Dark Cocoa


The early fifteenth century saw the creative activity of something Godhead, something heavenly and something delightful ; Chocolate. Though the chocolate beans from which cocoa is prepared were discovered around 2000 old ages ago, the fabrication of dark cocoa began in the fifteenth century by the Mayan folk. Harmonizing to the article, “Chocolate-a wellness nutrient? ” ( 2008 ) there was a popular belief among these folks that “there was a God merely because there was chocolate” ( n.a, 2008 ) . The tree that yields the chocolate bean, an of import ingredient in the fabrication of dark cocoa was called “Theobroma” ( n.a, 2008 ) which means ‘Food for Gods ‘ . Fielmuseum.org ( 2007 ) says that cocoa was more than merely delightful nutrient to the Mayan folk ; it was a devout and social manner of life. Nowadays many people associate dark cocoa with holding inauspicious affects on one. However, contrary to popular belief, consumption of dark cocoa ( at least 65 percent chocolate ) may really hold some benefits to one ‘s head and organic structure.

Chocolate, particularly dark cocoa has been found to assist cut down hazard of bosom diseases. The article “Chocolate-a wellness food” ( 2008 ) published in “Optimum Wellness” , a diary states the consequences of a survey that was published in the 2005 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The survey concluded that dark cocoa does so diminish blood force per unit area ( n.a, 2008, p.32 ) . On chocolate-for-health.com, Dean Ornish, who is the laminitis and president of the non-profit Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito, California states a survey that was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2003. He says that Researchers at the University of Cologne studied the effects of dark cocoa on work forces and adult females late diagnosed with mild high blood force per unit area. One-half of the patients were given 100 gms each of dark cocoa and the other half were given 100 gms of white cocoa. At the terminal of the experiment, those who consumed dark cocoa saw an norm of five point lessening in their systolic and a two point lessening in their diastolic blood force per unit area. The lessening in blood force per unit area was explained to be due to the addition in the production of azotic oxide by consumption of dark cocoa. Due to the azotic dioxide produced, the blood vass dilated and increased blood flow therefore doing a lessening in blood force per unit area ( Ornish, n.d. ) . Another article, “Chocolate ‘s Health Benefits-Trick or Treat? ” ( 2007 ) published in the “Tufts University Health and Nutrition Letter” quotes another survey published in the 2007 issue of Journal of the American Medical Association. The lead writer of this survey, Dr. Dirk Taubert says that they conducted research at the University Hospital of Cologne in Germany on 24 hypertensive adult females and 20 hypertensive work forces, their age runing from 56 to 73. They were each given 30 Calories of dark or white cocoa for 18 hebdomads and at the terminal they concluded that the 1s who consumed dark cocoa had at least a two to three point lessening in their blood force per unit areas. Taubert and his co-workers concluded that “ on a population footing, it has been estimated that a 3-mm HG decrease in systolic BP would cut down the comparative hazard of shot mortality by 8 % , of coronary arteria disease mortality by 5 % , and of all-cause mortality by 4 % ” ( n.a. , 2007, p.5 ) . Dr. Taubert besides states that the most absorbing find was that “simple commercial dark cocoa was as effectual at take downing blood force per unit area as much more comprehensive dietetic modifications” ( n.a.,2007.p.5 ) . The article states that the consequences from this survey were the same as those from the “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension diet plan” ( n.a, 2007, p.5 ) . Furthermore, the article “Chocolate as Medicine? ” ( Dermody, 2008, p.65 ) that appeared in The Reader ‘s Digest stated a similar survey conducted besides at the University of Hospital, Cologne, Germany, 44 people with boundary line or mild high blood pressure were given 30 Calories a twenty-four hours of dark or white cocoa. After their regular wellness medical examinations and four months of devouring dark or white cocoa every twenty-four hours, the patients who consumed dark cocoa had their high blood pressure degrees reduced from 80 six per centum to sixty eight per centum. It is common cognition that high blood pressure causes an addition in blood force per unit area hence increasing the hazard of bosom diseases. Therefore it can be concluded that a small indulgence for pleasance may non harm one but really profit one ‘s organic structure.

