ( 1.1 per centum )[ 18 ]has higher per centum than that of twelvemonth 2007 ( 0.8 per centum ) . Therefore it is clear that there is a deficiency of occupation chances for the professionals. All these facets are due to the unemployment and ultimate consequence could be insurgency. Therefore, unemployment can be considered as class of action for struggle state of affairs

d. Economic growing Economic growing does non dwell merely with agricultural facets. It besides has industrial and services excessively. This is one of the strength of the state. The agricultural[ 19 ]facet has clear impact on poorness. Similarly the other two besides has direct impact on the poorness. If a state ‘s economic growing is higher there will be batch of occupation chances. Similarly if a state ‘s services are higher there will be no unemployment. In such instance, if there is economic disparity, so it has to be come through the economic growing it self either signifier of deficiency of services ensuing to poorness or unemployment. However if the population is increasing the economic growing has besides to be increase to provide for the population. Therefore, economic growing is the most important class action for struggle state of affairs.


Course of action and effects diagram

The above diagram indicated the consequences of analysis carried out on the factors. The economic growing is most influencing factor for all thee ( population, unemployment, and poorness ) Next is the population and later unemployment and poorness will fall severally.


The economic disparity in a province is ne’er stoping procedure. It lies with in the economic growing and it is a rhythm which has enormous impact on the life rhythm. The word “ struggle ” comes when the perturbations to the life rhythm is terrible or deems to be terrible menace. The word “ economic ” is the step of power by an person or a province. Sri Lanka a state had pride and power over the part. But the intercession of Portuguese, Dutch and English, the moral values of the state was threatened. However, the English epoch cane be considered as the stat mi rock of development. The English had less attending over the esteemed agricultural facet. The husbandman who were male monarchs turned to labors during English epoch. It can be seen that there were economic disparity during per colonial and colonial every bit good. There conflict state of affairs due to these disparities. The labor had to work hard for life. Even there was a power battle over the economic issues. The ‘Globalization ‘ together with ‘Industrial Revolution ‘ emerged a new system of universe construction where the economic system of a state is based on the natural resources. Sri Lanka as the agricultural base had less impact on the universe. In 1948, shortly after the independency, the undergone agricultural facets were lifted up. Now Sri Lanka is sing a station struggle state of affairs after 30 old ages of war. This war was erupted due to economic disparity where the economic system was non proportionally distributed among the population. However, the station war paved the manner to concentrate on the development of substructure without fright. But the disparity rhythm still exists and it is lending towards the struggle state of affairs. Killing of babies is the classs of poorness and young person agitation in the universities are the classs of unemployment. If one of the three constituents over population, unemployment and poorness are existed, it affects the economic growing. The consequence would be terrible and annihilating and it could be intolerable to the regnant authorities. However, if the authorities reacts to the alarming aspects quickly, there will be a state of affairs where every citizen is basking.


Every enterprise has to be taken to cultivate the paddy field and other agricultural facets, to increase the part towards the economic growing.

Formulate a method to maintain the part of services below the agricultural facet in economic growing.

Concept of “ every organic structure is every bit treated ” should be inculcated to the head of all the people immaterial of race, faith, rich or hapless.

The authorities must ever aware to maintain the population with in the frame work of economic growing.