World Expo has the extremely evaluated repute of “ Olympic Games ” of the universe economic system, civilization and scientific disciplines. It was considered that World Expo affected the regional emanation of industrialisation and modernisation by professors. We could state the World Expo today has more powerful influence on the civilization facet, particularly the originative industries.

The symbol of Paris, Eiffel Tower, has been rated as one of most popular exposure background by 1000s tourers. It is besides one of the most successful productions of World Expo. The 2010 Shanghai World Expo has been a large event for both Chinese authorities and the multitudes. Shanghai as the taking metropolis of Chinese economic as good cultural modernisation in the past half century, bit by bit takes the duty of being the form of developing originative economic system.

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Creative Industry Doing the Business of Ideas

The British Pavilion, which is named as ‘Dandelion ‘ or ‘Seed Cathedral ‘ by many visitants, is one of the most popular national marquees in the Shanghai World Expo. It is designed as a roofless unfastened park structured with over 60,000 crystalline acrylic spinal columns incorporating seeds. All the spinal columns may somewhat agitate with air currents, doing the surface of the marquee in format of assorted kinds of rubric and coloring material.

Many visitants prefer to wait for over two or three hours to see the true exhibits. But the visitants who truly enter the marquee seldom found plentiful shows as expected. However, that is the creativeness of the marquee that utterly convinces tourers. David Martin, deputy manager of the British Pavilion said that the British Pavilion is one of the marquees that fit the subject of Shanghai World Expo most. From the industrial revolution period, Britain started constructing metropoliss with large-scale buildings and bit by bit worked out the most suited manner of metropolis planning for life. Housing building has been increasingly developed from merely run intoing the demands of life and utilizing to a more comprehensive development of originative humanistic disciplines, practical public-service corporation and environmental friendly. ( Government Portal, 2010 ) In another popular locales – Germany Pavilion, visitants are surprised by it alone form design. Four chief edifice looks barely stable for each person, but they seemed really harmonious together.

Actually, it merely provides a window for Chinese domestic fledgling originative industries. The part of originative industries to GDP is still low in China. It is a clear indicant that the largest trade shortage between China and USA was happened in originative industries. Anwarul Chowdbury, the Under-Secretary-General of UN, one time had been interviewed and said that in the post-industrial counties and developing counties, originative industries are demoing extraordinary energy. Harmonizing to UNCTAD statistic, originative industries accounted for 7 % of planetary GDP in 2004 ; it is estimated that the proportion will make 11 % by 2015. The one-year increasing value created enriches the bing common cognition and cultural wealth. There is no hyperbole of stating that originative industries have puting off a new industrial revolution globally. ( Shanghai Portal, 2005 )

China as a underdeveloped state with more attending on fabrication and common industries has fallen behind the benchmark line. However, the GDP of originative industry in Shanghai has weighted over 6 % of entire which is singular, as the current mean degree of the originative industries in developing states accounted for 4 % of GDP. There is no uncertainty that Shanghai has become a leader in the originative industries in developing counties. From the policy position, Chinese authorities did do great attempt on advancing the originative industries. Shanghai municipal leaders have given prominence to the industry every bit good as the cultivation of originative endowments and the geographic expedition of originative theories.

In the industry position, in fact, the attending should be focused non merely on industry, but more on originality and creativeness. The development of originative industries is neither merely a motto, nor a sudden inspiration of single humanistic disciplines interior decorators, but instead an invention among cultural transmittal of cognition and society, form of industry development and societal operation mode. The key is how the authorities and society guiding and making this sort of environment.

Impact on regional economic system and industrial restructuring

The first World Expo in its true sense in the history had been held in London on May 1st, 1851. It was an exhibition of demoing state power and the accomplishment of Industrial Revolution. The London Expo was marked as the beginning of the modern significance of the Expo, as it meant the transmutation of simple exchange of goods to the new merchandise engineering and the doctrine of life. ( Yu J. & A ; Zhu R. , 2007 ) 2010 Shanghai Expo is the first Expo with a subject of ‘CITY ‘ in the history by now. ‘Better City, Better Life ‘ is the subject of Shanghai Expo. Not merely has Shanghai GDP growing boost up, but besides has brought new cultural and originative thoughts. There have been a big figure of outstanding endowments been cultivated which being professional in event direction, corporate cordial reception and system direction

As a metropolis with meagre resources and comparative high labor costs, Shanghai has depended on fabrication for a long clip. Creative industry is an emerging rational industry in the context of planetary industrial restructuring and upgrading, and its development degree is an of import index of mensurating national or regional industrial construction, economic verve, metropolis maps and ingestion degrees. Creative industry does move as one of the most indispensable major driving forces of modern urban economic system growing and fight. Its characters of low energy ingestion, low pollution, high value-add and high integrating would spread out regional economic development with premiss of low cost inputs. From the experience of other developed western states, the best pick for future economic transmutation of Shanghai is thought to be originative industries, which is a compounded employment industry incorporating less resource spent and relative higher value added. Creative industry has been proven by the past decennary development as the best. Chinese originative industries had great development with end product value increased from 900 billion RMB in 2005 to current more than 3,900 one million millions RMB.

