There are many narratives in my state Vietnam about the benefits of reading. The individual who relies on the power of books can alter his life. He can travel from being hapless to a popular bookman, from an uneducated to a knowing individual, and get the better of the obstruction of destiny to travel frontward to be a great adult male. At first, I thought those narratives were merely fairy narratives which could merely be told to lazy childs, who do non like reading, to promote them to read books. But after reading the articles “ Waiting in Line at the Drugstore, ” by James Thomas Jackson, and “ The Art of Reading, ” by Lin Yutang, I am wholly convinced of the power of books. In title, these two articles have helped me to understand to the full that reading can really alter one ‘s life.

“ Waiting in Line at the Drugstore ” is an autobiographical narrative of James Thomas Jackson, a black author, about his childhood about the experience of being segregated from Whites. In his experience, he was forced to wait to be served in a apothecary’s shop until all the white grownups had been served. Thankss to that waiting clip, the small black kid, who had ne’er read a existent book before, found his pleasance in reading the books that he was tilting on while waiting near the counter. Literature led him to existent personal alteration. Many old ages subsequently, he became a author. His work was published in a assortment of newspapers and diaries, and “ Waiting in Line at the Drugstore ” was originally published in the Los Angeles Times, one of the most popular newspapers in America. Jackson ‘s instance is one of the best illustrations of how reading can convey alteration to one ‘s life. In the article, he realizes that “ [ he ] found [ himself ] , and [ his ] niche, in the universe. [ He ] maintain [ s ] inquiring which manner would [ he has ] gone had he non waited, ” ( 18 ) he asks himself at the terminal of the article as if everything happened to him was a dream.

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Similar to Jackson ‘s narrative, Ho Chi Minh is a legendary figure in Vietnam history whose cognition in reading helped him to go one of the celebrated famous persons in the Vietnam Imperial Court at that clip. Due to the fact that Vietnam is non a multicultural state, Ho Chi Minh did non see racial segregation, but instead he did see the category differentiation. The hapless and the rich could non travel to the same school. The rich is ever the category that has more rights: they eat better and healthier nutrient, they wear more fabulous apparels and they can go politicians without any background considerations. Despite the fact that Ho Chi Minh was born into a hapless household, he gave himself a opportunity to interrupt the regulation of nature which says that the hapless is ever a also-ran and scorned by the rich. He wanted to go a politician, a famous person. He perfected himself by reading book after book to enrich his cognition with the hope of being voted in by people who could see his endowment. It took a batch of attempt for him to vie with other campaigners since he was the lone 1 who came from the hapless category. Finally, he was non merely a famous person but besides contributed to the political system by diminishing the category differentiation between the hapless and the rich. He was a great leader. To many kids, he was a sacred image for them to follow. They acknowledge that reading changed his life.

Not merely Ho Chi Minh ‘s narrative convinces me of the power of reading that it can take a individual to a better hereafter ; but besides what interesting me about reading in the article “ The Art of Reading, ” of Lin Yutang, is that he says there is a difference between one who has a wont of reading and one who does non. “ The adult male who has non the wont of reading is imprisoned in his immediate universe [ aˆ¦ ] he sees merely what happens in his immediate vicinity, ” indicates the writer ( 90 ) . Then he says, “ But the minute he takes up a book, he instantly enters a different universe, ” ( 90 ) . I perfectly agree with the writer ‘s point of position which reading creates the difference between the individual who has read books and one who ne’er read. In fact, I strongly understand what he means particularly when I started reading a biological science book. I have been reading a batch of biological science stuffs recently since I am a nursing pupil. Before, I did non even open this sort of tiring book which contains such complicated content. But one time I picked up this book and started reading it, I have been taken to an astonishing universe – the universe of human existences where I can detect and hold a wider and deeper understanding about the organic structure systems. I have learned that the human organic structure consists of 11 major organic structure systems. Each organic structure system works at the same time to supply other organic structure systems the necessary merchandises or energies that a organic structure needs. For illustrations, the circulatory system is the transit system for the organic structure to reassign substances and waste from one system to another. Each organic structure system plays an of import portion in our organic structure. Without any of them, the organic structure gets weak and does non work right. Without the digestive system, the ingested nutrient can non be digested, digested nutrient can non be absorbed, and solid wastes can non be eliminated. All of those pieces of information would ne’er be known in item unless I opened a book and read about them because cipher has adequate clip to sit down and speak about them. Peoples, who are interested in reading biological science books, can state the difference between one who has read a biological science book and 1 who has ne’er read one. Those who have ne’er read biological books, they do n’t understand their organic structure. Therefore, they do n’t truly pay attending to whether what they are eating and making is utile or harmful to their organic structure. In contract, since I have read so many biological stuffs, now I know what I eat and do hold affects on my organic structure. That ‘s why I changed my feeding manner which is more veggies, less fat, and no more debris nutrient. Furthermore, I spend a spot of clip to exert to maintain my organic structure in form and work right. As a consequence, now I am proud of myself for being healthy and so is my female parent. She is the factor that contributes to my success in reading.

I remember when I was immature, my ma used to coerce me to read a book everyday before I went to bed. As a kid, I had to obey whatever ma told me to although I hated reading. I did non cognize why my ma taught me that. After 10 old ages of making this, reading has become my wont. Now I can non travel to kip without a book in my custodies no affair what that book is: a amusing, a novel or even a newspaper. I truly appreciate what my ma has taught me. If she did non coerce me to read on that twenty-four hours, would hold I been knowing like this? I would non hold known the importance of reading if I did non get down opening books to read them. I think my ma likely expected a miracle would go on to me as did the writer. Even though my life has non been significantly changed by reading, it is still good for me, for certain. Reading gives me broadened cognition about life, particularly about my organic structure. In short, I do believe that reading does alter one ‘s life. And you, do you believe that?