In Patch Adams. Robin Williams portrays a physician who strives to “improve the quality of life. “The film is a perfect illustration of many instances of sacramental consciousness and the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. Patch encounters a “once-brilliant” adult male in a psychiatric clinic. Arthur Mendel boy helps hunter the first character Patch meets is Arthur Mendel boy. Arthur influences Patch’s ability to see through jobs.

In a Christ-like mode. we must see through and past the jobs and look in front toward the solution Christ died for our wickednesss by looking past the job. Patch besides helps out his roomie. Rudy out. This brings on a disclosure for Patch which lets him see through the scientific names of diseases. He learns to handle the individual. non the disease. When he agrees to go a physician. Patch is non merely embarking into the field to physically heal people but besides more significantly to spiritually heal people.

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This parallels Anointing of the Sick after run intoing his two close friends. Truman and Cairn. Patch desires to make out and assist people. non to bury himself in his books. His friends rapidly jump on the bandwagon and assist him to transport out his theories. The sacramental consciousness of Patch’s roomie is questionable until we find that he is truly good in the terminal. However. Dean Walcott is up until the terminal a enemy of Patch’s. He is concerned with the physical facet of mending much more than the religious facet of healing.

In the old church. Anointing of the Sick was sometimes believed to be physical. The religious facet of mending would subsequently be brought back into consequence truly. When Patch is handling patients in his clinic. he exhibits great sacramental consciousness by merely acknowledging that we are a community that can assist each other. He proclaims that everyone is both a physician and a patient. Patch besides nears the significance of the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. He heals people in a beautiful manner.