A good female parent is a compassionate lady who can intentionally give up all her amenitiess and wants merely to take attention of her progeny. Maternity means forfeit and hurting from the first twenty-four hours of beginning merely to corroborate that her brood are happy and healthy boulder clay day of the month. Success of her kids is the lone refund expected by a true, loving female parent. In the two dramas Mother Courage and Her ChildrenA and A Doll ‘s House both the female supporter of the drama competition in the function of a female parent are left out entirely without her kids in the terminal.

Bertolt Brecht ‘s Mother Courage and Her ChildrenA is one of the most powerful anti-war play in history. Though the drama scrutinizes war at a greater grade but it is cardinal to emotional impact of the drama that is a ‘mother ‘ and her ‘children ‘ . Anna Fierling got her rubric name female parent bravery when she runs through an on-going war selling loaves of staff of life and gaining her life. ( Scene one page 2, grove imperativeness, 1966 ) . She has three kids Eilif, Swiss Cheese and Kattrin, whom Mother Courage seems to be protecting and caring in the drama. Ultimately she loses all her three kids by the terminal of the drama. Selling bread loaves in the center of such a state of affairs is non true bravery but heedlessness. She claims to be assisting her kids live in such a state of affairs but does non understand that she is really put on the lining their life as good.

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On the other manus, A Doll ‘s House is play about a typical homemaker who becomes disillusioned and dissatisfied with her condescending hubby. Ibsen ‘s presentation of A Doll ‘s House moves off from the romantic play genre to a presentation of an nonsubjective world, seeking to portray existent societal jobs. Though she commits a offense of counterfeit, she proves to be a good female parent unlike Mother Courage. By the terminal of the dramas we can clearly visualize her love for her kids Nora is the idolized, in a heartfelt way esteemed married woman of Torvald Helmer. Nora believes herself lucky. Indeed, she believes in her hubby wholly, and is certain that if of all time her safety would of all time be threatened, Torvald, her deity, would execute the admiration. When Krogstad threatens to uncover the truth about her counterfeit ; Nora feels that she has potentially brought dirt and shame upon Torvald Helmer ‘s good name and the hereafter of her kids. Though she has committed a offense of counterfeit she is decidedly a good female parent.

Mother bravery, improbable Nora, is a profoundly contradictory character. She is brave, blunt, and intelligent, yet lethally unable to give up her concern trade in order to protect her kids, therefore, showing us the delicate side of her maternity. When covering with the sergeant, she knew that by allowing Eilif travel with him there is a possibility that she would ne’er see him back, but lets him travel alternatively. Mother Courage ‘s intervention towards Kattrin and Swiss Cheese stresses the trouble of uniting her function of “ female parent ” . Mother bravery is non even bothered that whether her trading supports or hinders her household. She merely wants to last the war somehow.

Whereas Nora seems to loves her kids unfeignedly. Since it was Christmas Helmer had given Nora some money to pass sagely on the ornaments, but she resolutely gets gifts for her kids. “ … and see what I ‘ve bought. Bargains! A new outfit for Ivar ; and a small blade. A Equus caballus and a cornet for Bob. A dolly and a dolly ‘s bed for Emmy. “ ( Act 1, line 56 Cambridge university imperativeness ) . This shows that acquiring gifts for her kids is wise occupation harmonizing to her. Besides there ‘s a scene where she is playing, express joying, shouting and running in and out about the room. There is a knock at the door, but cipher hears it because they are excessively busy playing. ( Act 1, line 624 – 625 Cambridge university imperativeness ) . Furthermore she ever uses adjectival to depict her love towards her kids for illustration: she calls them favorites about throughout the drama and dolly babes ( see act 1 ) Besides when, they enter the room, while Nora is with her friend Christine, Nora fauns over her favorites, showing ‘Oh, you sweet approvals! Expression at them Christine! Are n’t they darlings? ‘ ( Act 1, line 604 Cambridge university imperativeness ) all these scenes exemplify kids love toward her and how profoundly she is affiliated to her immature 1s.

Similarly, In Mother Courage and Her Children there is no such minute of joy and felicity between female parent bravery and her kids. Business is of more concern to mother bravery than the public assistance of her kids. She does non even worry of the province of her kids ( Eilif and Swiss cheese ) when they are off. In scene one, Mother Courage claims that she can see future and Swiss Cheese supports her claim. If so the she must be cognizant of the fact that her kids might non last till the terminal. But she still allow them travel off. Besides when Swiss cheese dies, she refuses to admit his organic structure which otherwise would set her into problem. ( See scene 3, last paragraph ) . Mother bravery does non even know that her boy Eilif is dead ( see scene 12 ) when female parent bravery is left entirely with the waggon after Kattrin dies, she pulls the cart and utters that she should acquire back to concern. Whenever one of the kids die, Mother Courage is distracted by concern personal businesss she moves on with her life pretermiting the torment of her kids ‘s deceases. This clearly states that Mother Courage is really bold and egoistic.

Nora ‘s love for her kids presents all the more daze when she decides to go forth them. She says ‘goodbye, Torvald. I wo n’t see the small 1s. I know they are in better custodies than mine. As I am now, I can be of no usage to them. ‘ ( Act 1, line 665 Cambridge university imperativeness ) Here, Nora though she has done a offense of counterfeit, I sympathize with her. Because, all she has done was to salvage her hubby. She ne’er intended to go forth her favorites but she was left with no pick. She would instead populate without her kids trusting that they are making all right than to do them endure excessively.

By the terminal of the dramas, female parent bravery seems to be profoundly unsympathetic.A Mother Courage is presented in such a mode that we are left in a quandary. We have two picks either to sympathise or sympathize with female parent bravery. She is portrayed as money grubbing, ego concerned lady who merely cares about herself, but on the other manus she can be caring and feel for female parent who merely wants to ease the life of her kids. Question raises that we are misinterpreting her ideas but if it is so so, when Mother CourageA looses all her kids at the terminal of the drama, as each of them dies she seems to pick up her waggon and move on. This quality of Mother Courage convinces me to contempt for her. If I was in her topographic points, the decease of my kid would hold propelled me to go forth everything and mourn for his/her decease. But it does n’t look to reachA Mother CourageA on this degree. While, Nora makes the ultimate forfeit, of giving up her kids because she knows she can non assist them.

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