CrimeFace Video Analytic System and Reoffending

Ratess in Retail Shops

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This peculiar study will try to recognize the relationship between the increased usage of the CrimeFace system and its effectivity in cut downing recidivism rates. Therefore, by taking into consideration as a directional hypothesis method, it could be argued that an experimental statement could be produced which dictated the expected way in relation to the two chosen variables ( Singh, 2007 ) . Furthermore, this study will besides research the specific research design and any possible restrictions of the research.

Research Hypothesis

Research Question:“ Does the execution of the CrimeFace system have a important positive consequence on the bar and break of retail larceny in the shops where it is installed? ”

Hypothesis ( H1 ) :The execution of CrimeFace video analytic system within selected retail shops will take to a important decrease in larceny recidivism rates.

During this research, it was imperative that the hypotheses developed followed certain specific guidelines. Hence, to guarantee the success of the research ; the hypothesis produced needed to be concerned with something that the financers of the research would be interested with, therefore generalizable and to a certain extend wide plenty to demo a causal relationship between the two selected variables. Therefore, as antecedently stated ‘’ a good hypothesis provinces as clearly and briefly as possible the expected relationship ( or difference ) between two variables and defines those variables in operational, mensurable footings ” ( Gay, 1996:62 ) . Consequently, it was highly critical that the hypothesis produced indicated a relationship between use of CrimeFace and lessening in recidivism rates.

Therefore, by analyzing the undertaking demands it became copiously clear that leaders of this research were in a sense keen to detect a comparative lessening in larcenies sing the shops that had this system installed. The issue of shrinkage is one that decidedly high on the docket of many ; including the fabrication company and the administration supplying significant fiscal support towards the research being conducted. Consequently, whilst current bar methods may be considered as to a certain extent advanced ; they are still without a uncertainty missing when it comes to diminishing shoplifting rates. Therefore, wrongdoers have boasted that even though they ‘’ by and large recognise that security is platitude, it does non halt them stealing and most claim that they are caught infrequently’’ ( Gill, 2007:7 ) . Therefore, it could be argued that it is due to this supposed haughtiness from boosters combined with the about antediluvian preventive methods of shops that has led to shoplifting still being considered as a major issue. Hence, it was noted in peculiar research that ‘’ we’re merely catching 6 million of the more than 275 million who commit retail larceny ( globally ) . That’s about 1 in 46’’ ( Pillar, 2013:1 ) . Therefore, it is apparent that major promotions need to be made to guarantee the decrease of larceny in shops ; promotions that may be amplified by the execution of the CrimeFace system.

For that ground, it was critical to see the precise conditions when explicating the hypothesis. The statement in inquiry needed to be comparatively future orientated, whilst besides taking into consideration the relationship between the two variables ( Singh, 2007 ) . Therefore, it was decided that it would be most good if the hypothesis took into consideration recidivism rates and how the execution of this system affected them. Therefore, by being permitted entree to the store’s ain CCTV images of persons who have antecedently been caught stealing in their premises, this would let the hypothesis to be easy testable ( Prasad et al, 2001 ) . The system being tested should significantly be able to observe old wrongdoers, taking to my hypothesis perchance being able to besides reply the research inquiry ; due to the research predominately seeking to bespeak a positive consequence on the bar and break of this condemnable act. Therefore, it was clear that although the hypothesis selected somewhat digressed from the research inquiry, by utilizing the informations made available to us ; this hypothesis could potentially still set up whether or non there will be a important positive consequence on the bar and break of retail larceny in the shops where the CrimeFace system is installed.


To farther increase the cogency of both the hypothesis presented and the research inquiry provided antecedently, it was imperative that the grounds required to prove the hypothesis was suitably analysed. Therefore, it is clear that the overall map of a specific research design is to guarantee that the grounds obtained throughout the research is able to unimpeachably reply the initial research inquiry ( Bryman, 2008 ) . Therefore, to guarantee that the hypothesis selected is both testable and future orientated, variables such as environmental conditions and geographical offense rates needed to be taken into consideration ( Singh, 2007 ) .

Therefore, to guarantee a successful hypothesis, certain specific grounds needed to be analysed to guarantee that the hypothesis could be accepted. Alongside the informations sing recidivism rates ; information sing shop location and offense rates of the vicinity were besides of topmost importance. Therefore, in a sense ; the grounds needed to prove this peculiar hypothesis would be informations sing recidivism rates ; and the success of the package in placing old repetition wrongdoers before they can reoffend. Therefore, the chief intent of hypothesis testing is to in a sense usage specific sample information in a manner that allows the research worker to make up one’s mind whether it is most productive to reject the void hypotheses refering a population parametric quantity. Therefore, by developing both a nothing and statistical hypothesis, this would let the survey to be farther dependable and valid, this is due to both characteristics analyzing population values and non ascertained statistics ( May, 2010 ) .

