To develop a roundtrip contriver based on OpenStreetMap informations that could function as a comprehensive location usher for a tourer ( or ) visitant demoing him topographic points of involvement in the location.

Introduction and Motivation:

“ A Geographical Information System ( or ) Geo-Spatial Information System ( GIS ) is a system that captures, shops, analyses, nowadayss informations that are linked to locations. ” [ Wiki ] OpenStreetMap is an unfastened beginning GIS supplying geographical informations for free and accessible to all. It allows to utilize the informations, edit the informations and to construct applications which would play a cardinal function in functioning the intents like going, cognizing information about topographic points, provinces ( or ) states, states etc.

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Traveling and researching new topographic points is one of the avocations which we can happen in everyone ‘s life functioning their leisure, recreational, academic, household ( or ) with any concern assignments. In the yesteryear, travel usher ( s ) and travel bureaus have been the critical Centres for supplying the location information. But with the coming of digital information into touristry, the serviceability have greatly increased and can be expeditiously used to rapidly happen the vicinity and nearest finishs.

Visitors ( or ) Tourists show involvement in sing the topographic points of involvement like historic edifices, modern architecture, saloon, Parkss, topographic points of faith etc. By developing a roundtrip contriver application for tourer proposing Topographic points of Interest in the metropolis would cut down attempt of an person to program and giving him the cheaper options available.

OpenStreetMap with a broad scope of information about a topographic point can be made usage of edifice sophisticated applications, automatizing undertakings for happening relevant information and decision-making, therefore replacing the human attempt.


The premier aims of the application include:

Implementing Traveling Salesman Problem in building a round-trip contriver.

Planing Synergistic Application and Graphical User Interface ( GUI ) supplying options to the user and empowering the user. Supplying the user with the comprehensive inside informations.

2.2 Challenges:

Identifying Topographic points of Interest and sorting the information to Leisure, saloon, eating houses and historic prominence.

Roll uping the OpenStreetMap informations about the topographic points identified.

Analyzing Traveling Salesman job.

To understand Heuristic Algorithms about Travelling Salesman Problem.

Understanding the OpenStreetMap informations format, information primitives and pull outing utile characteristics of the map like street name, reference, latitude and longitude co-ordinates etc.

Transforming OpenStreetMap extracted information into leaden graph.

Using the Travelling Salesman Problem and analysing the working of it with the graph constructed.

Understanding JGrpahT Java library.

Constructing a information construction for graph transmutations.

Planing User Interface ( UI ) for the user to come in the restraints, penchants about the roundtrip.


3.1 Technical Requirements:

Platform: Java 1.6

Development Environment: Netbeans /Eclipse IDE

Data format: OpenStreetMap, XML.

APIs applicable: JavaOpenStreetMap ( JOSM ) V 0.6, JGraphT.

3.2 Detailss of the Requirements:

The aimed roundtrip contriver application is built utilizing Java with the aid of the development environments either Eclipse or Netbeans. The application would be stand-alone providing required information to the user.

The information to be traversed and transferred between the applications is done utilizing XML and OpenStreetMap formats. ( OpenStreetMap is besides a information format built utilizing XML )

Construction of graph from the OSM/XML can be done utilizing the JGraphT API. JGraphT API is a predefined library of maps that is used to develop graph related objects from Java.

Using JGraphT, we can build any type of graphs like directed, non-directed, leaden, non-weighted etc.

With JGraphT, transmutations are possible and graphs can be developed from the informations with different formats.

JOSM API v0.6 helps to recover the information from the OpenStreetMap database and besides to recover dealingss between the OpenStreetMap informations.

With the aid of Java Abstract Window Toolkit ( AWT ) , Graphical User Interface ( UI ) will be designed.

Undertaking Time program:

Month ( Week )




















Literature Review

Preliminary Report

Analyzing a

Simple TSP

Milestone – 1

Design and


( Data Structure )

Interim Report

Milestone- II


Submission Draft-I

Concluding Submission

Viva Voce

Fig 1: Time program TSP: Traveling Salesman Problem.

Planning is one of the of import stages in the Undertaking. The elaborate clip program of the undertaking is explained below:

4.1 Literature Review:

Bespeaking the start of the undertaking and to get the better of the challenges in developing it, a deep and thorough research on background stuff has been done on the XML informations and its primitives, besides about OpenStreetMap informations formats, going salesman job. It besides included roll uping the GPX hints of topographic points of faith etc. It gave the basic apprehension and working of the OpenStreetMap and besides inside informations of the designing have been dealt in it. As OpenStreetMap is the aggregation of Geo-spatial informations, roll uping the GPS hints gave the on the job templet and the importance of latitude and longitudinal co-ordinates for happening a topographic point in the universe.

4.2 Preliminary Report ( Week2 ) :

Preliminary Report summarises the research background, purposes, aims, Schedule of the undertaking and expected deliverables of the undertaking.

4.3 Analyzing Simple Travelling Salesman Problem:

This stage chiefly concentrates on the using the simple going salesman job over a graph, analyzing it ‘s working. By utilizing the on the job solution, we potentially identify the complexness by using it on the existent xml information. It helps giving a much better and precise thought of the existent application.

4.4 Milestone-I ( Week4 ) :

Carry throughing the work and transporting it out based on the preliminary study, constructing a theoretical account and implementing it over a little sum of informations from OpenStreetMap ( For ex: see Leicester City Centre ) which leads to solution. In this stage, we besides concentrate on utilizing the necessary informations construction for transporting out transmutations.

4.5 Design and Implementation:

The solution to the existent job is being developed in this stage of the undertaking. In this phase, the premier concentration is coming up with a executable and optimum solution happening a roundtrip contriver. The challenge of building graphs, working on the graphs precisely, recovering information from OpenStreetMap and constructing a information construction by which the graph transmutation between the different formats become executable. The challenges of utilizing JgrpahT library, JOSM v0.6 API will be handled.

A graph demoing the distance travelled between two selected topographic points of involvement in conformity with the restraints of going salesman job is being developed.

Besides in this stage, we concentrate on developing a good user interface, where a user gets his mandate and giving options to the user in showing his/her ain penchants about the trip like the gap hours of the topographic points of involvement, handiness, manners etc.

4.6 Interim Report ( Week6 ) :

At this occasion, the challenges of execution will be handled ; planing the User Interface will be initiated and besides stairss in optimizing the travel contriver.

4.7 Milestone-II ( Week7 ) :

The challenges of the UI design, optimizing the contriver will be analysed and further refined, if needed. Deep analysis of the work done so far will be reviewed.

4.8 Testing:

Checking the developed undertaking for mistakes and gauging the developed undertaking in footings of it working, truth and public presentation. The prosodies would be fulfilling the requirements/preferences of the user.

4.9 Submission Draft-I ( Week10 ) :

It the 2nd last measure of the undertaking and a elaborate bill of exchange of the work done are submitted including the of import undertaking accomplished etc for the concluding alteration.

4.10 Concluding Submission ( Week13 ) :

This is the concluding entry of the work done reasoning the undertaking. All the deliverables, codification, achievements are submitted.


Identifying and protecting from hazards is besides every bit of import stage of the undertaking.

The primary hazard of the undertaking will be the truth and the optimisation of the roundtrip contriver. The other hazard involved is the backup of the informations that can be done by utilizing the svn ( corruption ) on a regular basis.