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The undermentioned instance is related to a big narcotics trafficking organisation. Harmonizing to the instance, it should be foremost considered in the single province tribunal as it is a multi-state confederacy.

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The factors that should be considered sing this finding should be: figure of people involved in the offense from each province, sum of drugs seized, extent of offense whether national or international, sum of hard currency involved as it so requires the instance to be handled by Department of Treasury or Secret service. Besides, it is considered whether it’s a multi province or individual province confederacy, as a multi province confederacy is foremost handled by single tribunals individually, and is so taken for consideration by Federal Courts ( Accessibility, 2008 ) .

Role of Police officer in the system of Court

A police officer does non hold the right to convey such affairs to the court’s attending. He merely has the right to collar people involved in the confederacy. If he is a federal officer, he would register the instance in the US territory tribunal and if he is a province officer, he would register the instance in the State Criminal Court. Merely the province court’s justice can order the instance to the federal tribunal ( Bayley, 1994 ) .


In peculiar, both the constructions whether federal or province have no particular advantages of their ain, but there would be certain considerations like, if the province passes the instance to the federal tribunal, it gives jurisprudence enforcement another opportunity to prosecute and if the offense is of big magnitude that crosses province bounds, it will be considered in federal tribunal.

Factors Sing Decision

Harmonizing to the nature of this instance, it should be foremost considered in the province tribunal, and so if the justice thinks that it requires farther prosecution ; it would be transferred to the federal tribunal. By and large, factors like sum of hard currency, sum of drugs, degree of crime-national or international, etc. are considered while taking determination whether to see the instance in federal or province tribunal ( Accessibility, 2008 ) .


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