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Dark cocoa is besides known to profit the organic structure by increasing glucose tolerance degree. This means that devouring dark cocoa will increase insulin sensitiveness and therefore cut down hazard of diabetes. There are two types of diabetes, type 1 being the one where the organic structure is unable to do insulin and type 2 being the organic structure ‘s incapableness to cover with sugar. Though difficult to believe, as cocoa is assorted with sugar and therefore is a sweet nutrient, it is in fact true that dark cocoa can assist you cut down the hazard of diabetes, particularly if it is familial. The article “Nutrition and Disease: Blood Pressure Is Reduced and Insulin Sensitivity Increased in Glucose-Intolerant, Hypertensive Subjects after 15 Dayss of Devouring High-Polyphenol Dark Chocolate” ( 2008 ) was published in the Journal of Nutrition. The writers of this article, Davide Grassi, Giovambattista Desideri, Stefano Necozione, Cristina Lippi, Raffaele Casale, Giuliana Properzi, Jeffrey B. Blumberg and Claudio Ferri are all research workers at theDepartment of Internal Medicine and Public Health, University of L’Aquila, Italy except Jeffrey B. Blumberg who is a research worker at the Antioxidants Research Laboratory, Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, Tufts University, Boston. The chief thought for their research was to see how flavanol rich dark cocoa ( FRDC ) affected insulin sensitiveness. Flavanol is considered to be an antioxidant and have anti-inflammatory belongingss ( Lotito, 2002 ) . The research workers conducted a survey on 19 hypertensive patients, 11 males and 8 females. They gave 100 gms of flavanol free white cocoa at first to these 19 patients and so switched them to the other intervention, that is flavanol rich dark cocoa. The blood force per unit area and glucose tolerance degree was checked at assorted times, before and after the consumption of either type of cocoa. At the terminal of this trial they concluded that “FRDC ameliorated insulin sensitivity” ( Grassi et al. , 2008 ) . This survey proves that dark cocoa does so hold a positive consequence on one ‘s organic structure. Furthermore a survey from the 2005 issue of Journal of Medical Association provinces in the article “Chocolate-A Health Food? ” ( 2008 ) that “ research workers studied the effects of cocoa in healthy people and concluded that Dark…chocolate helps diminish blood force per unit area and better insulin sensitiveness in healthy persons” ( n.a. 2008, p.32 ) . Harmonizing to the surveies above, dark cocoa, particularly flavanol rich dark cocoa does increase glucose tolerance degrees which help cut down the hazard of diabetes.

Another point why cocoa is good to one is that it has a really high figure of antioxidant belongingss than many other nutrient substances. Anti oxidizers protect one ‘s organic structure from oxidative emphasis i.e. slows down the oxidization procedure which is harmful to one ‘s organic structure as it reacts with cholesterin doing wellness related jobs ( Gorman, 2006 ) . Harmonizing to allchocolate.com, a helping of dark cocoa contains more antioxidants than a helping of blueberries or cranberries ( n.a, n.d ) . Jeffrey B. Blumberg is the manager of the Antioxidants Research Laboratory at the Tufts Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging and harmonizing to the article “Chocolate ‘s wellness benefits-trick or treat” ( 2007 ) Blumberg ‘s chief country of research refering cocoa is antioxidants. Blumberg suggests that “dark cocoa is rich in pro-antho nitriles, that are powerful anti-oxidants” ( 2007, p.4 ) . In add-on to pro-antho nitriles, cocoa has many more chemicals that act as antioxidants. Flavonoids, for case are natural anti-oxidants and chocolate beans and dark cocoa are rich in flavonoid ( Raloff, 2000, p.188 ) . Chris Zdeb, composing in the National Post, says in his article “Chocoholics, Rejoice! ” ( 2007 ) , that there have been many surveies that have found that chocolates contain a really high sum of flavanol. These are compounds that “reduce the stickiness of the thrombocytes, cells that play an of import function in blood clotting” ( Zdeb, 2007 ) . Zdeb besides states that cocoa contains Polyphenol, another type of antioxidants. These antioxidants are much similar to those found in fruits such as blueberries, veggies such as Spinacia oleracea and other nutrient substances such as green tea etc. but cocoa has a much higher sum of these antioxidants in it. Zdeb suggests that Polyphenol aid extinguish the free groups in the organic structure that cause cardiovascular diseases, malignant neoplastic disease and “premature aging” ( Zdeb, 2007 ) . Furthermore, Blumberg states that “in one Italian study… [ they ] saw a important diminution in ( ‘bad ‘ ) cholesterol” ( as cited in “Chocolate ‘s wellness benefits-trick or treat” , 2007, p.4 ) after consumption of dark cocoa. This shows that dark cocoa does so assist the organic structure by its high antioxidant belongingss. In another Spanish survey, Blumberg observed that chocolate, the chief ingredient for the production of cocoa was found to increase antioxidant degrees in one ‘s organic structure ( n.a, 2007, p.4 ) . All in all, dark cocoa ‘s antioxidant belongingss are really good to one ‘s organic structure and cocoa is abundant in them.