Therefore, displacement of growing manner and publicity of industrial upgrading is the critical undertaking of China in the new unit of ammunition of economic development. Its nucleus is to optimise the industrial construction and increase the added value rate, which unarguably made itself a new bright topographic point of economic growing. Developing the creative industries has become one of the most of import avenues to upgrade the industrial construction and to promote the added value of traditional industries. Product value consists of two parts, functional value and sense value. Harmonizing to the demand for development of individualism and diverseness, consumer demand for the merchandise non merely merely run intoing basic demand but besides supplying excess convenience and aesthetic perceptual experience. ( Cong. H. & A ; Gao C. , 2010 ) For illustration, at the land unfastened country of Nipponese Industry Pavilion, there is a merchandises exhibit of ‘Future Post Office. In the letter paper store, gum elastics that being re-designed can be sold at several times higher monetary value. In order to easy modify minor parts, Nipponese interior decorator make the gum elastic with 28 borders and corners ; likewise, ordinary notebook is designed to hold two opposite waies inclines from both the lower and upper half of it, in order to ease turning. Those apparently little alterations non merely contain fantastic originative power, but reflect people-oriented construct.

He Zengqiang, Secretary-General of Shanghai Creative Industry Center mentioned, ( Shanghai Evening News, 2010 )

‘Creative industries is an industry that based on person ‘s accomplishments and thoughts, through the usage of rational belongings rights, make it into right of first publication and patent and finally signifier added wealth and employment growing. It has four elements: accomplishments, rational belongings, high added value and high-density employment. ‘

In April 2005, the first batch of 18 originative industries bunch has been officially awarded. Shanghai developed and reuse of more than 100 elderly industrial edifices, renovated several old mills and old warehouses to organize a figure of alone originative industries bunchs, which made its ain manner in urban reclamation. About 30 states and parts with more than 400 design and originative endeavors were settled in. It gathered over 10,000 originative endowments, which would make a new industry full of infinite potency for Shanghai. ( Lu Y. , 2006 )

As a bearer of the originative industries, originative industry bunch provides alone benefit compared with general concern offices. Many aged edifices with historical background and narratives are been renovated in originative industry bunchs, and its geographic location is reasonably good for a comparatively convenient transit environment. In add-on, most bunchs which combined by industry forms have truly better concern atmosphere. For illustration, arts galleries and studios can be put together, which requires interconnected working environment. After comparative industries are gathered, it will bring forth industry criterions that will pull more crowds. Furthermore, authoritiess tend to supply more policy grants to back up the development of originative industry bunchs. Meanwhile, inside the same block, originative industry bunch shows obvious advantage of lower rents compared to general offices.

Shanghai World Expo Park is selected by the China Association of World Record as the Expo of maintaining most old edifices within park. It integrated the renovation of industrial heritages to build a growing engine for urban originative industry. There are over 20,000 square metres of historic edifices being preserved and protected in Shanghai World Expo Park. More than 400,000 square metres of industrial edifices, which counted as fifth part of the entire building country of the park have been protectively reconstructed and replaces. Shanghai World Expo Park is located in the most concentrated countries of industrial heritage, where carries a batch about the metropolis ‘s historical memories. ( Baidu Baike, 2010 )

Development of originative industries besides promotes the societal division of labor, therefore leads the restructuring of traditional industries. For case, new demand of merchandise design has been generated in fabrication. Division of procedure can be separated to be independent manipulated by a professional division. It is how advertisement and design industry being derived. This is believed that more subdivided professional countries would look as farther development. During the Shanghai Expo, demand of endowments in exhibition, linguistic communication interlingual rendition, foreign jurisprudence, logistics and international trade, particularly the desire of originative planning design professionals boosts up to over 133 % of norm in May, 2010. ( Sohu Edu. , 2010 )

Creative industry has the potency of taking Shanghai seeking the impersonal point of high productiveness and low unemployment, which more idle resources would be reused to develop needful emerging industries. In this sense, it is really informative. In originative industry, a figure of industries and sectors are involved, while the developments of assorted industries are comparatively uneven. Variety back uping policies of cardinal industries should be determined with the intent of organizing industry advantage in a short clip. It is learnt from developed states that back uping the advantageous industry to hike originative industry as a whole.


Changing in the form of economic development is a profound revolution in economic facet of China. Expo as a ocular banquet has promoted a assortment of activities such as academic conferences, international economic forum, cultural events and amusement. Based on the former experience, the cultural and originative endowments every bit good as industry will show in unprecedented chances in states and metropoliss that hosting World Expo.

The 2010 Shanghai World Expo has opened a window of farther industrial accommodations. Not merely is the World Expo a conventional exhibition, but it is besides a historical metropolis event that take a breathing through developments of Shanghai in the past decennaries. World Expo is a sort of creative activity of urban and national corporate event, accomplishing the flagship taking and extremist changing of the state and metropolis. It can be convinced Shanghai can export experience of developing originative industries to other developing states. Shanghai ‘s experience in the development of originative industries provides a utile mention to transforming the development theoretical account for developing states