Differences between Harry Potter Novel and Film

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The male child who lived

The movie begins with the reaching of Harry to Privet Drive excluding Vernon Dursley in the daylight at Grunnings and his brush with the aces during his tiffin break one twenty-four hours before Harry arrived.

At the beginning of the novel, Professor Mcgonagall in Animagus signifier had seen Vernon Dursley before his meeting with Hagrid and Dumbledore.While omitted this scene was from the movie, was referenced when Mcgonagall voiced his expostulations to go forth Harry on the Dursley ‘s attention when she said that she had “ watched them all twenty-four hours. ”

In the movie, when Dumbledore leaves Harry to the Dursleys ‘ House, he says, “ Harry Potter, good fortune, ” he merely says, “ Harry, good fortune, “ in the book.

Disappearing glass

When Dudley counts the nowadayss in the book, says that there are 36 viz. two less than last twelvemonth, although the Aunt Petunia shows him so the head that lost out. In the movie, was Uncle Vernon, who counted the gifts, and while the count remains at 36, Dudley had 37 expressions last twelvemonth alternatively of 38.

In the book, the Dursleys and Harry are accompanied by menagerie Dudley friend Piers Polkiss. He is omitted in the movie.

The Dursleys effort to Harry to remain with Arabella Figg is omitted, every bit good as the reference of his holding broken his leg and besides the possibility of Harry being watched by Vernon ‘s sister Marge who hates Harry and Petunia friend, Yvonne who is on holiday in Majorca.

In the book, before traveling to the menagerie, Vernon told Harry that if it happens any merriment material will be in the cupboard from so until Christmas, while in the movie, Vernon says Harry that if it happens any merriment activities, he has no repasts for a hebdomad.

The Keeper of the Reptile House inquiring where he went glass is omitted from the movie, because the glass is back and trapped Dudley inside the armored combat vehicle.

Harry was the 2nd movie that the serpent to the menagerie was a Python. In that menagerie, the serpent is to be from Burma. In the novel, is a boa from Brazil, non a Python from Burma. However, both the novel and the movie reveals the serpent has been bred in imprisonment. ( J.K, 1997 )

The keeper of the keys

In the book, when Hagrid Harry on the island known knew who was instantly, while in the movie ab initio mistook Dudley Hagrid to Harry until Dudley corrected him.

In the book, Vernon Dursley warns Dudley will non have or eat anything that Hagrid gives him when he was doing sausages to Harry. In the movie, Vernon does non advert this to Dudley Dudley is seen subsequently eat some of Harry ‘s birthday bar, which Hagrid does it halt giving him the hog tail.

The journey from three quarters and platform nine

In the book Harry foremost learns about the connexion between Dumbledore and Flamel on the dorsum of his cocoa toad card. In the movie, is Hermione meets the name in a book that sought to ‘ visible radiation ‘ reading. In a deleted scene, nevertheless, sees Harry happening the name on a cocoa toad card after the three escapes to the library, so it appears merely as a “ error ” .

In the book, Neville comes into the room where Harry and Ron sat there inquiring if they have seen the Toad, that was omitted. Later Hermione reveals still with Neville inquiring the same inquiry. In the movie, Hermione looks entirely inquiring if anyone has seen a frog, Neville has a male child who has lost one. ( Lester, 2009 )

The potions maestro

In the book, Harry attends with his friends a Charms Class at some point before potions, but in the film you attend much later.

In potions, when Harry is able to reply inquiries of Snape, he says that Hermione should seek to reply ; alternatively, you take 1 point from Gryffindor, and so lost another point non to advert Neville does non set his spikes during extract of potion caldron. In the movie, this scene was featured as a deleted scene with Snape coming down to sit in forepart of Harry giving him replies, so take 5 points to Gryfindor for Harry ‘s cheek and the scene with the Potion-Brewing is wholly omitted from the movie and this deleted scene.

The midnight affaire d’honneur

In the novel, during the flight lesson after Neville interruptions carpus, Draco Malfoy says that he could go forth by Neville Other fluctuations on a tree for him to happen, but in the movie, he suggested to go forth it on the roof.

In the novel, when Professor McGonagall gets to take Harry, she looks defeated and one of the twins Patil and Ron attempts to explicate what happened, but in the movie, Mcgonagall is unagitated and called Harry by his name and so asks him to follow her.

Mcgonagall when Harry takes inside to do him a Seeker, Oliver Wood attends Charms category with Professor Flitwick, but in the movie, is holding defence against the dark humanistic disciplines with Professor Quirrell.

In the movie, Mcgonagall says wood he found a searcher outside the schoolroom of Raptor, but in the novel, she takes Oliver and Harry to an empty Classroom where to happen composing Peeves rude words on a chalkboard.

In the novel, Mcgonagall hinted at Harry in forepart of Oliver wood James Potter was a Chaser for the Gryffindor Quidditch Team when he was at Hogwarts, while in the movie, Hermione bodyguard him ( Ron ) to a trophy where Harry sees his male parent ‘s name on a trophy badge stating he was a searcher.

The scene where Malfoy challenged Harry to a affaire d’honneur, but in world had tricked him of tipping off Filch has been omitted. Alternatively, Harry, Ron and Hermione to see Fluffy in the out corridor after their flight from Filch and Mrs. Norris by chance come ining the 3rd floor. Harmonizing to the book, besides a Neville was with them when they foremost encounter Fluffy. ( Philip, 2001 )

The adult male with two faces

In the book, Raptor snaps his fingers doing strings appear in thin air and wrap of Harry. This is omitted from the movie and when Harry tries to get away with the rock in her pocket Raptor/Voldemort by running back up the stepss the manner you came, Voldemort shouts “ Stop! ” and Raptor snaps his fingers, doing the fire to look all the room around and Harry so that can non get away.

In the movie, Harry ‘s parents appear in the mirror of erised, Voldemort and Harry says that he can take them back if he gives Voldemort rock in Exchange. In the book, that did non go on but Voldemort asks Harry that his female parent ( Harry ) are non dead because she was seeking to protect him and says that Harry must give him the rock if you wanted Lily died in vain.

In the book, Voldemort kills Raptor go forthing the caput, doing him to decease. In the movie, Harry kills Raptor his face grabbing, that doing him to travel to dust.

In the book, when Harry touched Raptor, Raptor tegument blisters anyplace Harry touched. When Harry in the movie touched his manus, Raptor ‘s manus turned into rock and crumbled. In add-on, when Harry grabbed his face, his full organic structure demolished Voldemort and escaped. This is what killed Harry.

In book, Harry Potter was unconscious when Quirinus Quirrell dies, while in the film, Harry watches Raptor dice. This creates a continuity mistake with its ability to a see a Thestral in the movie version of Phoenix When Harry could n’t see the Thestrals until he saw Cedric Diggory dice.

Poppy 3.7 Alastor Moody is omitted, but there is an unknown nurse who appeared before Albus Dumbledore took a bite of Every spirit beans on Bertie Bott.

Once once more, the married woman of Nicolas Flamel Perenelle is non mentioned when he asked Harry to decease Flamel.

In the book, Harry was reunited with Ron and Hermione in the Hospital Wing when they come to see him, while in the movie ; he meets with them when he is standing on top of a stairway.

Hagrid gives a exposure album to Harry of his household at the infirmary in the book and in the movie version ; he gives it to him at the terminal of the term when about to board the Hogwarts Express.

An epilogue in the novel shows Harry and besides his friends return to their households are waiting for them including Dursley in the movie is omitted. ( Fraser, Lindsey, 2004 )


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