It has besides been found that dark cocoa helps ease hurting and relive emphasis. David Derbyshire writes in his article “How a Chunk of Chocolate Can Melt Away Your Pain” ( 2009 ) that surveies have shown that cocoa Acts of the Apostless as a natural analgesic, as harmonizing to research workers, anything done or eaten for pleasance Acts of the Apostless as a natural analgesic. Derbyshire states a survey done on rats by Dr Peggy Mason, of Chicago University. She found that the experimental rats were non that bothered by hurting when eating a cocoa bit. She says that “’It ‘s a strong, strong consequence, but it ‘s non approximately hungriness or appetite” ( as cited in Derbyshire, 2009 ) . She explained that when you have nutrient in forepart of you, you will ne’er halt feeding and harmonizing to past surveies conducted, eating simplicities hurting. In the experiment, the rats were given cocoa, sugar H2O, or plain H2O and a light bulb was placed beneath their coops. The rats ‘ manner of responding to the heat was raising their paw of the floor. The research workers saw that the rats eating cocoa or imbibing field H2O were much slower in raising their paws. This shows that when feeding or imbibing, people are more relaxed and sugar has nil to make with it. The rats were so given a acrimonious drink, “quinine” that is rather unsavory. The consequence was that the rats “reacted to the heat every bit rapidly as when they are non eating” ( Derbyshire, 2009 ) . This concludes that merely while you are eating or imbibing something you find enjoyable will it move as a natural analgesic and there is nil more enjoyable than cocoa, or so many people think. Though the experiment was done on animate being, the research workers believe the consequence is the same in worlds.

Furthermore, Derbyshire provides another survey that explains how chocolate helps alleviate emphasis. Scientists at the University of Cincinnati in USA conducted an experiment in 2005. They found that sugary nutrients “cut the degree of the potentially harmful endocrine glucocorticoid” ( Derbyshire, 2009 ) . This is a endocrine that is produced by the encephalon when under force per unit area. Their research on rats showed that when they had sugary nutrient, their encephalons produced lower degrees of glucocorticoid when they were put under nerve-racking state of affairss. This is a perfect illustration of how cocoa can assist alleviate emphasis. Peoples will merely experience stress free when relaxed and cocoa gives one that consequence. This is rather true as there are several bioactive compounds in cocoa that addition watchfulness, a sense of good being and do one less sensitive to trouble. For illustration cocoa is rich in saccharides which increases the rate at which Tryptophan, an indispensable amino acid, enters the encephalon. Tryptophan lessens anxiousness by bring forthing the neurotransmitter 5-hydroxytryptamine ( Carter, 2008 ) . This brings us to the decision that dark cocoa so has the belongingss to ease physical every bit good as emotional hurting.