Curative Statistical Hypothesis

This peculiar impression has been claimed to be the statement that the research worker is anticipating to turn out is true. Therefore, in a sense it is the complete antonym of the void hypothesis ( Bhattacherjee, 2014 ) .

Alternate Hypothesis ( HA) :There will be an addition in the sensing of reoffenders in shops that install the CrimeFace system.

Null Hypothesis

The void hypothesis has been noted as being a claim of no difference. Hence, the void hypothesis is statement refering factors such as average value and population parametric quantities. ( Bhattacherjee, 2014 ) .

Null Hypothesis ( H0) :There will non be an addition in the sensing of reoffenders in shops that install the CrimeFace System.

Research Design

Design constituents

To successfully guarantee that the research is completed in an effectual mode, a productive research design needed to be implemented. Therefore, to vouch that the CrimeFace system was successful in footings of both observing reoffenders and in respects to this specific research ; really sophisticated close-circuit telecasting cameras that operated with the CrimeFace package needed to be installed throughout the shops in specific ‘hotspots’ . These, hot spots would without a uncertainty include entrywaies and countries of the shop that included high value merchandises. Hence, one time persons would come in the shop or act in a sense ‘suspiciously’ in countries where high value merchandises were located ; the CrimeFace system could be immediately used to observe and persons face and indicate whether they were in fact old wrongdoers. Therefore, if the database was the able to uncover that those leery clients were reoffenders so particular attending could be paid to them ; either in the signifier of security guards being informed or through close analysis through the CCTV system to forestall any larcenies and in as sense disrupt the person.

Data aggregation method

The informations aggregation method will be focussed around the information provided by the CrimeFace database. Therefore, the information provided by the Aldesco company will without a uncertainty prove to good as it will allow the research with primary informations which could be used to further add cogency and dependability to the survey. Furthermore, the informations received from the company could besides be analysed in a method that allows us to bespeak whether or non at that place has in fact been a significant lessening in larcenies by reoffenders.

Justifications:This peculiar method of informations aggregation whilst being our lone echt method of roll uping informations ; could besides turn out to be the most effectual. This is due to primary informations aggregation leting us to be able to prosecute in a comparing between our two variables. Therefore, bespeaking whether there is a causal relationship between our independent and dependent variable.

Data analysis method

Once it was determined that I there would be two chief variables within the research being completed ; a one-way ANOVA method seemed to be the most suited. Therefore, due to the research being based on the comparing of our consequences to the expect consequences ; an analysis of discrepancy would let us to significantly prove one variable against another. Hence, a one-way ANOVA ‘’is the analysis of the discrepancy of values of a dependent variable by comparing them against another set of values, the independent variable’’ ( Griffith, 2010:234 ) .

Justifications:Therefore, by implementing an analysis of discrepancy, this would let me as the research worker to efficaciously be able to prove the selected hypothesis and that ‘’the mean of the tested variable is equal to that of the factor’’ ( Griffith, 2010:234 ) .


Although this conjectural research survey indicates a clear and straightforward procedure, there still without a uncertainty several defects that could potentially impact the study in a negative mode. One critical facet that needs to be taken into consideration ; is the consequence of geographic offense rates on our intended consequences. This is because, even though the system would be placed within merely selected shops ab initio ; the offense rates will without a uncertainty differ from location to location. Therefore, this would impact on non merely the research but besides the hypothesis to be tested as the offense rates of a specific location could potentially impact the decrease of recidivism rates sing larcenies within shops utilizing the CrimeFace system ( May, 2010 ) . Therefore, this variable could potentially falsify the consequences as regardless of the impact of the system ; certain countries are still likely to hold higher recidivism rates than others.

Furthermore, the edification of modern boosters could besides impact the success of the hypothesis generated. Therefore, in a contrasting mode to old shoplifting tactics, the full construct has undergone a little transmutation, unlike antecedently where shop larceny was considered to be an individualistic act ; late boosters have been noted as carry oning their actions in groups ( Mullich, 2013 ) . Therefore, these squads will use “blocking units, people feigning to be shoppers who “accidentally” acquire in the manner of shop security forces when they try to respond’’ ( Mullich,2013:1 ) , this could basically besides consequence the CrimeFace System. Therefore, whilst the system may be focussed on other more ‘’suspicious’’ persons, certain reoffenders could potentially be allowed to prosecute in the larceny of shop merchandises, therefore impacting the consequences and set uping the hypothesis. Furthermore, offender’s facial facets may besides change throughout the old ages through factors such as age, plastic surgery and even perchance gender alterations. Therefore, this could impact both the CrimeFace System and the hypothesis ; as the system may non be able to observe old wrongdoers, farther falsifying our consequences.


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