Another ground why cocoa is so good for one is that it non merely relaxes people, it besides helps elevates their temper and besides acts as an anti-depressant. Dana Small is a cognitive neuroscientist. In the article “No more…please! Popular Science” ( 2002 ) Gunja Sinha gives the inside informations of a little experiment Small carried out on nine cocoa lovers. She connected these voluntaries to MRI machines and gave them cocoa while she measured their blood flow to the encephalon. She saw that the country of the “brain associated with temper was active” ( Sinha, 2009, p42 ) while they ate and enjoyed their cocoas. This addition in blood flow to a certain part related to temper shows how cocoa can impact one ‘s temper. Chris Zdeb provinces in his article “Chocoholics, Rejoice! ” ( 2007 ) that cocoa does so have chemicals that elevate one ‘s temper. The chemicals “phenethylamine and anandamide [ found in cocoa ] … activate receptors in the encephalon that cause feelings of exhilaration and well-being” ( Zdeb, 2007 ) . Dark cocoa is the best manner to raise one ‘s liquors and temper. It is besides much more delightful than any anti-depressant pills. “Chocolate a personality thing” ( Morton, 2008 ) reports the findings from “Black Dog institute” . One of the institutes Professors, Professor Gordon Parker suggests that”Chocolate may settle emotional dysregulation in those who are personality prone to…depressive reactions” ‘ . ( as cited in Morton, 2008 ) . He besides proposes that cocoa appears to hold a calming consequence on emotional reactions. Fifteen per centum of the population had emotional jobs and “chocolate appeared to hold a appeasement effect” ( Morton, 2008 ) on them, says Professor Parker. This proves that dark cocoa non merely acts as an antidepressant, it besides enhances our psychological well being.

On the other manus there are a batch of common misconceptions associated with cocoa. One being that one of the chief grounds for acne is cocoa. However, that is non true as acne is non caused by cocoa or any other nutrient substance for that affair. Acne is the consequence of the buildup of dead tegument cells within the pore harmonizing to the Acne Resource centre online ( n.d. ) . Our teguments produce a type of oil called sebum and it is this oil that together with the bacteriums cause acne. The resource centre states that none of these factors are triggered by anything we eat. Chocolate is wrongly blamed.

Another common belief among the universe is that cocoa causes tooth decay. Parents tend to maintain their kids off from cocoa entirely for this ground without recognizing what they are striping their kids of. Lack of proper attention of one ‘s dentition is what causes tooth decay. Even if one chow veggies and do n’t take attention of his/her dentition, it will do pits. In fact cocoa is much better for teeth than fluoride, the chemical normally found in toothpastes. Chocolate contains a chemical called Tannins. These are a type of flavanol and harmonizing to Chris Zdeb ‘s article “Chocoholics, Rejoice! ” ( 2007 ) these chemicals help forestall pits. The article “Chocolate ‘s Health Benefits-Trick or Treat? ” ( 2007 ) provides information about a survey done by Dr. Arman Sadeghpour who is a research worker at the Tulane University. He did the survey with research workers from the University of New Orleans and Louisiana University ‘s School of Dentistry. They compared the chocolate infusion from cocoa to fluoride and concluded that dark cocoa is much better for the dentition as it contains a chemical theobromine. It is “water-soluble, crystalline bitter powder… [ and ] an alkaloid of the chocolate tree plant” ( n.a, 2007, p.4 ) . This squad of research workers found that this chemical is much effectual in indurating the tooth enamel than fluoride. At the terminal of this research Dr. Sadeghpour concluded that any nutrient substance incorporating theobromine is good for dental wellness. One might believe that dark cocoa contains sugar, which outweighs the good belongingss of cocoa by far. However, by dark cocoa it is meant that it contains at least 60 five per centum of chocolate which has most of the belongingss that help forestall pits. Sixty five per centum outweighs the sugar sum by a batch and if proper attention is taken of one ‘s dentition, one does non hold anything to worry approximately. Dark cocoa might non be the cause of pits or tooth decay but in fact might be much good to one ‘s dentition.

Dark cocoa, as all other nutrient substances does hold some defects but the positive effects outweigh them by far. Dark cocoa can assist one cut down and forestall cardiovascular diseases and diabetes and can besides protect one ‘s organic structure from oxidative emphasis and even alleviate one from mental emphasis. It uplifts one ‘s liquors and besides eases physical hurting. However, one has to retrieve that excessively much of a good thing can be bad so one should ne’er over indulge. On the other manus even a little bite of dark cocoa on a regular basis might make admirations for one.